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michelle p - September 4

hi, im 6.3 weeks pregnant. i m/c in june at 5.3 weeks. i didn't have any cramping and it started off as a brown spotting that never eased up or stopped and then i started getting clots and then from brown to red. and there i was having a "period". i have a 12 month old daughter and never had spotting with her. well at 5.6 weeks (this pregnancy) i started spotting (lighter then last time, only a few drops and that was it) and rushed to the ER. they got me in quick and said my hcg level was somewhere around 34,000 which is great. they did an u/s and saw the sac/baby but no h/b they said thats normal since i was only measuring 5.3 weeks. well the spotting came back yesterday but very minimal, and a watery brown. just some dull aches nothing really crampy but its REALLY scary. they have an u/s scheduled for me on the 14th and i CAN'T WAIT for it!! i need to see a h/b before i lose it!! i just want to know i can go buy a crib and not have to return it, you know? its just so horrible that there isn't much more you can do except play the waiting game.


michelle p - September 4

babysy you should tell them if you are really concerned and they should always try to get you in within 24 hours, but you could also always go to the ER even if its just for a piece of mind. im happy i went when my dr was off for the day because it made me feel a lot better that my levels were good and they saw the baby on the u/s. its worth it to me!


fezzer1964 - September 4

I am 6 weeks gone and started spotting at the weekend - so far brown. Could someone advise if I were to do another test tomorrow and it was positive would that indicate baby was ok?


maureenb29 - September 6

Tara B thanks for asking! So far so good I guess. My dr wanted me to wait until the 8th to come in (friday this week). So I don't know for sure. I am a little over 10 weeks now. I still have some spotting every couple of days but nothing serious right now. How are you doing?? It is just so scary they tell you to worry if these things happen then when you go in, they are like oh, sometimes it just happens. I understand that I guess, but I just would like to know why & where it is coming from. My dr showed me on ultrasound where it is (just above the baby) but a__sured me everything is fine & no infection. He still doesn't know why some women bleed. In the mean time I have been on one antibiotic (Macrobid for uti, Keflex just in case, and now Clindomician just in case) after another "just in case" and it is just making me sick a lot! I appreciate taking no risk, but I just wish there was an explanation. It would help me out to know what is really going on! I am on full bed rest (so boring & hard! Especially with a school aged child!), no s_x, no bath, & no douching. I can take a shower but that is about it.


Tara B - September 6

Oy, its hard playing the waiting game. I actually went in yesterday because I need some rea__surance. My doctor told me everything looks normal, but to always keep in mind anything can happen. If it does happen mother nature knows what she is doing and there is nothing you or the doctor can do about it <--- thats hard for me to write. If everything is good they will probably tell u to ignore the blood for now. I was also told some ladies spot up to 22 weeks and sometimes everytime after they go to the bathroom.


JJ - September 7

hello, ladies, I hope you dont mind me putting my story to you. Well we've been ttc since last august, mc 3times now on 4th pregnancy at 17dpo. Pos hpt on sunday, yay! but last nite all of a sudden very dark brown discharge(no pain tho). saw my gp today and had hcg level blood test, another schedueled for monday and another a week later. My discharge is almost back to white today tho!! I had resigned myself for the worst last nite but a little hopeful today. Also I would like to add, my sister who is 25wks pregnant has bled every month sofar(proper red blood) she has a scan everytime this happens and everytime they say the blood is on the outside of the placenta. So dont be disheartened if you do bleed, or expect the worse straight away, some people will bleed during their pregnancy. I'm taking each day as it comes and feeling blessed as each day pa__ses. ****babydust**** to all of us


goldfish - September 7

I Have been having spotting on and off there is nothing much anybody can do abt it.Iam hoping for he best


michelle p - September 7

well i found out that i have some sort of blood disorder when im pregnant that my body tries to clot too easy.. so my dr is sending me to a specialist out of town on the 13th. hes going to decide if he thinks its bad enough to where i need a baby asprin.. if he does think its bad enough and gives me the asprin but i really didn't need it, my blood could thin too much and i could lose the baby. if he doesn't give it to me and turns out i really needed it... blood clots could get to the baby and i could lose it. pretty c___ppy situation.. still having some mild brownish spotting. no pains. still getting sick, still have waaay sore b___bs. everything seems "normal" i guess. im 7weeks today, pretty exciting. im just so nervous.. and then on the 14th i have an apt to get an u/s to find the babies heartbeat because they couldn't find it when i was 5.6 weeks.


Tara B - September 9

michelle p I am sorry about your disorder. I hope everything will be fine. please give us an update on your situation. Thanks


Tara B - September 9

9 weeks today and still spotting/staining. It actually stopped on the 6th and 7th but then started again on the 8th. No pain though and still brown in color.


taras - October 31

hi there yes im 6 weeks pregnant and also experienceing slight reddish discharge, with back pain,sure nothing to worry about,let me know how you get on, good luck.


Jannette - November 5

this is my first time being pregnant and I am about 6weeks along on Wednesday I went to dr for brown spotting, she did an ultrasound found the baby's heartbeat and said everything looks good cervix was tighty closed. The next day the spotting went to brownish/red, not enough to fill a pad in an hour. But it is there everytime I wipe. I have no cramping but am still very worried. I paged her over the weekend and she said to come in Monday if it does not stop. Seems to be lighter in the morning than the afternoon, almost as if I am having a light period.


matez - November 5

Hi jannette, I’m 12 weeks pregnant right now, and I’m just like you at the beginning, 2 days of bright red, and after that change to light pink to brown stain for about a week and it just stop on the 2nd week. It really worries me like hell in the beginning…I know what your feeling right now, a brown stain is a good sign, just try to relax, stop worrying(I know it’s hard…)bed rest, don’t carry heavy things….it will be fine…take care…


Tara B - November 5

Hi everyone I just wanted to let anyone know who is spotting and stressed out about it there is high hope and possibility that you will have a successful pregnancy. I am now 17.3 weeks pregnant and stopped spotting exactly at 12 weeks pregnant. I go in on 11/27/2006 to find out the s_x. Good Luck to everyone and I will update when I can.


Jill - June 28

OK, so I posted in October 2005 about my pa__sing clots at 8 weeks and just wanted to update. My son is now 1 year old and as healthy as can be. I am pregnant with my second (8 weeks once again) and clotting again. I'm not nearly as freaked out as I was last time because I know that he was fine in the end! Goodluck to you all!


AnxiouslyWaiting - August 30

I have been spotting for a week now and I'm 3 weeks pregnant. How I got 3 + home pregnancy tests so early is beyond me. They're checking my HCG levels to see if it's implanting or if it's an impending miscarriage.



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