Smoking Marijuanan

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kayai - November 1

if i stop smoking maryjane in the fifth month will my baby be ok?


E - November 1

Who knows. You may have a baby with mild, severe, or no problems. You will find that out after the baby is born. Are you up to that kind of surprise?? If not, stop TODAY. You will be entirely to blame if your child suffers any effects.


Kay - November 17

I will never understand why any question regarding smoking is asked. Don't smoke at all during pregnancy! It's no longer just your body that will be affected. An innocent child is at risk, too, regardless of if you're smoking tobacco or marijuanna. Like E said. Do you really want to find out after the baby is born that your actions DID have an affect on the baby?


mom - December 16



mad - January 13

if u smoke drugs and yr baby is very ill when it arrives will u live with yrself! yr not fit to be a mom!


kristina - March 7

well if you have had that baby i hope the baby is ok ive seen a baby born with her insides on her outside through her mum smoking dope thats a stupid question are drugs good for you NO then why would they be good for that poor unborn child


TO KRISTINA - March 20



anonymous - March 22

i heard that smoking pot during pgncy is ok, it wont hurt the baby.


Ashley - March 22

I am currently 8 weeks preg and am not smoking marijuana; however, i have 3 different friends with children ages 9, 4, and 1 1/2 and all of them turned out just fine even though their mothers smoked marijuana throughout their pregnancies. I wouldn't do it myself, but I don't think it will hurt your baby. A lot of misinformation is out there. Crack cocaine, heroin, pcp - these types of drugs will definitely harm your baby, but I don't believe marijuana will.


rach - March 23

Kayai, i think these people misunderstood your question. would i be right in a__suming you are now 5 months pregnant and have only just discovered your pregnancy and are worried maybe your consumption of marijuana may have harmed your baby. you came here for advice and a__sistance not judgement i'm guessing. as we all know smoking anything can cause severe birth defects as well as having absolutely no effect it's the luck of the draw i just wish you the best of luck and hope you do stop smoking now.. i hope all goes well..


p___sed off - May 17

im sick and tired of hearing you people judge women who smoke during there pregnancy.First of all there is no evidence that smoking weed during pregnancy causes birth defects.However in study it has shown that mothers that smoke tabaaco had babies with lower birth weight. why are you women being so judgemental toward these women. You have no right to judge these women are you perfect? i think not. if you feel smoking pot is harmful you should tell these women in a manner that is respectful. i wouldint take advice from someone who was yelling down my throat.


p___sed off - May 17

if your going to speak on a subject atleast be educated on it.IM not talking about what you heard or what you think is the truth.Read up on things and study about it before you try and give someone advice. meth,coke,herion exc..those are bad. alcohol in studies has shown that it can cause birth defects and low birth wait. in no study has it shown that pot causes birth defects. do what your heart thinks is right. if you feel gulity about smoking then mabey you shouldint do it. Some women say it helped them gain the nessa__sary wait for there unborn child. Some women say that is helped with there moods wings. Some women say there children were born with defects,hearign problems,blindness. but there isint any way to prove if it was genes or caused by there drug use. shame on you people for acting so immature and i said you have no right to be so mean. atleast she cares enough to ask..atleast she is trying to find out awnsers.You make it sound as if she doesint care.


jessica e - September 15

yeah but only sometimes but you shouldnt be smoken when your p-g ne ways so dont be smoken when your p-g


babyonboard - September 15

i\ gree.i a__sume by the wording of this query that she has only just found out and is concerned. The best thing to do is seek advice from your health pract_tioner, and stop right now. I have been very careful and responsible since discovering i was pregnant, but only found out at 7 weeks, before which i had been out clubbing once and taken one ecstasy pill, then another time at hom had a line of coke, and around 4/5 spliffs, not to mention the bacardis. when i told my midwife she was very rea__suring and said the baby would be fine as he was still feeding from the yolk sac rather tha nwhat was in my blood stream, many people do all sorts of things before they realise they are pregnant , please don't worry..but ask someone who knows the best!


Lisa - September 16

That is a stupid question but I think people on this board just ask things just to get fights started!!! I mean really I just can't believe someone would really ask that and be serious!!!


not that - September 16

I believe this question was started to cause fights--it is pretty old BUT what else would most of these hags have to do if not fight with other?


Beth - September 16

I was one of those people who did everything right and just had a miscarriage. It appears that you have taken for granted the fact that you have a (hopefully) healthy baby growing within you. If you are not supposed to drink alcohol & caffeine or eat lunch meat or smoke cigarettes, what do you think the effects of marijuana will be? They are probably not good. There are parents who do everything right and end up with children with learning disabilities, mental health issues, asthma, etc. Do you really want to take a chance with your baby's health by putting smoke, THC, (and all the other pesticides or chemicals used when growing the plants) into your baby's body? I''ve worked with children in state custody and I've seen a lot. I've seen children whose parent's have smoked pot while they were pregnant. Some have turned "OK" and some haven't. Stop right now! Do it for your child and yourself. I certainly hope your baby turns out ok. Just remember, issues may not show up until later in life. Keep your fingers crossed and please don't do any more damage.



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