Small Women And Pregnancy

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Pandra - June 23

My husband and I are currently trying to conceive. The questions I have is in regard to someone else though. My BIL and his wife are currently having pregnancy complications and are going to get an ultrasound today to see if she is having/had a miscarriage. Very sad..... At any rate, I'm wondering if has anything to do with her size vs. his size? This maybe be dumb, but I don't know, I'm curious. My BIL is 6' 7" tall, weighs about 325 lbs. and of German/Prussian decent (the whole family has a big bone structure in general - women being around 5'9" or taller and all the men being "at least" 6' 2" or taller). His new wife is maybe 4' 9" if that and weighs MAYBE 95-100 lbs and is of Indonesian decent (so, it's not that out of the ordinary for her to weigh this little). Do you guys think it is safe for my SIL to be pregnant by such a big guy. I know how dumb this may sound....but I'm really not dumb. I just see her and know how tiny she is and CANNOT fathom her pushing out a baby that has the potential of being pretty big.


LisaP - June 23

No she should not have any problems because of her size. I am 4'11 and ive had two v____al births. My oldest daughter is from a previous marriage and he is at least 6'0 and about 200lbs. My youngest daughtes father is not as big but 5'9 and 170lbs. My youngest daughter ironically was bigger - 7.0lbs and 19 1/2 inches long. I know another girl who is the same height as me and delivered at a baby that was 7lbs 13oz. So the women's size does not really make a difference. On the other hand my mother was unable to deliever me or my brother v____ally because her "insides" were too small.


Mommy - June 23

I was about 4'11 and I weighed around 115-125 before I got pregnant with me and DH kids. My husband is about 350-400lbs and about 6'5. My kids were only 7lb 3oz and 21.5 inches and 6lb 12oz. and 20.5inches. NOW they are doing all their growing. She will look huge if she gets pregnant I bet. I looked like a house. :o)


Pandra - June 23

Thanks guys! I was just really concerned for her. I mean, I'm 5' 11" and overweight and I can't imaginge pushing out a baby :o). I was just have a really weird mental moment with this and trying to put it into perspective. I'm so glad you ladies replied!!! Thanks again! BTW, I was just over at their house and she did indeed miscarry. The pregnancy was tubal. So, they are very sad, but on the other hand they didn't even know she was pregnant until she started having the problems. I'm sure it's no easier what time in the pregnancy if you miscarry, but I think it may be a little easier since they didn't even know yet and had the chance to get all excited about and used to the fact that they were going to have a little one. I'm just so heartbroken for them and wish there was something I could do....but time will heal and I'm here for her if she needs me. I hope and pray when my DH and I do conceive we will be blessed with a healthy pregnancy. I just wish there was something I could do to ease their pain.


PinkTutu - July 2

Pandra: she should be just fine. My father stands at around 6'4 and 350 lbs. My mother is 5'0 and 105lbs. They had 3 healthy baby girls. My and my 2 sisters. My older sister is about 5'1 and her husband is 6'5 and still she had a healthy baby and is pregnant again and everything is going great. I am 5'0 pregnant myself and my husband is 6'4 and everything seems to be going ok. So just to a__sure you unlike dogs, humans can do it with someone less then half their size and be just fine.


scarlett - August 17

It is safe, of course. My cousin who is tiny and of Asian decent married a HUGE Europian man and they already have 2 kids now. There are many tiny women who have big babies.



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