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kelly - January 10

I am 4 days late. It is normal to have brown spotting before period?


CV - January 11

I was also spotting from first day of missed period up to 9 weeks! Now it has stopped and everything is good. Not only was I spotting, I would bleed bright red after intercourse. Now, Baby is healthy. Don't worry. It's a normal process.


Rachel - January 14

Not sure , but I had some red blood at 6.5. weeks and then brown spotting for the next few days. I rang the hospoital and they sent me for a blood test which showed that my hormones were tracking in the right direction (phew). Expecting twins and saw 2 heartbeats on the scan, so just keeping fingers crossed. Maybe you could get a blood test for rea__surance?


CSD - January 14

Unfortunately, I had the same symptoms with my 2nd pregnancy, and my doctors convinced me that it was ok. I saw the heartbeat at 8 weeks. When I went back for my 11-12 week check-up, the heart had stopped, and I miscarried. I don't want to scare you, but, ask for a v____al ultrasound and a blood test to test HCG levels to be sure.


Hope - January 14

I had a miscarriage in October my baby did not have a heartbeat I was 6 weeks. I experienced a dark yellow discharge for about 2 days then I started bleeding red blood but it was a like a lite period then I just stopped bleeding so had to go to get minor surgery called D&C to remove the baby from my cervix. But I am pregnant again and 9 weeks gestational and I have had a slight lite brown discharge off and on for about a week. I went to the doctor they did 2 v____al ultrasounds on seperate days and both times the baby had a heart beat and had growed about .7mm so light bleeding whether lite brown or red dosen`t indicate a miscarriage during the first trimester. My cousins wife has had about 8 miscarriages in the course of 13 years but she says when your about to miscarry you start having mild cramps in your abdomen and have a dark yellow discharge for a day or two before. Alot of women bleed during the first trimester my grandmother, my best friend ,and my aunt bleed during their first trimester and everything turned out fine. So if you go to the doctor and get a v____al ultrasound and they look at your cervix and it is closed and no signs of bleeding from the cervix and the baby has a heart beat then your chances of miscarriage are very little. You should take it easy and stay off you feet because standing can cause your muscles to tighten and cause you to have lower back pain and cramping. I had to call the doctor on the lower back pain and cramping from standing deal. good luck to everyone!


Sarah - January 15

im eight weeks pregnant and have been spotting since 6 weeks at first it was bright red now it is mostly when i wipe, usually pink sometimes brown. i had a v____al ultrasound and it showed a heartbeat, but i am still so nervous. my doc claims this can be normal in some pregnancies. Have your doc check to see if your cervix is opening this is important. good luck and god bless


Beth - January 17

Hi Sarah, I just went to the urgent care yesterday because for three days I had been spotting brown discharge, only when I wiped. He did a visual pelvic examine and said that yes there was some old blood in there but it could have been from implantation bleeding, although I am 6 wks pg. He did say though that my cervix was completely shut with no signs of any opening. . .this is a good sign correct?


Due092605 - January 31

I am 6 weeks pregnant and I am glad there are others like me too! I was just prescribed the progestrone prescription and my doctor said it was cause I was spotting the first week I was suppose to get my period and that my levels were low. She said it is just a precaution so that way, the progestrone (which is what we need to keep our uterine wall thick) will level to normal. If it doesn't it could be a possible miscarriage. So it is good that they have this drug for us. I have been on and off spotting after urinating and it turns immediately brown but only when I wipe also. No need for a pad or anything. I am pa__sed a couple of vary tiny clots but so small they were nothing to even mention. (Meaning they were that small). No c___pping.


Leno - February 1

I am at eight weeks and I am in a real panic because I have been spotting now for about 4 days and it is bright red and constant. It isn't enough to go through a pad and it doesn't leak out or anything, but when I go to the bathroom, it is always there. Went to the doctor and did an ultrasound yesterday and while the heartbeat couldn't be heard, there is fetal activity. Still, I can't sleep anymore and am just so annoyed. Plus I've got a stomachache and a backache and am petrified these are signs I am going to miscarry. The one thing the doctor said that was that often the blood seems like more than it really is because it is diluted with clear or whitish v____al discharge which takes on a reddy colour and makes you think there is a ton of blood. Nevertheless, I am totally relaxing and catching up on tons of reruns. Good luck to all.


CV - February 2

As prevously mentioned, I too had spotting in the beginning of my pregnancy, since the start of my first missed period. I would even blood semi-heavily after intercourse, with a few small clots. I am happy to report that I am now 15 weeks pregnant and everything is fine. Spotting stopped around 10 weeks. I am over the hump of the first trimester. Don't worry, ladies. It is a normal process that our bodies go through. Every pregnancy is different. If it is bright red, getting heavy, along with some cramping, please go to the emergency room. Otherwise, spotting is not something you should worry about. The extra stress is not good for the baby during this important time of development. Relax and enjoy. :)


Missy - February 2

I know it is extremely scary when you are pregnant and bleeding. I had many Dr.'s tell me that I was miscarrying, but my son is now 15 months old and healthy. I am 12 weeks pregnant and currently bleeding again. It varies from brick red to brown with some small clots, but I have one healthy miracle and I know this one will be too! So be positive, have faith and I'll have you all in my prayers.


kelly - February 2

I am 7 weeks pregnant. I have not had any cramping really but notice some brownish discharge this afternoon after wiping. I have been told that it is pretty normal for early pregnancy. Just to get plenty of rest.


bekky uk - February 3

It's so rea__suring to see others in the same boat. I have had lots of light brown spotting. Have had two internal us scans and it's been worse a few days after them. All my friends with kids experienced some sort of bleeding. the stats say one in 4 women bleed, but I think it must be way more than that. good luck x


Breezy - February 3

I'm presently 11 weeks pregnant and I am spotting since week 7. It happens after urinating mainly and it just about a few brown drops. No pain. Doc said I shouldn't worry and since they could monitor baby's heartbeat I have 95% chance of staying pregnant. I noticed that when I do not move the bleeding stops completely, while if I walk or stand for a couple of hours the spotting starts again.


Elizabeth - February 4

Hello- I am 7.5 wks and I saw the heartbeat about a wek and a half ago- since then brown/pink watery blood-this all occurs when I wipe/after intercourse- my doc (who has been in practice for almost 40 years) said I have an abnormally shaped v____al area due to endometriosis and that all is well- everything was closed tight and that if I fill a pad an hr then I should worry otherwise I will see the baby in Sept- GL everyone


Melinda - February 4

I am 6 weeks pregnant and having the same exact thing. Pink in color then red, very small amounts and also have a backache. The doctor just continues to give me an ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok. Last visit he stated everything looked good.



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