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emoorr31 - May 17

Hello. I am a 31 year old female with no children. I had a postive pregnancy test on 5/13 after some extremely light spotting. On 5/15 I was awakened by some cramping on the left side with minor bleeding. I am not due for a period for another week and a half. The pain subsided but returned. By noon the pain was gone. I was still bleeding but it wasn't period like and I wore a liner. I was advised by my boyfriend to go to the er. Once in the er, they took a urine sample and blood. I was given a pelvic exam, an ultrasound and a sonogram. The tech saw something on my left ovary where I had the pain. Nurse came in to say my pregnancy was ectopic and I may need surgery. My hcg came back at 786. This was at 9 p.m. I was then told I couldnt eat or drink. I was only allowed to small cups of water in order to conduct the sonogram. An ob gyn came in and decided to keep me for observation and check everything in the morning. They moved me to a room around 1 a.m and I was finally able to sleep. At 7 they came and took blood. Another ob gyn came hours later to say my hcg had dropped to the 400's and I was approximately 3 weeks along. They said the fluid sac could be the baby or the luteus corpus. I declined surgery and was given another appointment on Monday. I was told it was more than likely not a viable pregnancy I say all this to ask, couldn't I have had a vanishing twin since my hcg dropped? I have had no more pain in my left ovary since Friday and the bleeding is not a cause for concern. The docs didn't seem to think so. They were more concerned with my ovary. And why was my hcg so high? Isn't 786 high for a 3 week pregnancy? my boyfriend and I want this baby. I'm trying not to stress but it's hard. had anyone had this happen or have any insight?


JFK_angel - May 29

Hello, well, I have never experienced anything like this, but a friend of mine had a tubal pregnancy. From her case I have learnt that the hCG levels in an ectopic pregnancy can be too high or too low as well as rise or drop very fast. I guess a drop in the hormone levels is considered a positive sign in an ectopic pregnancy. Hope you are doing well.



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