Small Gestational Sac And Low Hb

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epusso - August 3

Hi there! I am a bit worried and confused. Per my lmp I should be 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Went to the dr yesterday and ultrasound showed gestational sac and yolk sac, the midwife advised for blood work for hcg levels and repeat ultrasound in one week, my hcg level came back 9152. My hubby and I decided to seek a 2nd opinion. Per ultrasound today, there is a gestational sac and fetus with hb of 105bpm. Dr from today seemed concerned that sac was small and hb was low and suggested that a miscarriage was inevitable. He said that according to ultrasound I am 5 weeks 3 days. I am confused as to how one day there was nothing and not even 24 hours later there is a fetus and hb? Is it possible that the date are off. I know that I ovulated on the 29th bc we were using opk to pinpoint and my husband works out of town and was gone the week leading to the 29th and the night after the 29th he left again. I am so confused and worrying sick.


epusso - August 8

ok, I have to say I am somewhat disappointed. I loved this site because of the women here were so supportive and understanding, so I posted my situation in hopes of the same, but nothing. The feeling of lonliness and sadness is overwhelming. I am not sure why, but I wanted to give an update just in the slightest hope that someone may read. It is 8:10 my time and we are getting ready to leave for our next ultrasound. We are hoping to hear a very strong heartbeat and lots of growth, but we have prepared ourselves for the worst. I will update again and good luck to those looking for support and understanding from women experiencing the same.


klbailey - August 31

Hi epusso, Hope everything went OK with you. I'm in a similar situation now and freaking out enormously. I've posted a question on the forum but based on your experience maybe I won't get any replies. I'm supposed to be 6 weeks 6 days pregnant. I went for my u/s yesterday and the dr said there is a heartbeat but it is slow, and the fetus is smaller than it should be - looks more like 5 1/2 weeks. There is also a second sac which is empty. I'm worried sick especially since I had a miscarriage just a few months ago. I hope all worked out for you and you got good news from your next drs visit.



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