Spotting Bleeding And Cramps

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dess - December 14

i'm about 7 weeks pregnant and currently experiencing cramping for about 12 hrs (last saturday) spotting on/off and bleeding about once every other day with (i think, passing of tissues). HgL level was diagnosed as normal last friday. is anyone else going thru this? what can cause this? my appointment is not until next monday. what's the end result? thanks.


Kristen - December 14

there is a chance that you are exparencing a miscarrige you should go the the hospital to have yourself checked out to make sure that everything is alright. i just went throw one. go asap Best of Luck to You.


dess - December 15

Kristen, thank you for your reply. i took the pregnancy test this morning and it indicated that i was still pregnant. i'm still confused about the whole thing. i'll call t the doctors today and try to get an appointment. so sorry to hear about your loss.


franj - December 16

i found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant and was worried as i had had cramping and light brown spotting. went to hospital and they conducted ultrasound which showed i have a twin pregnancy. they said bleeding was from implantation and cramping is from my body stretching. if the blood is red go to hospital and if pain gets worse. good luck


Erica - December 17

I am going throught this right now. I am 5 weeks and went to the doctor today for blood work. They will let me know this afternoon what my HgL level is. I have been having light cramps and brown spotting, old blood. This is my first pregnancy and I am very nervous.


smac - January 2

I went through a miscarriage in Sept (about 7 weeks). I had light spotting and cramps. I went to the hospital and my HcG level was very low. I recently took a pregnancy was positive (my period isn't due until Jan 4). But now I'm experiencing cramps and brown blood spotting. Is it common to have two miscarriages in a row? Please adivse.


KP - January 7

I'm sure you know by now what the outcome of your question was and I would love to hear it because I am going through the same thing. I also am 7 weeks. I have been cramping since day one but spotting just since yesterday. I had a mc last June and am terrified it is happening agian.


Bonnie - January 9

I am having the same symptoms, cramping and spotting - and am 6 weeks pregnant. I went to the doctor yesterday - and had a ultrasound and blood work - my previously wonderful HCG level dropped - and there was no sign of an embryo - they referred to this as a blighted ovum. My pregnancy level is still very high - but this is going to miscarry. It is very upsetting.


Jenni - January 17

I am 2 months late and 4 htp's are negative. Today i've been cramping and also I saw some tissue. Could that have been a sign of a lost pregnancy or very low hcg levels? I'm so sorry to everyone who had a m/c :(


Cheryl - January 20

I need advice. I am, currently weaning daughter from b___stfeeding and haven't had period back yet just mild cramping every now and then today i started spotting but its ver light and not bright red could i be pregnant. last time i had s_x unprotected it was dec 21st and 24th


Christina - July 27

I'm having the same symptoms as well. I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Last March 29 I had a spontaneous miscarriage I was 10 weeks back then. Experienced the same symptoms and the doctor will always say it's ok, it's normal. I do understand it's probably normal but since I had a history of maiscarrage, I'm so concerned right now.


nicole - July 29

i Nurse my daughter also and had not had a period in a year. over the week end i had heavy cramping and light bleeding. went to doctor. says i was pregnant but might be miscarring. took blood test. Ending up being 5 weeks. took another blood test 3 days later hgl levels dropped. I never notices any tissue just brown old blood. Doctor says its probley a miscarriage.


Shelagh - July 29

Thats not sounding good I'm sorry to say. If you are pa__sing tissue this is a pretty sure sign of miscarriage, but I am no subst_tue for a doctors care. I would try to get your appointment bumped, it will ease your mind if nothings wrong, and stressing is never good for your baby.



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