So Sad 18 1 2 Weeks No Heartbeat Found

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heidi - October 18

Hi i went for my routine u/s last thursday and was told there was no heartbeat found and my baby had been dead since 14weeks 6 days. i was put in hospital and had to give birth to my baby.i cant tell you what that felt like. Last night while doing a wee a big lump of stuff came out and since then i havent been bleeding but feel sick and have tummy pain ,has this happened to anyone and should i worry ???????? Also how long dose it take for the br___t milk to dry up???? i feel so low.


Mindy - October 18

Heidi- I am so sorry to hear about your baby. The big lump thing could have been a clot. Which some women get alot of after having a miscarriage. You should call your doctor asap and get checked. Losing a baby the way you did is an awful thing to go through. I wish I could say something to make you feel better. Do you have support around you? Your doctor can also refer you to a support group. I lost my baby at the end of Aug from a subchorionic hematoma. I was close to 12 wks. My kids and I made a special box for the baby with pictures they drew, toys they were planning on giving the baby and I even keep the test stick from learning I was pregnant and U/S pictures. I keep it by my bed for now. Again I am so sorry to hear about your baby. I hope you will be feeling better soon. God Bless!


Heidi - October 19

Thank you mindy for your answer,i to am very sorry to here about the loss of your baby.I spoke to the midwife today and she said to come in to emergency ,but there is a very long wait .my gp has said it sounds like a urine infect and i should bring in a sample. The pain gets worse at night .Some times during the day it still feels like the baby is moving inside me and then I remember what happend .Its like a bad dream that i wont wake up from.I will make a memory box and I also want to name our little one he is a boy. I saw him after he was born and now I wish I could of held him or touched him, but he had muscle tone any more. thanks for talking to me .god bless you and your family.


Mindy - October 19

I had a uti after my miscarriage too. When your not feeling good like that, it brings you even lower with your emotions. You will be able to feel alittle better with your emotions when your feeling better physically. Also make sure you are taking your vitamins still. I had severe anemia and had to spent the night at the hospital two weeks after the m/c. I cried the whole time. Take it one day at a time. Did your doctor say anything at all on what happen other then the baby's heart stopped beating? Post on the m/c forum and you will get alot of support from them. There are some women there that have been through the same awful situation that you have been through and they can give some advice. Also your b___st milk should dry up in about two weeks.


To Heidi - October 19

I am so sorry to hear your story. I wish there was something I could say to cheer you up. My prayers are with you.


Heidi, I think I have same - October 19

I know it's not proper to ask you any questions at this time, but I think I may be having the same. I am 14 weeks and I no longer have the b___st soreness or anything. Did your symptoms go away too before you found no heartbeat? I'm going crazy wth fear.


no name from heidi - October 19

No my symptoms didnt go away at all .I felt great my tummy was getting bigger and so were my b___sts I was hungry and went to the loo lots I was even getting to the stage where i couldnt get comfey in bed.Thats why it was hard to take when they told me that there was no heart beat.I wish you good luck and that every thing turns out ok for you.


Tammee - October 19

Heidi, I am so sorry for your loss. Definitely get support, this is a tough time. I had a miscarriage last February and it had taken us 2 years to get pregnant, so it was very hard to accept the loss. Every day will get a little bit better. Take care of yourself, get plenty of rest and try to do things that keep your mind on something else. God bless you!


To heidi - October 20

Thanks for getting back to me regarding my question about symptoms. I got so worried, I rented a fetal heart monitor and will check the heartbeat myself tonight. God bless you.


Maria - October 21

So sorry you had to go thru this!!!! Went thru this but only at 5 weeks of pregnancy but regardless it still is devastating!! Dont feel low either there will be another time and trust me!! I now have a beautiful 4 year old little girl and now trying for another one!!! Keep your head up and if you believe in God TRUST ME he will HELP YOU!!!!!


Heidi - October 22

Marie thanks for your nice words ,I wish you well and all the luck in the world with your next pregnancy


Heather - October 22

Heidi i now how you feel i lost my little girl in august at 16 weeks i went in for a routine check at 14 weeks and they told me are baby had a cyctic higroma which is a swelling at the back of the neck, the doctors said it did'nt look good as it was very large we had test done and after two week of hell waiting we went for another scan i new as soon as she put the scanner over my belly there was not heart beat. i also had to give birth which was the most horrible experience i've ever been through. i felt like someone had stolen are baby. I bleed for about a week after and had some clots pa__s and was feeling horrible. i am so sorry for your lose just wanted you to know that your not alone. best wishes for you future.



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