Small Abdominal Growth In Fetus

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ANP - March 16

I am 32 weeks and just had another ultrasound. The Dr. said that my babies abdomin is measuring on the small side. He wants me to come in again for another ultra sound in 2 weeks to monitor it. He is telling me that everything is fine, but what does this really mean and what can happen? Trying to find an answer on the internet just freaks me out more.


carol - June 6



monica - June 6

to ANP, why did they give you an u/s at 32 weeks? where I am from they only give you one around 20 weeks. I wish I could have another one and I am also 32 weeks.


Chelsey - June 10

Oh, My God! I'm also 32 weeks, had Dr. appointment today, also sending me for my 3rd ultrasound next week, said baby is "on the small side", in the 5th percentile. He said maybe I just have small kids. First born was 5lbs. 9oz. I've gained almost 30 lbs. already, but tummy still feels very small to me. Worried too. Thats how I found you!


chelsey - June 10

are you a smoker?


Jen - June 24

HI!! I too just returned from OB appt. and was told my daughter's abdomen is about 1 to 1 and a half weeks behind in growth. I have to go for a fetal doppler study on Tuesday. I have GD and the Dr. said that usually because of the diabetes the abdomen would actually measure bigger, but in my case it's not. On one hand it's good because I do not have a "big" baby due to the GD's, but he just wants to make sure everything is ok. I am sure your fine too. I think some doctors are just really cautious and want to make sure everything is fine. Yes, there in nothing on the internet that is comforting....just relax and breathe!!


NIKI - July 1

Hi, I am 36 weeks n my Dr. did confirm yeasterday that the admonen is below the normal range and thinks the baby is safer outside than inside..the baby is a only about 5 pounds..he suggested delivery next week as the baby will be 37 weeks n mature enough..I am trying not to worry but so many things come to my mind...I am sure things will be fine though.....



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