Small For Age At 7w3d

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tge - September 6

I went for my 1st scan yesterday. According to my LMP, I would be 7w3d. However, my fetal CRL only measured about 6w1d (5mm). A hearbeat was seen and measured 132. I'm am very sure about my dates and I knew it can't be wrong. I'm worried like crazy. Doc said to check again 3 weeks later when it is more accurate. Anyone with similar encounters?


Charlene - September 6

yes, I had my first u/s at lmp 6 weeks 2 days and they measured it at 5 weeks 3 days. My Dr said not to worry about this at all. I am now 14 weeks and likely willnot have another u/s until week 18. I have not had the pleasure of seeing a heartbeat yet, so am anxious to know that everything is ok. My Dr said that the 18 week u/s is more accurate than the early one. I had one only to determine if my pregnancy was ectopic or not. Hang in there and try not to worry.


Rhonda - September 6

I know it's hard not to worry but don't my first sono showed just a sac no heartbeat no baby just a sac which my doc said that it was implated really good and all looked good so far and she wanted me back in 3wks well I went back in 3wks and that sac turned into a peanut with little arm and leg buds and was moving with a strong heartbeat!! I just had a level 2 sono on friday the 2nd and I now have a healthy baby boy growing in there weighing now at 9oz so keep the faith the next sono you have will amaze you!!


tge - September 7

Thanks Charlene and Rhonda for sharing. I will try for now not to worry!


Shannon - September 8

I have had the same experience with all 5 of my ultrasounds. I am now 36 weeks and still measuring small. I have done alot of research and just so you know ultrasounds are not extremely accurate in determining size or dates. In the beginning they can be off + or - 3-5 days. The farther along you get the less accurate it gets. After 20 weeks an ultrasound can be 10 days to 3 weeks off. I was about 5 days small at 7 and 8 weeks. I was about 7 days small at 18 weeks. I am now 13 days small at 36 weeks. Just because you know that your lmp was on a certain day does not mean you ovulated when you were supposed to. You could have simply ovulated late in your cycle. Doctors know this and will usually not change your due date unless you are measuring over 10 days small. right now my only concern is that my babies head is only measuring at 32 weeks but her femur bone and abdomen are at 35-36 week. I have a doctors appt tomorrow so I will see what she has to say. But from what I have read, it probably means she just has a small head. I am also comforted that I have not gotten any urgent phone calls from my doctor with upsetting news.


Liz - September 10

I wouldn't worry. Babies grow at different rates. At my first sonogram I was 13+6 and the baby measured 12+6. Then at my first ultrasound I was 18+4 and the baby measured 19+4. Mine had a growth spurt somewhere. In the end it will all even out. Plus if you are going solely by your LMP your baby could actually be between 5+3 to 9+3. Your scan seems normal to me.


kaz - September 11

I have had 5 kids, and all have been differant, many times i was told my dates were wrong, Take no notice scans are only rough estimates anyway, Your 20 week one will be fine! For exsample i was told by my scan i'm going to have a small baby, He came out 9lb good luck, and take care x



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