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Sunshine - July 24

I am 6 weeks pregnant. I want to know people's opinions on smoking into the pregnancy.


Chris - July 8

I smoked until I was 12 weeks. I felt guilty because I knew it wasnt healthy. I read in a few different places that if you quit prior to the 16th week, then your chances of having a baby the same as a woman who didnt smoke is about the same. Hope that makes you feel better.


Linda - July 10

Stop smoking! As hard as it is..people who smoke while pregnant often have pre-mature or low birth weight babies. Some babies develop pulmonary complications, heart problems and can also have brain developmental it for your baby..STOP!


Christina - July 19

Since you asked this question I a__sume your feeling guilty. I've always believed that as a parent, you should put your child's needs above your own. With that being said I believe you should quit smoking.


Joanna - July 24

This is the info that I have found to help me out a great deal. I to also smoke but am not smoking anymore. I am 7 weeks along. I had gotten a book from the father of the baby which gave detailed information on thigs that a women should be expecting. "What to Expect when you are Expecting" is the name. It tells you that you should first find out why are you smoking. Are you smoking out of habit, for pleasure, stress, the hand to mouth. Then once you know why you are smoking find something to replace that addiction. Like chew on a straw, or gum, play with a pen, take a walk. One suggestion that I thought was cool is to light a match take a deep breath then exhale as you crush the match into an ash tray as if you just put a smoke out. Another thing is that you can either stop smoking cold turkey or set a date that you will stop smoking and stick to that plan. If that fails try again. Good luck.



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