Spotting AND Cramping

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Niki - December 11

Victoria, PLEASE let me know your outcome! My situation is so similar! I'm 4 weeks along and a few days. I also had a d&c right before getting pregnant. I started to bleed/spot about two days after finding out i was pregnant. We're so worried about another miscarriage! Could it just be weak tissue and that's what's bleeding? I sooo hope and pray we can keep this baby! I've been light bleeding for about three days now. God bless and keep updating, PLEASE!


Niki - December 13

Nevermind. I miscarried. :(


sad3207 - March 3

What happened? I am in a similar situation right now and am curious if everything turned out okay.


lyda - January 20

I am 6 weeks pregnant and with my second child. I had a sonogram where the lady advised me to expect spotting because I had a hematoma that would make me spot at implantation. As long as the blood is brown they told me not to worry but its the second day now and seems to be more mucus-y and almost clot like. IS this normal? I was told to come in Monday but I really am anxious until then.


s_xipoppet328 - January 21

i have been spotting when i wipe too and it is also brown. i had an internal scan on friday and they could see a sack but no baby. i am supposed to be 8+ weeks judging by the first day of my last period. i have to go back in 10 days for another scan and im not looking forward to it. i am 35 and already have two kids in their early teens so it has been a while since ive been pregnant. could the doctor at my local practise have been wrong about the dates and they couldnt see a baby because its too early or is it likely that i could be miscarrying. this is a much wanted baby and im scared and upset. has this happened to antone else?


jen327 - January 21

Hi, I am here for 2 reasons, I can offer some advise about dates, I ovulated 8 days after the normal 14 days, so I am 8 days later then I would be if you counted from the LMP. I am here because I have had bleeding. I had bleeding at 5 weeks 4 days, just a few hours, just like a period, then brown spotting for a few days. The ER told me the brown spotting was the leftover blood but since my cervix is closed that is why. THe baby is fine with a nice heart beat. I also bleed at 11 week 1 day. Just two time of wiping and covering the toliet paper with bright red blood. THe doctors just kinda look at me like we have no idea why this is happening. It is really bothering me. I am on bed rest for 10 days, but going to call my OB in the AM to try and get some answers. Good luck


s_xipoppet328 - January 22

my bleeding has worsened since yesterday. i am have period like pains and the spotting is not just when i wipe anymore but i also have to wear a pad. i phoned the hospital and she said im miscarrying and if i have to change the pad every half an hour to go to A&E. but she stills wants me to go for the scan on the 29th and i don't understand why if im supposed to be miscarrying? she wasn't very rea__suring and im fed up. i can't possibly still be pregnant can i? anyone had this happen to them?


c_rae18 - February 11

I am 131/2 weeks pregnant. At 10 weeks i had a gush of bright red blood. I immediately went to the doc. for an ultrasound. Everything was ok. Then at about 12 1/2 weeks i started bleeding again followed by cramps. I for sure thought it was a miscarriage but everything was ok. The next day i had clots so i went in for an ultrasound. Guess what?! Everything was ok. The bottom line is....EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! The best thing to do is to go to the doctor. Do not rely on these forums. They can drive you crazy.


Lacyhh - September 24

Ryan, I hope that you, your wife and your baby are doing well! I am pretty sure i'm pregnant..probably around 4-5 weeks. I have not yet been to the doctor. I missed my period, and now i'm having light pink to red spotting and mild to moderate cramps! I'm freaking out because I really hope i'm not going to misscarriage if I am infact prego! I can't wait to get into the doctor and see what's going on. Does anyone think I have anything to worry about? I have been very tired, moody, hungry, gaining weight, b___bs are sore, urinating frequently, and have a very distinct sense of smell! Wish me luck people...and the best of luck to all of you! Hope that if I am pregnant it's a healthy pregnancy!!


Lacyhh - September 24

it seems my spotting is getting heavier...i hope it's not my period starting or something bad is happening! Wish I had some answers...this waiting stuff is not my thing!! =( I just dunno what to do! Help me somebody!!


christysparks60 - March 2

hi my name is christy i am 9 weeks today i started spotting light pink last week, my ob said it was normal that was last monday well the light pink went to a bright red but only when i wiped so i went to the ER on friday night they did a v____al ultrasound found a heart beat and seen baby and said it looked great as well as my hcg levels were great well i went back to my ob this past monday they checked me and said my cervix was long and hard and sent me to get a rhogam shot well on wednesday i had cramping and alot of blood and pa__sed some clots then yesterday it was barely there and then this afternoon cramping again and some bright red bleeding when i get up and move around alot i done another blood test yesterday to check hcg levels but wont know until i go into the dr on tuesday for ultrasound im so scared is anyone else had this happen


christysparks60 - March 2

and i usually have my period at this time every month could that be y ? because ob isnt really giving me any info yesterday i did my 3rd blood test the er said was great my ob did one on monday and said was great and i did another yesterday dont know results until tuesday im just so worried



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