Spotting At 7 Weeks

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bean - October 12

after having ectopic pregnancy in march 05, im now just over 7 wks pregnant but have had slight brown discharge and a couple of pinky red spots too when i wiped myself after going toilet, had early scan a wk last monday and was told its not ectopic, could see a sack and what they said was a yolk, got to have follow up scan this sat, been docs who said to try and take it easy, just really worried incase im misscarrying.


Kathy - October 12

This is my first pregnancy; we went for an u/s yesterday and the doc told us that I am 7 weeks and 1 day along and no h/b. This worries me because I think the doc might be off on the dates. Has this happened to anyone? He said that u/s is usually very accurate but my husband and I did the math with the dates and the doc seems to be off by a week or 2. I was on the pill for years and went off if just a month before we got married(in sept 05). We are going back on Friday for another u/s and if no h/b, the doc wants to do a DNC. What if they are off on the dates and we are not as far along as they think? I cannot even imagine the thought of the doc being off and going in to do a DNC when it may not be necessary? Is it OK to "wait it out a bit" and see what another u/s might say in a day or two? When I went to the doc yesterday and they told me all of this, they said that there was no need to take my blood to check the levels. Are they doing this becuase they a__sume its not viable? I cannot focus on anything else. I still have all of the symptoms; light cramps, tender b___sts, etc. I started to spot last week and they put me on progesterone supps; I am still taking them. Any help or thoughts?


cc - October 14

Hi Bean, I started bleeding at 6 weeks (I'm 21 weeks now) so I know how you feel. I switched to a high risk specialist. Did your doc check your progesterone level? If your level is low it can cause bleeding and miscarriage. Also sometimes the doc can pinpoint a reason for the spotting. Did they check your cervix? Did they check for bacterial infection? Bleeding could be from inside outside or both. You didn"t mention if they saw a heartbeat. Alot of women bleed during pregnancy. My doc also said to stay in bed until you have had no bleeding for 24 hrs. I wish you the best let me know how your next visit goes. Don't be afraid to ask for tests and if you don't think your doc is doing everything he should see someone else. Good luck!!!


cc - October 14

Hi Kathy, Did you go to your Dr. today or is your apt. next week? I had 2 miscarriages and never had a DNC. Not everyone needs one. Didn't your Dr. check your progesterone level before putting you on supps? When I was bleeding at 6 weeks my Dr. said that if everything looks good on the ultrasound then they don't see a need to check blood. But if your spotting I would think they would need to know your progesterone level. If you are having a miscarriage it can take weeks. You only need a DNC if all the tissue does not come out on it's own. I think you can see a heartbeat as early as 5weeks. But don't give up the heart is so tiny at this stage. I know this advice is too late at this point but I had a dr. tell me that you should wait at least 3 cycles after going off the pill before trying to get pregnant. I was on the pill for years too and went off and got pregnant the next month and had a miscarriage right a way. Do you have any morning sickness? I think it's a good sign if you still have symtoms. Stay in bed! How many supps are you taking a day? Try 3, 1 every 8 hrs. Best of luck.



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