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Mary - November 2

I am 6 wks pregnant and started spotting on sunday, it went away on Monday, and then I was spotting this morning. I went to the er on Sunday, they did an exam and ultrasound, they saw the heart beat, and the same thing yesterday. My HCg is 63600 I am assuming that is a great number for 6 1/2 weeks, but I am so nervous and not sure what to think I am trying to not worry about it but it is really hard, the only comfort I get is from this website to hear all the responses. please someone who has expierienced this before please respond.


Sarah - November 3

I am going through exactly the same thing, I was bleeding slightly Sunday and then it stopped. Ive got up this morning and I am bleeding again. My doctor has told me not to worry as it is extremely common, but to put my mind at rest he is sending me for a scan tomorrow. It seems it is very common, and I sympathise with you.


Mary - November 15

Thank you Sarah it is so frusterating, I am still spotting on and off they saw the hearbeat and the baby's heart is beating at 150 beats so they said it looks good but still I am trying to relax, I have my first real ob appt on the 22nd I will keep you posted.


belindabea - November 16

My daughter is 8 weeks and she is having light spotting since week 5 on and off. She like you is going crazy with worry. However her doctor told her today that many women do have spotting throughout their pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies.Lets hope it all turns out well for everyone. Kind regards, Belinda


Mary - November 16

I know it is just so frusterating not knowing, I know the dr says everything is ok but there is no explanation as to what it could be.


eyebeeablessing2u - November 17

I found this reply on and thought it should be posted here... Ultrasound: When can it detect baby's heartbeat? I had an ultrasound at six weeks but it couldn't detect a fetal heartbeat. My doctor said you should be able to detect the heartbeat by six weeks. I've read it "could," not should, be detected by six weeks. Should I be concerned? Peg Plumbo Peg Plumbo has been a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) since 1976 and has a__sisted at over 1,000 births. I sympathize with all of the uncertainty you must be feeling. While I cannot give you absolutes, I can offer general findings on ultrasound and detection of fetal well-being early in gestation. A normal intrauterine pregnancy may be demonstrated by abdominal "pulse echo sonograpy" after only four to five weeks since the last menstrual period (LMP) -- about the same time that most urine tests turn positive. After six weeks, the small white gestational ring is so characteristic that failure to identify it raises doubts about the pregnancy. By careful scanning, distinct echoes from the embryonic poles can be demonstrated within the gestational ring by seven weeks after the last period. Fetal heart must be observed by the eighth week, or the pregnancy is in serious doubt. If the gestational sac appears to be absent, undefined, is unusually small or there are no echoes from the fetus at eight weeks LMP, then it is most likely a blighted ovum (a product of conception that never made it). Vaginal ultrasound is better at detecting very early pregnancy, so if the next one is questionable, I would seek that option. A small probe is placed in the v____a and the ultrasound is done in this manner. Nothing goes through the cervix, however. Take heart, it is too early to worry, but ask about the gestational sac next time as well. I hope all goes well for you.


Mary - November 17

Thank you so much for that information. The last ultrasound I had, we saw that ring, it was very destinctive and the heart was beating 150 and the dr said that was a good sign. I have an appt on Monday so I will keep you posted. Thank you so much my mind is a little at ease:)


Kim - November 24

I have been spotting for the first 3 months. I'm now in my 4th month and it has not stopped. The discharge is brown and I had one spotting with bright red blood. Ultrasounds show the baby is fine, but the doctors have no idea why? It's rea__suring to know that I'm not the only one. I'm on 1 wk bedrest but am afreaid to go back to work just in case I have a miscarriage.


Cindy - November 25

I have been reading all the responses. I am in my 8th week and have spotted the last couple of days. My doctor has not been as rea__suring which has made me quite upset. I feel better reading that the spotting is fairly common. My doctor seems to have the att_tude that it's too early to worry about it, and there's nothing they can (or will) do. I don't get an OB appt until Jan 5th, so I'm just praying I make it til then.


Cindy - November 26

Hi there, if I were you I would find another dr, I went thruogh the same thing and the dr was just so un carring.


Ariel - November 27

Hey, well my period was due on May 7th, 2004, on the 5th i had a light brown discharge and so i thought i was going to get my period, but then it didnt come. So i started to think that maybe i didnt see that brown discharge. So anyways a week later i had s_x with my bf and i started spotting right after,, i thought it was because i was gonna get my period since i was already a week late so i didnt worry about it, i thought i would start bleeding by the next morning. Well my period didnt come and i found out I was pregnant. At 7 weeks and 9 i spotted for like 2 days again. I went to the doctors and they just told me that if its not bright red and if you not experiencing cramps then to not worry about it that it just happens, but still i would worry cuz i had never been pregnant before and thought i would probably miscarriage but my spotting was just brownish pink. Well my point is that im 7 mo. pregnant and everything is fine. Try not to worry if you are spotting, avoid s_x during this time and rest.


Michele - December 3

I also have just started spotting at 8 weeks. It is dark brown not a lot, just when I wipe. I have had this since Wednesday. I went to the Dr. and had a blood test. Everything is normal. In fact, I have less cramping than I did in my first 7 weeks. My first OB appointment is on Dec 29. Will try an relax and hope nothing changes until then. Dr. said lots of rest. I climb the stairs to work on the 3rd floor every day. Guess I will be stopping that! Will keep you posted.


L - December 3

I bagan spotting at 4 weeks and 5 days and it has continued for over a week. I have a repeat ultrasound on Monday. The first showed sac and no baby. I am very worried. I wondered if any of you have heard of low progesterone levels causing abnormal bleeding. I had some cramping early on but not anymore. Also there have been tiny like no bigger than a pin head clots. Do you think I have miscarried? Nothing has been bright red and my last HCG was normal and doubling.


Adeline - December 6

Me too. I am now 5 weeks pregnant. Not sure w


L - December 6

I had my ultrasound today. It showed some improvement. There is now a yoke sac and a ring. But they expected to see a baby. I go for series HCG this week and another ultrasound next monday. I am nervous.


A - December 7

i am 7 weeks and had a quarter-size blood on my panties yesterday. after that it was transluscent brown spotting when i wiped. now nothing at all. should i be worried? the site of the darker red blood really made me nervous. i dont have any pains, i have some nausea, eating well, tired. any ideas?


Adeline - December 8

I am 4-5 weeks pregnant. Have been spotting since 3 Dec. Initially it was pinkish/brownish ( very little). Then on 6 Dec nite, I have brownish/mucus like discharge ( alot when I wiped). Situation has not been improving since then ( still having it now). went to see Dr on 7 Dec, and he couldn't see the gestation during the scan. 3 possiblities being listed out. 1. Miscarriage,2. Etpoic, 3 Early stage of pregnancy. He also took blood test which shows that my HCG is 342. However, still no conlusion drawn. Will be going for blood test tom. If HCG does not double or decline, it will mean that I have a miscarriage. If creeping, that will be worse. Hopefully it is 1 or 3.. wish me luck..



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