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sydneysmom - March 28

This is my second pregnancy ( 6/7wks) and I began spotting yesterday. In reading the long thread, I wanted to put in my two cents. I had 3 days of spotting during my first pregnancy which began after attending a rock concert the night before ( outside in AZ- no too smart!) and didn't drink enough water. That time my ob suggested a couple days of rest and plenty of fluids. While speaking to my ob today regarding my current spotting one of his questions was how much water had I drinken in the last 48 hours-- make sure you are drinking plenty of water ( don't count juice , tea, soda etc)...


Elaine - March 29

Here's another update. I'm now 18 weeks and 1 day. I stopped spotting and bleeding just before 16 weeks. I had heavy bleeding, clots, brown, red spotting. It started at 5.5 weeks and only stopped 10 weeks later. It was very scary. I thought I was miscarrying many many times but the baby is healthy. I just got the results for all the genetic testing and the baby is in great health... so far so good. I've had 4 ultrasounds and saw the baby, kicking and moving all over the place. Bleeding is not always an indication of trouble. To this day, the doctor does not know where the blood was coming from. My cervix was closed the entire time so the blood was not coming from the baby or the placenta. It will remain a mystery. So hold on to hope, don't think the worst until you see the doctor. Good luck to you all.


lydia - March 29

I am 7 weeks pregnant and have been spotting light brown. I went to doctor and had a sonogram done. Athough I didn't hear my bab's heartbeat, I did see the flickering of he heart. I'm still a bit worried


lid - March 29

I am 7-8 weeks pregnant and for the past few days, I've been spotting a brownish color. I went into th ER and had a sonogram done. I was able to see my baby's heartbeat flickering. I still see it but only when i wipe after urinating. I hae very minor cramps, but still a bit worried since this is my first pregnancy


MystinaAlise - March 29

to lid: i went through the same thing and im now just past ten weeks... they say it is normal to have some cramps (your body stretching) and some bleeding... make sure that your drinking enough water and getting enough rest... and make sure you follow up with your dr


jritter - April 22

Hi. I am new to all this, as this is my first pregnancy. I found out through blood work I am pregnant. It is still very early, approximately three weeks. Today I began to have a pink discharge that made way to bleeding bright red. At times it will come not heavy, but not spotting. I am very concerned this might be an early abortion. My back aches and my stomach cramps. It is very similar to how I feel on my period, but different as it hit me all at once. Has anyone ever experienced this? Please respond, I'm very scared as my husband and I have been trying for this for three years. Thanks for any response!



I spotted early on in my pregnancy and was told everything was fine. I had 2 u/s's and 2 blood tests. I had an exam the day I started respotting and my doc said my cervix was closed shut. Well, I spotted brown for another whole week....which would have been when I would have started my period if I weren't pregnant. Then I started with bright red and dark red Saturday after s_xual intercourse. It has not let up in color and it is now Monday morning. Everytime I wipe it is there. I have yet to wear a pad for it. I am just really worried because I have never had any problems like this before. I had two prior pregnancies both resulting in my sweet baby boys delivered via c-section. I had a period for a month with my 2 year old and then spotted for 3 days with my 7 month old. VERY EARLY in the pregnancy, like 6 or 7 weeks along. NOW this is completely different. I don't have any mestrual cramps. I do though have had diahrea cramps pretty bad. I do have IBS so I am thinking that is what that is. I am going to the ER when my hubby gets home from work because I just have a feeling. Has anyone bleed red for more than 3 days and been ok? I am praying for all of you! May Jesus hold your precious ones in His he does already!


babyhopes2 - April 24

hello.. so here is my story. i am about 8 weeks now. i went to the dr on friday for an u/s and saw the heartbeating away. all looked good according to the dr. i have been spotting on and off for about 1week now. only when i wipe and anything from red to brown. no cramps or anything, just making me nervous. i dont go back to the dr til next tuesday. i have a 3 yr old son and didnt have this with him at all. i am taking progesterone twice a day because of prior miscarriages before my son. the dr. said that the meds can cause spotting. anyway, i know that i keep reading that this can be normal, but it doesnt help me from worrying. it is nice to find places like these where i can chat with other people in the same place. my fingers are crossed for all of us and ++++ thoughts only for us all!


katebaby - May 8

I want to write in because sites like this helped me so much. I started spotting at 6 weeks, after having had a miscarriage 9 months earlier. I read about progesterone on this site and contacted my doctor. She put me on the progesterone pill. 24 hours later I was still spotting and it had gotten worse, and I was sure I was having a miscarriage. I returned to the doctor and asked for the suppository. I used it that night and the next morning the spotting had stopped. We had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and saw a strong heartbeat. I stayed on the progesterone until about 12 weeks. I'm now 31 weeks along. The doctor's office didn't bring up progesterone with me, I had to ask for it. And it was through websites like this that I even knew that the suppositories (prochieve) could be more effective. I don't know for certain whether the progesterone helped, but it may have made all the difference. There are things that your doctors can at least try to help your body keep the baby. Wishing you all the best.


Uvi - May 26

My husband and I were s_xually active when I started bleeding. I first started to spot a light pink color. My doctor said to take it easy and no more s_x. We stop having s_x and the light spotting started looking red. I was rush to the hospital and my baby’s heartbeat was looking good. Two days latter I started bleeding more as if my period had come. Three days later I lost my baby at 9 weeks.


Leesha - May 26

i wrote in here when i was 4-5 weeks pregnant. i had bleeding on and off for the first 2.5 months of my pregnancy. at 10 weeks the bleeding became quite heavy and my family took me into the emergeny room just to make sure everything was ok. i had a b-hcg test and then another 2 days later which confirmed everything was fine. they refused me an ultrasound though, because there wasnt enough bleeding. it was stressful at the time but the strange thing is since that time at the hospital i havent had any more bleeding. it was as if my uterus expelled all the left over blood and the subchorionic bleed healed over. ive since done alot of research, asked alot of questions etc.. and found that almost 30% of women (who go on to carry HEALTHY babies) experience bleeding in the first 2-3 months. the problem is there simply isnt enough information available. women know to expect morning sickness, and tender b___sts.. but not spotting which, at 30%, is a fairly common symptom of pregnancy. several nurses have told me that you have no cause to worry unless you're filling more than 2 sanitary pads in an hour with bright blood (red or black-ish). it is normal for a pregnant woman to experience cramping, akin to mild period pain. provided this is not accompanied by bleeding there is rarely a cause for concern. i know how hard it is not to panic, but you all know that this is the worst thing you can do - for yourself and your unborn child. it is scary to read these forums and see just how many miscarriages there are happening everyday.. the way i see it is this: what will be will be, and what wont be will not. your body miscarries because the baby isnt healthy, not because you had s_x, had an argument, jogged across the road, had a gla__s of wine etc. as long as you're keeping yourself fit and healthy you're doing ALL THAT YOU CAN in helping your little one grow. as for a quick update.. im 15w4d. ive had 2 ultrasounds which have shown a very active little fetus, and also had 3 check ups with just the doppler.. in which we heard a strong and healthy heartbeat. we have another ultrasound in 24 days, so i hope that all is well and going as it should be. good luck to you all :) and just remember that one day you will have the little baby/babies that you dream of and all this stress and frustration will be forgotten.


lucy206 - May 30

I found out I was pregnant last thursday - I was shocked since I had just had my period (lighter then normal). But the blood work came back and they said I was. They put me on Progestrogene because that was low. So last night I woke up with a little bit of cramping - and light spotting - brownish. It has continued from last night (1am - till now 145pm). I plan to go to the doctor tomorrow for blood work and ultrasound. I am very worried. This is my first time being pregnant. I have stopped drinking - and since I found out have been drinking a lot of water. Any insight would be great. Thanks.


michelle - June 16

Hi all I just wanted to share some of my experience I am currently six weeks and six days pregnant. I had cramping in the right side and went to er as i have had two previous etopics had u/s done showed heartbeat and proper size, a week after i had intercourse with husband had bright red right after which turned to dark brown almost black next day some cramping in middle of stomach, thought I was miscarring I have had seven previous misscarriages. went to er again and had another u/s everything looked good cervix is closed and baby and sac are in a good high position in uterous I am still having light brown spotting when I wipe after going potty, have been told to take it easy. I am really scared cause of my history and I really want to continue with this pregnancy I just want to say that reading all the postings here has really helped to put me a bit more at ease thank you all I hope everything is going well with all of you and I will keep you updated!


prissygoddess17 - July 6

i just found out i'm pregnant. i'm scared because i had some light bleeding but lately it has been getting worse. i've also had pains in my stomache that feel like i'm about to start my period but the pain never goes away. i havent been to the doctor yet. i'm to scared to go because i am young. i'm only 17. i need to know if this is ok. i will be going to the doctor but not for another week. i need to know if i need to go now rather than wait.


littlenurse73 - July 11

Prissygoddess17 you need to see your doctor. Light bleeding or spotting is normal and even could have been implantation bleeding for you if you are very early. But the fact that it has gotten heavier does not sound good. Go get checked out. Whether you have miscarried or not, you should be monitored because of the bleeding.


Kirby20dpps - July 13

Hi Lydia, Im am 6 weeks pregnant today and this morning when I went to the toilet I was spoting brownish red. I am very worried as this is my first pregnancy and am going to the obgyn tonight for my second scan. Im hopeing everything is ok. It was good to know what other expectant mothers have been through and achieved a successful pregnancy/birth.



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