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Melinda - February 4

I am 6 weeks pregnant and having the same exact thing. Pink in color then red, very small amounts and also have a backache. The doctor just continues to give me an ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok. Last visit he stated everything looked good.


erma - February 5



nicola - February 5

Yes early on noticed brown discharge quite thick in underware no pains as such just dull aches.


Terry - March 1

For all the ladies out there. I was pregnant for three months before I knew it, because I continued to have a period. It was lighter than normal, but certainly a period. I continued this throughout my entire pregnancy and now have a health 6 year old who couldn't have come out a bit healthier than he did. Today, I am pregnant with my second child, spotting all the time. I went for an US yesturday to see a gestational sac but no embryo. The sonographer explained that it could just be too early. Since I am obese, my ovulation date is suspected to be completely off. I am having hope, until I hear otherwise. I should repeat a US in three weeks. Its Gods will, and nothing I can do with change it. Good luck to you all, hope for healthy happy pregnancies!


A.S. - March 1

Praise God for this website! I am having bleeding at almost five weeks. I am going every two days to check on the Hcg levels. I am believing God for my promised blessing and pray for peace in all of the women who wrote on this page. Believe for your miracles!


Merigirl - April 11

I have come to this page to get some rea__surance and I have certianly got that. I am 11 weeks pregnant with third child. I have never experienced a miscariage and hope never to. I started spotting at 8 weeks and it stopped. I was sent off for an ultrasound and saw our little miracle all ok last week. But on Sunday and this morning I have had brownish discharge not red at all. It is only in the mornings and stops. I am hoping and praying that all is ok and will be seeing my gyno on Friday. It was so rea__suring to hear and read that I am not on my own. I have never spotted with previous pregnancies so I am a little stressed. But just like A. S said on the 1 March I have a real faith in God and his ability to sustain life. I am just hoping all is ok. My husband and I were told we couldn't have any children so to be contemplating having a third is a miracle. Thanks all - and all the best to everyone


Ashley - May 19

Hello I am 5 weeks pregnant and last night my husband and I had intercourse. Afterwards I went to the bathroom and had bright pink blood on the toliet paper. This morning it was brown but only when I wiped. I have no cramps and I called my doc. She said that my cervics are probably soft still and intercourse probably made it bleed a little bit. If it keeps up she wants me to come in for farther test. But I feel like it will stop.


T - May 21

I'm only in my 9th week now, but I spotted during my entire 8th week of pregnancy. It was mostly brownish discharge, but it was also pinkish and reddish at times. It wasn't as heavy as a period (I didn't even need a pantyliner), but it was very apparent every time I wipped (after using the restroom). (NOTE: I had no pain, cramping or anything else out of the norm.) The third day of this spotting I was so convinced that I was miscarrying that I went to a Women's Urgent Health Center. They examined me and gave me an ultrasound. My uterus wasn't dialated and you could see the fluttering of the baby's heart on the ultrasound, so the doctor said that it was unlikely to be a miscarriage. I guess some women have light periods during their pregnancy (though I think this is probably pretty rare). After having talked to other women, I found that my mother had a couple of "periods" like this when she was pregnant with me, my neighbor had them until her 7th or 8th month as did my best friends mother. I would still, however, recommend seeing a professional to be sure that everything is okay. Hope this helps.


merigirl - May 22

Since my last posting in April I am very sorry to say that after all my symptoms I went on to miscarry. It has been a hard road to recovery but I am getting there. It seems that there is so much going on in our world that reminds me that life is a miracle and the lives that grow in our bodies are truly that. I already have two beautiful sons but still hope and pray that in another month my husband and I can start to try again for our much wanted child. My prayer is for you all that you would find calm among all the worry and a peace that only God can bring for your lives.


[email protected] - May 24

is brown spotting a lot during pregnancy okay?


JH - May 25

i just found a little blood this morning when i showered...not alot, and no cramping or back fact, i feel no changes....but nevertheless, i am very scared...should i go see a doctor right away or wait a couple of days?


tina - May 26

i have just started spotting at 15 weeks. no known reason for this. i'm really worried. anyone else have this happened to them at or around fifteen weeks. i've been told i have a threatened miscarriage.


bump - May 31



sey - May 31

Not serious but you may consult your doctor


Amanda - June 2

Ladies, I'm now 14 weeks pregnant with my second child and ended up in the E.R. on Memorial Day because I was bleeding. I only bled for a few minutes, but since that day I've continued to have a little brownish discharge after going to the bathroom. Don't worry, as long as you have a fetal heartbeat and high HCg levels, it's normal. I happened to over do the other day and set myself up for that episode, it's easy to over do when you want things done. Take it easy, enjoy your pregnancies. You really do need the rest and pampering.


pandora - June 3

I recently had this pink discharge then it turn slightly brownish when i wipe after urinating so i'm sort of scared but i have a week before my period is due. It only last about two days and now totally gone. What does this mean? I have no cramping or anything.



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