Solid Discharge

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Daamaris - October 21

Well i'm currently about 18 weeks prego, and let me just say that it was a miracle. I have 2 kids, and after my 2nd one, i decided that i wanted a kid, in the future, way later, so i got an iud...supposed to work for 10 years. well i ended up pregnant 8 months after it was inserted. after i found out i was pregnant, i started having discharge. i thought it was a yeast infection (im not sure because i havent been to the doctors due to medicaid denial, and my husbands health insurance doesnt allow new enrollment until november) Well i had odd colors of discharge. it started out yellow, then i had bloody discharge. At this point i thought i was going to miscarry. Later it started to get lighter, then stop for days. This happened for a while, but as of last week, it has gotten darker, even brown. I've read that the brown discharge is old blood, so i wasnt too concerned, but its getting worse. The worse thing was that this morning when i woke up, i went to the restroom (i was having some pain in my abdomen) and when i cleaned myself, there was a hard piece of something dark. at first i thought it was my regular dark bloodred discharge, but when i closed the toilet paper, it was hard, so i opened the toilet paper to see if maybe it was a fetus, but it had no shape of a fetus, it was more like a teardrop shape. I have no idea what i could be? I thought maybe it was an ovarian cyst, but i doubt it. Any ideas what this big solid matter could be?


Tory1980 - October 22

No idea on the cyst or not but you NEED to go to the hospital or find a free clinic nearby. You could have placenta previa from what you are describing and brown or red bleeding in pregnancy - especially 2nd Trimester can be a HUGE warning sign that something is very wrong. If it is placenta previa and it isn't diagnosed then you are putting yourself and the baby at huge risk of heavy bleeding and even death if you go into labour or start to miscarry the pregnancy. I don't want to scare you but it is very importnat you go and get checked over. Waiting until Novemeber could be too long if this is the case. Also at 18weeks if you were to miscarry it would be a labour and you will deliver a fully developed baby. Keep us informed but get checked. Please.


Daamaris - October 25

Thanks. Well i am waiting on the chips parinatal. I had been denied for both chips and medicaid because my husband had made too much money, but in a way it was good that he got a pretty big pay cut, cause now i will qualify for chips. Im just waiting on the approval, and i'll be going as soon as possible here to odessa. As far as a free clinic, there isnt one, and the hospital treated so bad with my first miscarriage. They took me in, did 2 ultrasounds, then they told me "well, there's no heartbeat, BUT it doesnt mean its dead" they didnt do a d & c, and i had no idea what to expect, well unfortunately a couple of weeks later, my water breaks at a video store, and i rush home, and pa__s out the baby in my toilet...This hospital is the worse. but thats just my point of view, never to go to a hospital without any insurance because then they wont "help" you.



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