Small Baby Tummy Measurement

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nelsongababy - June 29

At my 24 week ultrasound my dr told me that my baby's tummy measurement wasn't up to par with her other body measurements - and as a first time pregnant mom I am flipping out over this news. I go back at 28 weeks for another ultrasound to get more growth measurements. Just wondering if anyone else could relate.


tryingx3 - July 1

Can't relate - because I am the opposite! My fundal height is 4wks ahead of my dates...u/s showed baby was weighing more than "average" and her head was ahead (no pun intended) of dates, but everything else measured close to date. My doc doesn't seem concerned at this point, but I do have weekly appointments already starting...will be 28 wks tomorrow.


tryingx3 - July 1

Try not to worry...right before my u/s I started reading things that "could" be wrong and got myself all worked up!! None of those were the case when u/s was completed.


stormy - July 4

heya, i had a scan at 27 weeks which showed the baby to be measuring at roughly 23 weeks.. obviously they measure different parts so they were all out of wack... today i had another scan.. which was 2 weeks since the last and its all good..some babies have varied growth spurts.. mine is all up to date now and is even ahead a few days on some measurments so im sure u have nothing to worry about..try not to stress too much coz there is litle u can do about.. my obs gave me some good advie and said she might just be a small bub..if ur really concerned ask if u can have a scan at 26 weeks then 28 to make sure her tummy is growing..


tryingx3 - July 5

My doc said insurance would pay if you are measuring larger than date...probably will pay for u/s if measuring smaller than date too! Like Stormy said babies grow at different paces, mine might slow down and make me wait it out! :-)


Clare5 - November 29

I went to see the midwife who said I was measuring up small also but it turned out (after a scan) that in fact it was just that the baby was laying further down than they had expected.


lunamoo - November 29

Hi, I had my 20 week u/s and was told that all measurements were a bit small, around 30th percentile but the head was in the 5th percentile! I am curious how some drs put the size in percentiles while others say a few weeks behind or ahead. I reallly don't understand the difference...? Does anyone know...? Anyway, I am very worried because I can't seem to imagine anything positive at this point. I also was told that most babies remain on the same growth curve, meaning that chances are that they go up or down any significant amount is unlikely...has anyone heard otherwise...? Nelsongababy, did your dr. say the what exactly he meant by "not up to par"...?



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