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Shannon and Jason - September 8

I was 8 weeks pregnant. I went to ER on aug 14 with bleeding a cramping. On the next day the doc said maybe miscariage or tubal. then on that thursday my horomone level went from 800 to 1500. she said come back in 2 weeks for another va___al ultrasound. She determind no fetus or anything. my level had dropped to 600. Now I had more blood work done on sep 1, and it took my doc office 5 days to talk to me and my horomone level is at 80 and they said they will call me back but never did.. How long does it normally take for a miscarrriage to be complete?? someone please help us.


M. - September 8

my misscarige took about a week . I also was going back and forth to the doctor until my hl went down to 30 and that was it....I think you should still go back you might need a DNC I did'nt need one done but the bleeding did last me a few weeks to go away


Mary - September 9

I had a miscarriage Aug. 2004. I didn't even know I was pregnant. I started my period normal and then it would go away for a day or two and then I would spot and then bleed for a week. I finally went to the ER after a/b a month and they did a s/g and they said that i would have to follow up with my doc. I did and it was comfired as a miscarriage. It took a total of a month and a holf to end completly .


Carrie - September 18

I have had 3 misscarariges and 3 babies. Went I lost my babies my bleeding was a little heavier tnan a period and only lasted a little longer. I had a scan 2.45 hours after I started bleeding and the baby was totally gone. With lost the first baby they told me that the baby dies 2 days before you bleed. I have never had to have a DnC. I guess I have been lucky but some times you do need to have follow uo scans as a friend bled very heavy and still the baby was there. Be %100 percent that the baby has gone before you have a DnC.


sugar - September 21

It may be an eptopic pregnancy.If your doc did a normal ultrasound and did't find the baby and then did a v____al ultrasound and did't see anything then your fetus probably inplanted itself were it not supposed to. Keep me posted let me know how it went. GOD BLESS YOU



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