Spotting At 15 Weeks

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Jessie V - June 19

I've been spotting off and on since I found out I was pg. But I'm now 15 weeks and starting spotting agian today. My last appt. was June 7th and there was a very healthy heart beat. I only notice it in the morning when I get up then it stops @ 1-2 hours later. I haven't had any cramping or anyhting like that. I'm just scared that I'm going to misscarry. I've also noticed that I'm not going to the bathroom as much as I was. But I think the baby has moved closer to my belly button, that's were I seem to feel him/her when I lay on my back. I'm just soooo terrified of lossing my baby. I'm caling my Dr. first thing in the morning. I just don't know what to do till then.


Erin - July 19

I had some bleeding at 19weeks, but it was after s_x. If that's the case with you, it seems like it's pretty normal. If not, I would get an u/s to check for placenta previa or possibly that the placenta may have separated from the wall of the uterus. Good luck!


katherine - July 20

I am also 15 weeks and started spotting about a week ago, at first it was red then it turned into a brownish color.My doctor also suggested placenta previa but until I have it checked all the doctor recommends is to stay of your feet. Good luck!


Jessie V - July 20

I went to the Dr. and it was a ph problem. It would stop if I got up and walked around. So she ruled out bed rest. I took some anti bio for a week and it stopped. I'm now 19 weeks and found out we are having a boy.


Rhonda - July 26

I had light pink spotting on and off up until around 20 weeks. It seemed to occur usually first thing in the morning, and if I had a bowel movement. I was seen by several different Drs. at the clinic where I go and never got a definite answer. Finally, I got to see a new Dr. who gave me Flagyll for bacterial vaginosis and by the next day there was no more spotting. I am currently 28 weeks, and just had a 4d ultrasound which showed a baby boy who is perfectly healthy.



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