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pandora - June 3

I recently had this pink discharge then it turn slightly brownish when i wipe after urinating so i'm sort of scared but i have a week before my period is due. It only last about two days and now totally gone. What does this mean? I have no cramping or anything.


Brandi - June 3

I am five weeks and on bed rest. I have one previous miscarriage in my history. I had bright red blood and freaked out a couple of days ago. My doctor did an ultra sound and there is a sack and heart beat. He did however order a week of bed rest which has been interesting. Discharge is dark red to brown now- no pain no clots. Previous miscarriage was discovered at heart beat visit, baby was under developed with no heart beat at nine weeks, no pain or bleeding. My husband and I will just have to wait and see what happens


Jen - June 5

Just want to let you girls know that I am now 12 weeks pregnant. I miscarried one of my twins at 7 weeks. Ever since I became pregnant I have had brown spotting off and on. My us (had 2 of them) look great. Baby is perfect, heartbeat great. Some of my bleeding accounts for the lost twin, some of it is what they call implantation bleeding. Sometimes when implantation occurs there is a pocket of blood around the sac that may eventually bleed out. Definately see your doc if you have spotting but don't freak out...bleeding does not always mean miscarriage.


Jessica - June 9

I just went to the doctor today for a v____al ultrasound. I have had spotting for the last 3 days it's anywhere from light rusty red to brown the first day it was a little pink. Ultrasound put me more at 4 weeks. They day I may have concieved later. They said all they can do is take blood and compare it to the blood they draw in 48hrs. THe doctor said this can be normal in pregnancy and you need to rest and take it easy. i just hope the blood work doubles otherwise it wont look so good.


jojo - June 10

i'm 6 or 7 weeks pregnant and i've been bleeding for about a week. along with the bleeding i've experienced burning and itching. i went to the dr. and he examined me and my uterus was closed. i'm still bleeding and at times it's bright red. I used over-the counter yeast cream for the itching and it has gotten better but i'm still bleeding. could it be that maybe the cream was too strong. please if you have been through something similar please respond. thanks


Kim - June 10

Spotted around the time I should of had my last period for a few days, not a constint flow, and again this month about a week ago for a few days


Jo - June 11

This is my first pregnancy and i have been spotting the entire time. I am now 6 weeks and i go in for u/s on Tuesday to find out if there is a heartbeat. I am worried about my HCG levels as they were 3200 1 week ago and now they are only 7300! I know they are meant to double every few days so i hope that everything will be ok. Is anybody in the same boat as me? thanks


Sara - June 11

6 weeks pregnant and spotting on and off all these weeks. I tried having s_x once and I bled more though it was gone by the morning. I did an ultrasound but they said it was still too early to see heartbeat.I am to return in 2 weeks.I have some itching though and I've had a estrogen problem(too much) for the last 2 years wherein i spot continuously throughout the month. I never thought I could get pregnant again, bet I sensed it as soon as it happened. I'm a bit worried but I feel better when I am now able to see that there are others who have a similar problem. All the best you guys.


claire - June 13

i hope its normal, im 6 weeks pregnant an have had slight brown dicharge only when i wipe after a wee, went to the docs today and he said to sit it out and see what happens, never offered me a scan as they say its too early to see anythig anyway, i miscarried in april so i am counting on this being ok because i have no pain at all. hope you are all well and ok


Wendy - June 14

I just took an over the counter test and tested positive for pregnancy. This is my 2nd; however what I am experiencing right now, I want to say I experienced the first time 13 yrs ago but not sure. I'm going to say my last period was on May 29th but not a normal cycle. Now just a few days ago after intercourse with my husband I bled red then turned brown the following day after. I am sort of nervous because I keep hearing conflicting stories that I could be miscarrying this baby. This is my husbands 1st baby and not sure what I should do. I had not bled anymore since. Any suggestions? Already placed a call into the OBGYN


jakob'smommy - June 15

hi, i too have spotting with my pregnancy. i have a healthy 15 month old named jakob, who was a preemie born at 32 weeks and 4 days - i had toxemia. i spotted with him at 7 weeks. i miscarried in december (my second pregnancy) i am now 9 weeks pregnant and just spotted last night reddish brownish. i hope that it is what you girls are saying and that everything is ok. i don't have cramps or anything right now so i'm keeping my fingers crossed!!


Lola - June 20

I had a positive pg test Sat. but today noticed a little brown spotting after wiping. (I am one day late for AF) I am scared because I had a very early miscarriage in April. I have very light cramps (dull ache) which come and go. I am crossing my fingers that everything is ok. Reading your posts have rea__sured me a little but I'm still scared. Prayers and luck to us all.


Jay - June 23

Hi claire, just wondering how things are going now? Have you stopped bleeding? That goes for anyone reading this who hsa been bleeding? I am six weeks on monday and started to spot today. It's like really light brown, no red to it at all! I'm really worried. There are plenty of similar stories but no follow up stories? Anyone?


Niki - June 23

Jay - I am just over six weeks and have had slight brown spotting too. I called my doctor and they said not to worry as long as it's not gushing and I'm not cramping. I go to the dr. tomorrow for my first appointment and will let you know what I find out.


Jay - June 23

Hi Niki, I hope it goes well. It's so nerve wrecking when it happens. I woke up this morning with just a litle bit again. It stopped last night which was good but a very little again this morning. This is my 3rd pregnancy and have never had this happen! Please let me know what doc says! Hope it's good news for you.


Lily - June 24

Just found out two days ago....HPT was positive...putting me around 51/2 weeks pregnant the best I can tell...Doctors appt next week for first visit...started spotting about 8 hours ago rusty and brown color...only a dime size on the pad but more noticable after wiping....discomfort in my lower stomach area...Has me really scared...Pregnancy is a blessing and a miricle due to factors that lead us to beleave pregnancy was NOT possible.



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