Spotting And Tissue Fragments

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katt76 - January 31

I keep spotting brown, and every once in a while a clot will drop out, and tissue fragments. But my doc seems to think it is not a miscarriage b/c it is not heavy and no cramping. I also had three sacs, doc said the other non viable sacs could be leaving my body. Go for another ultrasound on monday!!! I need answers now!


CrystalH - February 1

Hi Katt. I just read your other post pleading for a response, so here I go! During my 12th week of pregnancy I also had brown spotting. It was minimal (only needed one panty liner a day) and I had no cramping whatsoever. I called my doc on 12/23 because I started spotting on 12/22. They also told me it didn't sound like anything to be worried about because the spotting was so light and I had no cramping. Well the minimal brown spotting continued until 12/30 and I knew there was something wrong so I drove myself to my doctor and insisted that I be seen. My midwife checked me and my uterus was closed. She then sent me down for an u/s. They found no heartbeat. I actually had a missed miscarriage. The baby stopped growing around 7 weeks. We thought I miscarried on 12/30 (same day I was seen) but it turns out I only pa__sed my water and a huge blood clot. I had to have an emergency D&C on 1/7. Unfortunately, brown spotting can be a sign of a miscarriage, especially a missed miscarriage (where the embryo/fetus stops growing but your body still thinks it's pregnant and you do not pa__s anything for a while - sometimes several weeks like me). I would insist you be seen and get an u/s. Since you are also pa__sing tissue it sounds like you might miscarry. However, the two other sacs may be what you are pa__sing. Prepare for the worst so you will not be completely stunned if you do miscarry (like I was), pray for the best and I will do the same for you. Please post again after you have been seen and get the u/s and let me know how you're doing.


michelle78 - February 1

hi katt. i dont want to disapoint u but situation was similar. i started spotting when i was about 4 1/2 weeks pregnant just brownish discharge and minor cramping. it lasted about 2 weeks and had several u/s to determine if the baby was growing but unfortunatly it never grew. at 7 weeks i had a d&c it was just performed 1/30 of this yr. so i would prepare for the worse as crystalh had said because i got my hopes up because the entire time my cervix was closed so i thought that i couldnt be miscarrying but i did. good luck and keep me posted after u see the doctor.


Karen E - February 1

Hi Katt; I don't think you should read anything until you have your ultrasound on Monday. You have 50/50 odds. Half the women that bleed go onto to have normal pregnancies. You are not bleeding heavy or cramping so that is good. I too have been spotting for 10 days and so far everything is okay. My blood count is going up and I go for an ultrasound tomorrow. Don't worry till you have to.


katt76 - February 1

UPDATE! Thanks ladies. Well bleeding has increased!! But My cervis is closed they saw the baby and the heartbeat is at 115, baby has grown since last weeks ultrasound. They say they have no idea where the bleeding is coming from! I go back on Monday for another ultrasound!


kat - February 2

I am 10 weeks and had extremely heavy bleed at week 5, a big gush with clots etc, no pain though and it stopped by the evening. Had u/s and all ok, and follow up u/s good as well with another couple of bleeds. subchorionic bleed. as i have had several m/c pretty scary but the difference is that m/c all had cramping first. What appears to be tissue is not always that, sometimes it is white blood cells clumped up (so i read somewhere). Strangely my unsuccessful pregnancies i never had a spot of bleeding until m/c came at 10 weeks (after embryo's stopped growing at 6 weeks). This pregnancy with all the bleeding seems to be the one that is going to stick. Good luck with your next ultrasound.


katt76 - February 2

kat thank you so much it feels good to hear someone else with this story. But it is very scry to always have bleeding and not know if the next time you go for ultrasound the screen will be blank. It is so hard!! I am glad you found out about the white blood cells. If you have anymore info on that i would love to read up on it. Anything to ease my troubled mind. So when is your due date??? Join our fall mommies thread so we can keep in touch, under first trimester!! Thanks again for the encouragement, it feels better to hear the good then bad!


Karen E - February 2

Hi Katt- I am very glad to hear everything is going okay and you saw the baby and the heartbeat was detected. That is great news!! I have been bleeding for 10 days now but feel fine apart from that. It is very worrying indeed. I go today for my first ultrasound but I am only 6 weeks yesterday so not sure if I will see anything. How far along are you? When did you have your first ultrasound and did you see anything then? As well, you didn't mention anything about the other sacs? Did you see the two empty ones? I will post later today after my ultrasound. I am scared to death I won't see anything. Bleeding is very scary that's for sure but I have read on here lots of women that bleed and have perfectly healthy babies so I pray we are two of those women!!


angela - February 2

hi girls, i know how it is when you want answers to your problems, almost a year ago i was on here searching for answers with my bleeding during pregnancy. it started when i was 5 weeks, had an ultrasound and eveything was fine. went back a week later and the placenta had flattened out and the doc. said he saw nothing in it and i was told to expect a miscarraige, weeks later upon another exam i was told i had placenta previa, which fixed itself at 5 months. i gave birth to a healthy baby girl in oct. dont give up hope, go with your body and do what you feel. when i was told i was going to miscarry i didnt believe it at all. it just didnt feel right. good luck to you all.


katt76 - February 2

Angela wow that is such an amazing story. So happy it worked out for you. I am worried every second of every day. I never know what is going to happen next. This all has been very complicated so far. I go back next Monday for another ultrasound, Hope the baby is still ok then!


sugar+spice - February 2

katt76, hi, its me angela. i wasnt logged in before, sorry, but i had clots come out too. id start spotting and it would get heavy until a clot would come out then taper off. id run to the doctor EVERY time. never got any answers in the beginning, they'd check me and say everything was fine, my cervix was closed, but i dont believe any time during pregnancy bleeding is normal. there is always an underlying cause. i think doctors just say that cause they cant seem to find the cause at that time. i also bled with my second pregnancy and it took them 3 months to figure it out. i hope everything goes great for you, and just go with what you feel.


katt76 - February 2

Angela that is what happens, a clot comes out and then the bleeding tapers off. Where is the blood coming from did they ever tell you?? It is so frustrating and scary.


sugar+spice - February 2

believe me i feel your frustration.. and i know how scary it is. i feel for you. in the beginning i was just told they found some blood on the outside of my placenta and had no answer as to why, but said it could be a spontanous miscarraige i think they called it? when i got home i was soooo angry at my body for thinking it could just get rid of my baby for no apparent reason cause i wanted tthe baby. but when i went in for my 3 month check-up, the nurse was swabing my cervix and it started to bleed more than she wanted to see so they rushed me over for an u/s, and said it was placenta previa and there was blood trapped between my cervix and the placenta. i was put on pelvic rest and to avoid intercousre. which i did. poor husband, but hey, s_x means nothing to me when it comes to a helpless baby depending on it. i bled until i was 8 months preg. before it stopped.


katt76 - February 3

Ok OK, I am bleeding like a d__n stuffed pig!! And everytime I see the doc the baby is fine. Should I be getting worried?? Where is the blood coming from?? This makes no sense. The tissue fragments have stopped now just heavy bleeding, but baby is still growing and ok.WHAT DO I DO?? COULD I BE AT RISK???


sugar+spice - February 3

i would take it easy and stay off my feet. i was told if it got heavy, started running down your leg, or your soaking a pad, to go to the ER. did your doc. tell you they had no idea why you were bleeding? if it takes you going to the doctor every day to check up on your baby i would, i did actually. cause everytime id start bleeding again, it always seemed different than the last.


katt76 - February 3

Yeah I keep going back, I mean it is enough to soak a pantiliner. But then I pa__s a small clot and then the bleeding stops until like the next day. I bleed mid-day! So weird, I go again on Monday for another ultrasound. Had one again on wednesday baby was fine, no cramps. maybe it is the other sacs??? It is like my body is having a miscarriage and I am carrying a good pregnancy at the same time. Does that make sense??


sugar+spice - February 3

so, are the other sacs good? if i undersand, your only having 1 baby really?sorry to ask, but im confused and dont know how to answer your question without understanding that first.



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