Spotting AND Cramping

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Ryan - October 18

Hello, I'm writing on behalf of both my wife and myself. My wife and I are just a little over 5 weeks pregnant, and yesterday morning, she awoke to some painful cramps. They subsided, although they came back in the later portion of the day, enough to scare her into going to the hospital. She also told me she was having some VERY light spotting, like only when she wipes, and it's brown. So needless to say, both her and I were nervous wrecks when we saw the Doc. He did an ultrasound, which didn't reveal anything (as he's too early), and they ran some blood tests. Those should come back today. However, the doctor said all looked fine for now...he didn't seem to be too concerned that my wife was cramping AND spotting. However, every post I read in this forum immediately indicate that cramping AND spotting are big red flags. What gives? To make matters worse, we're not going to be seen again until Nov 2nd (2 weeks and a bit), so is there any way to tell what's going on before then. I just have a feeling of doom, and time doesn't seem to be on our side. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank You, Ryan


ok - October 18

i think better go to the urgent medical care or nearby hospital


kate - October 20

im 7 weeks preg. and experincing similar probs. ive been told to wait fo a 8 wk scan becus its too early for tem to detect anything as the heart beat and the actual baby only start developing proper;y after the 6th week. just make sure ur wife has plenty of rest. good luck


A - October 21

I am 5 weeks tomorrow and have very light cramping, almost like a burning feeling. I have light pink spotting. I only had this once. I talked to my dr. and she said not to worry about this until it becomes more like menstrual bleeding. The next time I will see my dr. is not until November 7. It seems like this can be normal. Good luck


patsy - October 21

i was turning 5 months i had pink spotting i went to docter and they told me very thing was mormal a week later i lost my baby. so get yourself checked because bleeding is not normal.


alison - October 23

at 5 weeks it could be old blood from implantation, cramping at this point is fairly common as well. I know how hard the wait is I am 12 weeks and at 9.5 I had very heavy bleeding and was told it was a threatened miscarrage and there was absolutly nothing that could be done to prevent or predict which way the pregnancy would go. They said bed rest until the bleeding stopped and light duety after that. I had no more bleeding for another week and then another day of scant brown spotting. Again i was devistated but I went in for an ultrasound and baby was fine. The hard part about all of this is the waiting and how only time can tell. I know that when things don't work out it is usually because the pregnancy is not viable from the very begining, but that doesn't make it any easier to go through it. I hope all turns out well in your case, and I am still praying for mine as well.


Ryan - October 25

Thank you for your replies. I thought I'd just give an update on our pregnancy thus far. We are now 6w4d pregnant, and the spotting has persisted for about 2 weeks now. The cramping has mostly subsided, although my wife still gets them occasionaly. The spotting has stayed fairly consistent...being dark brown mostly. And it's only when my wife wipes while going to the bathroom. Last week, my wife had some reddish blood when she wiped, so naturally we thought the worst and went to the Doc. Doc did ultrasound/exam and saw a VERY small sac, and nothing else thus far. Says it's too early, so we have to go back in 2 weeks to poss. hear the heartbeat. However, the Doctor says so far, all is normal, and is NOT too concerned with the bleeding. Says it still could be some implantation bleeding. HCG levels seemed normal to the Doc. wife and I suspect we are just a bit off on the true age of the embryo...I think we have guessed it to be just a bit older than it actually is. That would make sense if it is indeed, implantation bleeding. My wife ovulates really late in her cycle, which throws us off in the dating of the babie;s age., wife was still spotting when she wiped (back to dark brown all day), and this evening, she had a tiny (diameter of a pencil eraser) blood clot, dark brown in color. She saved it, just in case, and tomorrow we have an appointment to make sure all is still well. We're trying not to be overreactive, but it's just so hard when things keep happening to make us question the integrity of the pregnancy. Needless to say, this is exhaustive on us both. I will update after tomorrows appt., but pray for us. I hope all is well! Ryan


Update #2 - October 27

Well, we have had 2 ultrasounds in the past 5 days, and another HCG level blood test! But all is going well! The HCG levels are increasing normally and we have seen an increase in size from just 5 days ago (3 times as big) when we were last at the doctor. But the bleeding still persists (it's still mostly just spotting, brownish, with occasional red spotting when wiping). Doctor fairly convinced this is nothing terrible, and seems non-plussed by the amount of blood that my wife has reported, which is in fact minimal. BTW, we're 6w5d today. Doctor saw the sac on the ultrasound today, but no embryo just yet, and obviously no heart beat. So we'll have to wait for that until we go in about 2 weeks (hopefully!). I'lll keep this updated. Ryan


Haley - November 15

Hi Ryan, Im interested to know your outcome because i have been experiencing the same thing. Hope all is well


Jen - November 18

Ryan, I am very interested in the outcome, I happen to be goignthrough the same thing. PLease update when you have the chance.


kim - November 18

A real close friend of mine is going through this also. She has had spotting for 3 weeks, she is 9 weeks pregnant. Her ultrasound at 7 weeks showed a heartbeat and her hormone levels are also rising. They told her she has a subchronic bleed. This is a hemotoma that forms around the placenta. Dr. put her on bed rest and said everything should be fine but that she is still at risk. Talk with your Dr. and ask about subchronic bleeding, and have your wife's progestrogen levels checked, low progestrogen can cause early bleeding and sometimes miscarriage. They have a supplement that can help her if this is her problem.


Vicky - November 19

When i was 12 weeks pregnant i had some cramping and then about to days later i began to bleed but only for 2 days, i went to hospital and had to wait for a scan in 3days and everything was fine! so you can get cramping and bleedin without the misscarriage. my cramping was at the very top of my stomach though, and i was told if it was likely to be a misscarriage the cramping would be at the bottom of the stomach


Noelle - November 20

Hello. I am almost 9 weeks pregnant and have been having cramping and spotting for a week now. We went to the dr. last Mon. and had an ultrasound- dr. said everything was fine with the baby and we could see the heart beating. We were surprised to find that I wasn't as far along. Frustrating because we were getting excited that the 1st tri-mester was about over. Since the ultrasound, I have had more of the brown discharge which the dr. said is "old" and nothing to be worried about. The past 2 days have been more red blood, mostly when I wipe after going to the bathroom. (like you said with your wife). I have cramps that come and go- non too painful. I am very scared! I had 2 bloodtests ran yesterday for the HCG and progestrone levels and get the results tomorrow- along with an exam and another ultrasound. I pray for you and your wife- this is a very scary thing to deal with. Is this your first child? This is my second and I experienced nothing like this with my 1st pregnancy- it was so easy! Now I am miserable. I'll let you know what we find tomorrow. Noelle


Jen - November 22

Noelle, what was the status of your blood tests? How is everything going? I am a little earlier than you, but am ex[eriencingthe sam thing. my numbers are going a currently good, so I just don't understand what's going on. I had a miscarriage this past August, so I am very nervous.


victoria - December 5

hello, please help me a little, i had a miscarriage in may at 16wks and d&c following right after. i found out i was pregnant on thatngiving day, and about 3 days later i started bleeding, big blood clots, so i thought that i had miscarried, but when i went to see the doc she said, no! i had an ultersound and they could'nt see anything cause it was to soon, i am about 2 1/2 weeks, the bleeding stopped after 4 days and now today i am having yellowinsh mucus and spotting, and cramping, i dont see my doc again until wednesday and i am very scared and i was wondering if any one went through this in their early weeks of prgnancy. thank you


Bronwyn - December 9

Ryan - I am 6 weeks pregnant (#2) and have been experiencing the exactly the same problems and keep getting told "not to worry", please let me know how things are going now with you and your wife - I have been praying for both of us


Niki - December 11

Victoria, PLEASE let me know your outcome! My situation is so similar! I'm 4 weeks along and a few days. I also had a d&c right before getting pregnant. I started to bleed/spot about two days after finding out i was pregnant. We're so worried about another miscarriage! Could it just be weak tissue and that's what's bleeding? I sooo hope and pray we can keep this baby! I've been light bleeding for about three days now. God bless and keep updating, PLEASE!



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