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chanynelly - July 16

I just found out Thusday that I am pregnant. The nurse told me I was at 41% which I don't know what it means. But over the weekend I started bleeding but not like a period. Enough just to keep me thinking that they made a mistake. The test was a blood test. I hope they didn't make a mistake. I should be in my 4 or 5 th week. I have my first appt. August 2nd. I am really nervous and wonder why this is happening.Can you help answer??


sparkles - July 16

i have the same question as you too. i just took a test a week ago and found out i was pregnant. i am figuring im about 6-7 weeks along but to i saw a very light bleeding and i didnt know if it was normal to bleed light. about 4 months ago i had a miscarriage and i am not having none of those feelings so I dont know what going on. i have a appt in 2 weeks but im scared to wait that long. so if anyone can answer my question I would appreciate it.


cynthia - August 1

I hope that all goes well. I am in the same exact spot you are. Positive test thursday spotting today. they told me that it could be implantation bleeding and to keep an eye on it. my appt is the 5th.


chantal - August 1

Hey girls, hang in there I get to find out tomorrow what's going on with me. I did bleed for like 12-13 days. I feel fine and still have symptoms and the bleeding did stop. I am very worried and preparing for the worst. I'll let you know what the DR says .. There is always hope and never give up. I know my family is behind me all the way and I hope that goes for you as well.


mom - August 2

Well WHen i was 8 weeks pregant, i had spotting. I went to the obgyn and she said that it was from my uterus. It was not a period, it was very light, like light pink or so, AND i got a scan and everything was great! i was so happy after dat! I understand that alot of women see this in the first trimester. Everything turned out well, I had my Baby Girl in February of this year and the labor was great! I was just liek you guys searching in the inetrnet for answers! but i am here to tell you everything will be fine! i been in this same suitation before......... Just enjoy your pregnancy because sleepless nigths will COME :)


chantal - August 2

Hey girls I came back from the dr. office today with some bad news. I am no longer pregnant. He said I had a chemical pregancy. It broke my heart and mostly my daughter's heart cause she started to cry and cry until I did too.I explained to her that these things happen for a reason and that someday she'll have a brother or sister. So to all you girls that are wondering about late periods and postive pregnancies followed by light to heavy bleeding, means that that baby didn't even make into the uterus for implantation.. thanks for all your help


grievingmom - August 2

Hi ladies, I know this is a time of uncertainty for all of us. Hopefully this might help. If the blood is brown then this is not usually a cause for worry, it's old blood. If the blood is very light and pink this can be because of implantation and can happen after s_x, once again nothing to worry about. If the blood is getting heavier and/or accompanied by cramps and/or clots, get to a dr. this is cause for concern and you should go get yourself checked out. Unfortunately, there seems to be very little that dr's can do if you are having a miscarriage, some women choose to just stay at home and get checked out by their regular dr. once the process is complete. I just had a miscarriage on Sunday, I went to the hospital and it was honestly one of the worst experiences of my life. If I had to do it over again I would have waited until I could have gone to my regular dr. I wish you all healthy pregnancies. And if something should happen, something that is helping me, is to remember that I am able to get pregnant. Miscarriages happen in 15-20% of pregnancies, most women only miscarry once. I hope that none of you have to be in that 15-20%


starlgyht24 - August 3

I have posted this on some other posts but I want to try and give you all some peace of mind. I went in for a blood test July 26th after having a faint positive and then negatives. I started spotting bright red blood after I left the drs. I called later that day to get my results even though I thought for sure the would be negative. Well they came back positive. The nurse told me that it can be normal and if it gets even heavier or if my period like cramps get worse then go to the ER. Well I went to the ER July 27th (the next day) because my bleeding was a bit heavier not enough to soak a pad but heavier then the day before. The ER dr did a pelvic exam and said that my cervix was tightly closed. He also did blood test and urine tests. The urine test showed up negative and the blood test came back positive. My hcg level was only 25.5 which is very low and is why it didnt register on the urine test. This ER dr told me that he thinks that its not going to be a viable pregnancy and labeled me as a threaten miscarriage. He told me to go into my clinic July 29th for another HCG quant_tive test to see whats going on. So July 29th I went in for another HCG test and I also got to speak with a OB dr. This dr was not concerned about it being a threatened miscarriage. He told me that the reason the level is so low is that I am probably just barely pregnant. He said that 50% of women bleed during the pregnancy and have healthy babies. Oh by the way I had no more period like cramping by this day either. He said that as long as my HCG levels continue to rise I shouldnt have anything to worry about. Well i got back my blood test that day and it went up to 47. He went ahead and scheduled me for another HCG test on August 1. By Saturday (July 30) I was done bleeding bright red blood. August 1 I went in for another HCG test and this one was at 98.4. So it is definitely going up. I have not had anymore bleeding or cramping. I have been extremely exhausted and a lot more hungrier, my b___bs are definitely sore too. I go to the drs tomorrow (August 4th) so if I find out anything I will update you. I just wanted you to have some peace of mind. Believe me I freaked out to because I have a 5yr old and a 3 year old and never bled with them. My 5 and 3 year old have the same dad but this baby has a different dad. So I dont know if that plays a role in it or what. My OB dr just said that every pregnancy is different. I hope this helps!!


cathy - August 10

hi ya just to put your mind at ease i hope, ive had two healthy babies one of which is now 3 and the other is 18months . i started bleeding with both of my pregnancies at about 5 weeks it really took it out of me because i thought i was losing them but it was a normal thing in my case and i bled on and off all the way through my pregnancy but if it gets too heavy please go see the doc


aimhi - August 20

Wow...I thought I was the only one going through this. I had a miscarriage on June 29th and two 1/2 weeks later I was pregnant again. Not at the advice of my doctor but it just happened and we are thrilled. I've been bleeding the last couple of days and my doctor has put me on bed rest. I took three hcg tests the 1st on Aug 8 was 2300 alot more from the 350 from my last pregnancy. A week later it was 8400 still positive very positive. Then this Thursday I started bleeding (heavy) and I thought oh no not again. But I took another hcg test on Friday and the levels were at 13400! Then my obgyn told me that as long as the levels are going up that the pregnance is still viable. The only thing he saw was that my pregesterone levels (which maintains the pregnancy) were really low and he put me on pregesterone suppositories (1 v____ally ever night before bed). I think they are really helping because I'm not seeing the bright red blood I saw on Thursday only brown (old blood) and only a little bit. He also scheduled me for an ultrasound next week to see if we can see the baby and the heartbeat. He says if we can't see it than not to worry cause I should be right around 6 weeks pregnant. By 6 weeks they should be able to see the baby and hb but since I didn't have a menstral cycle after my last miscarriage they don't have an exact date to go by. So we'll try again the following week until we see the baby. He just stressed to me that as long as the levels are going up then the baby should be okay. I hope that gives you guys some insight as to what to expect. I wish you all the best!



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