Small At 32 Weeks

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Missy - August 10

I went to my doctors appointment today. I am 32 weeks 3 days along with my little girl. At my last appointment I measured perfect at 30 (I was 30 weeks along) but this time the baby still measured at 30 - so my doctor doesn't want to wait until 36 weeks for my next ultrasound, he wants me to come back for my ultrasound earlier because I am not measuring up. He did say that the baby could just not be completely head down yet so he is not getting the full measurement...but now I am a HUGE ball of nerves!!!! Has anyone measured small this late in the pregnancy and gone on to have no problems?? Should I be worried?? I am so ready to just be done with this and have a healthy baby in my arms!!!!


k - August 11

hi, i am 34 weeks 3 days, at last appointment baby was same measurement as at 32 weeks, still measuring only 31. I too am having an ultrasound to check on the baby's growth, next week. I would like to know how yours turns out. My midwife said not to worry, 9 times out of 10 everything is fine, but i think she is worried he is SGA small for gestational age. From my research though, apparently this doesnt' mean the baby isn't healthy, could mean he is just small. I also have a bicornuate uterus which may be cramping his space and he is also breech. Anyway would appreciate hearing any other instances of this and their outcomes.


Missy - August 12

Hi k. I feel a little better knowing that someone else is experiancing the same thing I am. What is a bicornuate uterus, if you don't mind me asking. Have you always measured small, or is it just since your 32 week appt? When is your ultrasound? Mine is not for another 2 weeks - the longest two weeks of my life!!!! Let me know....thanks for your support.


k - August 12

Bicornuate uterus is when your uterus is heart shaped instead of pear shaped, there is a part_tion or wall down the top of my uterus which means baby is jammed in one side. Only started measuring small from 32 weeks on, up til then normal. Ultrasound on Wed, 4 days to go will let you know what they reckon!


becky - August 17

Hi Missy, I went to see my midwife a few days ago, at 32wks 4 days and measured 28cms. She seemed concerned but told me not to worry yet and to wait another 2wks. She is in her late 50's, and said when she trained they didn't measure you, they judged by eye. I'm quite small (5ft 3) so wouldn't really expect to have a big baby, but like you, I'm feeling pretty worried. But, as long as the baby keeps moving regularly, I'm hopeful everything will be ok on the scan. That probably hasn't helped put your mind at ease, but I'm sure your baby will be fine. Just wanted to respond so you know you're not alone! Good luck xxxxxx


K - August 17

Well had my ultrasound, baby is estimated at 4.5 lbs, i think a bit small but nothing to worry about, that's just my opinion though, i get official results on monday when i see dr. Will let you know for sure. But he looked to be fine, so i'm sure yours will be too.


Monika - August 19

they told me at my last ultrasound at 33 weeks that my baby was measuring small too. The sonographer rea__sured me that ihe is just a small baby- nothing to worry about. We will see. 37 weeks and i have my next Ultrasound this weds. Hope that helps.


Lisa - August 24

This excat thing happened to me with my daughter who is now 5yrs old and was born on her due day weighing 6lb 14 and a half!! My midwife told me at 28 wks that i may have to be started off and alsorts( basically scared me to death). Had my scan and my baby was just lying spread out so my bump wasnt so big!! I know other people this has happened to as well so dont worry!


Monika - August 25

Well, the baby has caught up- now weighs 7lbs according to sonographer, Don't worry. A growth spurt may happen.


Ejones - August 28

I had a very similar situation;At 30 wks I had a large amount of bleeding for about 12 hours - then it stopped completely, so they were monitoring me twice a week; the doctors were unsure why I had bled b/c everything appeared intact; They a__sumed it had been a small placental tear; After my 32nd week the baby's growth appeared to slow sinificantly; they induced me at 37 weeks due to "intra uterine growth retardation"; Indeed my little girl was small--5lbs, 5oz at birth-- but perfectly healthy; Do not fear, yet-- every baby grows differently; My little girl continues to grow like that-- nothing for a couple of months, then 3lbs in a week. Plus most of her important development has occured by now, so if her growth is truely retarded, there shouldn't be any cognitive impairments. Good luck!!!


Kylie - August 28

I am so relieved to read that others have the same problem as me. I had my first ultrasound at 19 weeks and was measuring 18 weeks....which was no big deal. When I went to see my midwife when I was 28 weeks, I was only measuring 26 weeks, so she sent me for another ultrasound. This time, I was about 2.5 weeks behind what I should have been. The baby is growing, but just not as large as she should. So I was sent to a Perinatologist, who said structurally everything appeared fine, that I might just have a genetically small baby. Afterall, I am only 5'2" tall. Now my midwife still acts concerned and has taken me off of work as of 31 weeks. She wants me to rest more and perfuse the placenta. I am still confused, but I guess they are just being cautious.


June - August 28

hi Missy, my situation is similar to yours. At 30 wks, i measured perfect at 30...but at my last visit, 32 wks, my baby was still measuring at 30wks. I'm going for another detailed scan in 3 wks time. My gynae has recommended delivery at 37wks if the trend continues, just to be safe. I'll be sure to pray for all that our babies wil be safe and healthy.


joanne - August 30

my daughter is 35 weeks pregnant with my grandson. they are concerned because they said he only weighs about 4lbs 5 oz and is in the 12th percentile...i'm not quite sure what that means. does it pertain to the low weight of the baby, or is it something else...


cheri - September 1

hi guys, i am having a similar problem, yesterday i went to my 31 weeks appointment and i was only measuring 29 weeks, in the last two previous appointment i was a week ahead. this also happened to me at 25 weeks where i measure only 24 weeks and the next week i was a week ahead. my doctor told me not to worry and that sometimes it is just positional and as long as it is not off by 4 he said that is when it is a red flag. and at that point he told me that he would just put me on bedrest. but he wasn't concerned and said as long as the baby is moving. i to am small i am only 5,1 and he told me i don't want a big baby.


Kelly S - September 22

Hi everyone, first off I want to wish you all a healthy pregnancy. I too have a Bicornuate uterus. I am 38 and was pregnant with my first and lost it at 7 weeks. They did genetic testing and all was fine. The dtr told me to see a specialist that deals with my problem before I try to get pregnant again, and may have to have surgery to correct the Bicornuate problem. Has anyone ever experienced this type of surgery and what was the outcome. Thanks for all the imput. This site has helped me and so many others. Have a great day.



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