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belindabea - November 16

8 weeks pregnant, spotting once a week since finding out. First pink in colour then red, but amount very small. Very slight backache. No abdominal pain.Have been told it could be normal or sign of miscarriage, has anyone out there had similar problems?


eyebeeablessing2u - November 17

I found this reply on and thought it should be posted here... Ultrasound: When can it detect baby's heartbeat? I had an ultrasound at six weeks but it couldn't detect a fetal heartbeat. My doctor said you should be able to detect the heartbeat by six weeks. I've read it "could," not should, be detected by six weeks. Should I be concerned? Peg Plumbo Peg Plumbo has been a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) since 1976 and has a__sisted at over 1,000 births. I sympathize with all of the uncertainty you must be feeling. While I cannot give you absolutes, I can offer general findings on ultrasound and detection of fetal well-being early in gestation. A normal intrauterine pregnancy may be demonstrated by abdominal "pulse echo sonograpy" after only four to five weeks since the last menstrual period (LMP) -- about the same time that most urine tests turn positive. After six weeks, the small white gestational ring is so characteristic that failure to identify it raises doubts about the pregnancy. By careful scanning, distinct echoes from the embryonic poles can be demonstrated within the gestational ring by seven weeks after the last period. Fetal heart must be observed by the eighth week, or the pregnancy is in serious doubt. If the gestational sac appears to be absent, undefined, is unusually small or there are no echoes from the fetus at eight weeks LMP, then it is most likely a blighted ovum (a product of conception that never made it). Vaginal ultrasound is better at detecting very early pregnancy, so if the next one is questionable, I would seek that option. A small probe is placed in the v____a and the ultrasound is done in this manner. Nothing goes through the cervix, however. Take heart, it is too early to worry, but ask about the gestational sac next time as well. I hope all goes well for you.


belindabea - November 17

Thank you very much, My daughter had her ultrasound scan today and although the heart beat wasnt actually heard, there was a flickering on the scan and she was a__sured all was well.She was told her fetus was seven weeks and not eight as she thought. Thank you for your reply, Kind regards, Belinda


rosa leon - December 3

14 weeks pregnant and bleeding quite a bit. Dr. keeps saying its ok but im still a little worried. I dont feel satisfied. Im thinking of changeing Drs


L - December 3

I am spotting and have been for a week and no one seems real concerned. I have had a few very tiny clots but otherwise have felt goo. no major bleeding. I have an ultrasound monday. 1sst one showed sac and no baby.


CV - December 12

I am also eight weeks pregnant. Had brownish discharge since my period was expected. Dr. said at first to take Monistat 7 because of sign of yeast infection. Now he says I have a polyp on my cervix. He has diagnosed me with cervicitis. Had slight backache for a few days only, This is my first pregnancy. I don't know if this is normal either. Also scared and confused. If anyone has any input, that would be helpful to ease a worried mind.


sas - December 13

Well, it's nice to know I'm not the only one out there! I had one episode of slight bleeding and now I have been spotting ever since (brown in color, only when I wipe after urinating). This is day four of spotting for me. I am seven weeks pregnant, first pregnancy and I am a nervous wreck. I notified my doctor, had an ultrasound which revealed a sac and a heartbeat (whew!). I also had some bloodwork done. My doctor suggested "taking it easy" and to not return to work until I was "spot" free for 24 hours. The doc had no real reason for spotting other than it "can" happen in the first trimester and as long as it 's NOT accompanied with cramping or pain it may be okay. Although I was rea__sured I had a promising ultrasound, it's still scary. All I can suggest is keep up your communication with your doc and talk to friends and family who have been pregnant before!!


Kim - December 15

This is so rea__suring to read that others are going through the same thing as me. I have had very light brownish spotting only when I wipe after urinating too. I also have a dull ache in my lower back. I am 6 weeks pregnant, but have had 2 miscarriages this year. My doctor put me on prometrium (progesterone) to ease my mind but I can't help but worry at every little thing! The books I have read only talk about brownish discharge with problems so it is nice to hear that other people without problems are experiencing this as well.


Niki Powers - December 15

5 Weeks in and just had a case of spotting very similar to the implantation bleed I had a few weeks earlier. Started with the back pain at the same time as this second spotting. Have rung the midwife but no-one is in and I cannot book a doctors' appointment! I did do some research on the net as I wanted to make sure everything is ok. It is very common to have spotting during pregnancy. My experience of miscarriage ( My close friend had one ) was proper bleeding (like a real period) a week before she began to miscarry. There is a lot of difference in the amount of blood and pain from a miscarriage. You are probably like me and most mums-to-be; I am level-headed but feel like a starteld deer when things like this happen! Hope this us of some comfort - not much use though, I'm afraid.


Christine - December 15

Nikki..if you get too overwhelmed...go to the er...they can check to make sure everything is ok...if I were you I would have a talk with my doc...or chance should be able to get in within 24 hrs if something like this occurs during pregnancy...good luck


ejperk - December 15

I am 5 weeks and just noticed brown discharge. This is my first pregnancy and it is nice to hear that this happens to others and may not be a sign of a miscarrage. I pray that this baby will be healthy and that all of your baby's will be okay as well.


Kristen - December 15

what i have read on other forms is that if it is brown it means that it is old blood. aslong as its not bright red and you don't have tissue like clots coming out then you should be fine. a miscarrige is no fun(just had one). so don't stress yourself out and keep yourself healthy. Good Luck


Shauna - December 17

I am five weeks in to my pregnancy. I have two healthy children, and I had a miscarriage this past June. I have been spotting for a couple of days now, but I don't think it could be from implantation. That would have occurred about 22 days ago. The spotting has been mostly brownish in color, indicating older blood, but I still worry. When I sat today to go potty, it actually dripped from me and I feel like that is more than what it should be doing. I am keeping my chin up and hoping for the best. I have an appointment on Dec. 31st for an ultrasound and we will know for sure then, that everything is ok. With my second child, I experienced the same thing about the fifth week, but I believe that was caused from intercourse. I hope that everything is going well for all of you ladies out there, and it is nice to be able to get these feelings of fear out to people who can really understand the feelings of uncertainty. Thank you all. Shauna


kate - December 18

iam nearly 10weeks pregnant and ound out ive been experiencing brown discharge sometimes bright red, most times after i wipe myself, however for the past few days the discharge has turned greeny brown, can anyone give me some advice please


claire - December 19

i recently lost my baby on the 1st of nov this year i had a spot few wks earlier they told me it was implantation bleed it wasnt it was the start of a miscarrige. go 2 a doctor straight away


Sara - January 9

I am twelve weeks pregnant tomorrow. Since my first ultrasound (which detected a heartbeat) at eight weeks, I was spotting brown discharge in small amounts constantly for three weeks. The doctor told me to take it easy, but also that it was very common, and that the ultrasound did not show any problems. The spotting stopped five days ago, and although I am nervous it will return, I am also very encouraged since my doctor told me that most times, the spotting subsides at around twelve weeks. Just wanted to give hope to any of you going through a similar thing. When I was spotting, I was CONVINCED it would never end. I really do believe, though, that it is so important to take it easy, because I spotted so much more when I was active.


kelly - January 10

I am 4 days late. It is normal to have brown spotting before period?



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