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Aoibhe - October 8

hi. Just wondering if anyone has any input on this cos im outta my mind wondering and worrying. My LMP was 12th Aug so by my calculations i would be just over 8wks now. I had a pink-ish discharge from monday to thurs then dark brown (old) blood yesterday. I had no pains but went to my doctor who referred me to the maternity hospital. They just asked questions and asked me to come in this morning for a scan, which i did, and got quite a shock? my baby is "doing fine", she pointed out the little flicker (his heart) and told me i had my dates wrong that i was not 8 weeks but 6weeks plus 1 today?! As if that didnt puzzle me enough, i was then told to go on home and "ignore the bleeding" unless it got heavier or pains got worse,(i had crazy cramping late last nite,nothing since). Now, i just wanna hear someone elses opinion cos im starting to think i am cracking up. My LMP was Definetely 12th Aug and cycle regular. My pregnancy was confirmed on Sep 20th, but if im only 6weeks now then date that back to sep 9th, which means pregnancy confirmed after 11 days?? i dunno! im baffled! Pls respond if you have something that might help..thanks x


ANG - October 8

I also have thought I was 7 weeks pregnant yesturday. When I had seen the nurse they had said that is how far alone I was. My last MP was on August 19. I am positive about that date becouse I was writting everything down. ( we were trying) Then yesturday I had some pick spotting and ran into the doctors becouse I have had a misscarriage before. They did a v____al Ultrasound and said that I was only 5 weeks and that I was to early to tell any info. So they want me back next week to do another ultrasound to see if the measurments have grown any. I hate to say this but When I had my misscarriage I started spotting pink and then within acouple of days it was brown and then allot of blood. I also did not have any cramping with that misscarriage. I will keep you in my prayers. Looks like we will be due around the same time. Good luck. OH when I asked the doctor how I was only 5 weeks she said well each women ovulates at a different time that is why we like to say that you can be anywhere from 2 weeks early to 2 weeks late. I dont know if that helped any. But right now we just sit and wait becouse there is nothing they can do if that is what is happening. At least you heard a heart beat. Think positive. I will pray for you.


K - November 3

I've had brown spotting for 1 1/2 weeks and it turned out to light pink for 2 days then I went to the doctor because I was worried and she said that I'm probably pregnant so she gave me prenatal vitamins.....i had a papsmear too and I'm still waiting for the result...Hopefully the result will come back normal......Please pray for me....



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