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Lily - June 24

Just found out two days ago....HPT was positive...putting me around 51/2 weeks pregnant the best I can tell...Doctors appt next week for first visit...started spotting about 8 hours ago rusty and brown color...only a dime size on the pad but more noticable after wiping....discomfort in my lower stomach area...Has me really scared...Pregnancy is a blessing and a miricle due to factors that lead us to beleave pregnancy was NOT possible.


Marisa - June 27

i have approximately 8 weeks pregnant. I have had brownish spotting over the past two weeks, only after urinating. It is very minimal, but I am very scared. I have been to the doctor twice. On both visits I was able to hear the baby's heartbeat, and the doctor said everything looks fine. He also prescribed Prometrium (progesterone) which I take daily. The spotting still has continued, but he said that my cervix and uterus look fine. I think that this is a common problem, however I have had one previous miscarriage, and I fear that this may lead to another one. I have not had any cramps or pain. Worried...:(


allison - June 27

marisa - I am worried too. I have had slight brown spotting with and without brown mucous ongoing for the past week and a half. No cramping, no pain, but I'm really worried. I just had an ectopic pregnancy and I'm so hopefull that this one is going to be fine. Trying to stay positive...I'm about 7/8 weeks as well. Had an US at what I thought was 6 weeks and all they saw was an empty sac - said I was earlier than i thought.


Marisa - June 27

Allison-I bet we are both ok. We just need to take it easy. Just make sure to contact a doc if if the spotting turns red, as that is new blood. let me know if it goes away.


claire - June 29

hi jay, thankyou so much for asking about me. Ive had a terrible time really, went for a scan two weeks ago, fh was seen and looked great, then i had four days of fresh blood, had another scan which i thought was going to reveal bad news, but he was still there moving around and heart beating away, it has settled down now though, im only getting very slight loss, im nearly nine weeks now, had another scan today, its really disheartening everytmie i go the loo and see the bleeding but im trying to stay posative as everything looks ok with my baby, i hope this gives you all a little bit of confidence although i certainly am not out of the woods yet, i cant wait to be able to relax and enjoy my pregnancy xx good luck everybody xx


Jay - June 29

Hi Claire, it's good to hear from you. I thought you had dissapeared! I know how it feels to go to the toilet everytime and wonder whats going to come out next! Dr thinks I might have a blighted ovum. Going for u/s 2morrow. I will be just under 7 weeks by 2 days. I'm sick of this. I wish it would go away. Hope everything goes well with you. It seems so hard as you think you have come so far and if something happens, what a waist of time. This is how I think anyway. Like I said, this is my 3rd preg and never had this before. Hope it goes fine.


Jessie V - June 29

I'm 16 weeks and just went to the Dr. today for the same problem. She found that I had a low ph level and gave me some anti. bio. Other then that I have a healthy pregnancy and baby has a strong heart beat.


urmi - June 30

I am having the same problem. But my doctor says it is not really a :problem" as such if there is no active bright red bleeding, pains or cramps. I am hoping all goes well. I also have bach ache. Not to worry. Stay positive. I had a miscarriage at six weeks last november and I am fighting hard to stay positive. But one just has to! So cheer up! Things will be ok... :-)


Lola - July 1

I am almost 6 weeks pg and have also had that brown spotting after peeing on and off. It freaks me out. I had a m/c very early in March and needless to say, I can't help but worry. These postings have helped ease my mind a little. Let's all pray for each other and try not to worry.


claire - July 3

hi jay, what happened at your scan, hope your alright, fingers crossed for you. x


sandra - July 3

I've been experiencing the same things. I'm 5weeks started spotting now for 21/2 days little back ache. Any advice...


Jay - July 3

Hi Claire. Thatnks for checking up. I had a scan on Friday which showed the baby and heart beat! I was so happy. They found that the bleeding was coming from what they call a hematoma. It's a blood clot that develops in the uterus. It apparently happens from where the sac originally attaches but ends up in a different spot. It's a burst blood vessel from where it originally attached. In otherwords, I could have lost it if the sac did not attach elsewhere. I'm on major rest as they do not know how good the sac has attached. Dr has given me 60% is good as saw heartbeat. As long as it stays brown blood it's good as it means it's an old blood clot coming out. If I see red, then it's either getting bigger or misscarriage. Apparently it's commen amoung women who bleed early on but just don't get diagnosed! Got to have regular scans to keep an eye on the baby and the hematoma. Hopefully my body will dispose of it or absorb it. So far I have just had brown blood like the colour of betadine or lighter when I go to the loo more so in morning. I do have to wear pad but only bleed a little bit. I already have a streesful pregnancy as I am terified of having my 18 week scan as this time last year, my 2nd pregnancy was diagnosed with an abnormality that ended in a 21 week termination as there was very little good outcome if went to full term. We were told it was a freak of nature, nothing genetic etc, so you can imagine that I'm terrified this time around. I don't need this added stress. How are you anyway? How is everyone else going on this board?


claire - July 4

still loosing but keeping posative, got a scan next week, my stomach is feeling bigger so im a__suming everything is growing ok, glad your ok x


hi - July 4

Be VERY careful with spotting. Don't shrug it off. My doctor told me my spotting was normal, then I miscarried 2 days later. And had minimal cramping. BE CAREFUL and listen to your instincts.


Kelly - July 4

I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and have been spotting since 5 weeks, off and on. Sometimes I won't spot for a couple of days, and think it has stopped, but then it starts again. It's always pink or brown. This is my first pregnancy, and I'm so terrified of losing the baby. My doctor did a pelvic exam last week and said that my cervix is closed and the uterus is the right size. I haven't had a proper pre-natal appointment, though. My doctor referred me to an ob-gyn, and I haven't heard back about when I can get in. I asked my doctor for an u/s, but he said he didn't think that was necessary. I asked if it is normal to spot for as long as I have, and he just shrugged and said, "some women do." I'm so frustrated! I don't know if I'm just freaked out, or if I'm not getting as much care as I should. Any ideas?


Serena - July 4

I'm glad that I found these threads, because I am having similar problems, and I need some advice for others in the same situation. I am 7 weeks pregnant and yesterday morning started bleeding a little more signifantly for a very short time period. I even saw a couple very small clots on the tissue. I went to the ER immediately. I had stopped bleeding and was spotting very very lightly. HCG levels had gone from 19,000 on June 21 to 33,500 at the time of the ER visit. An ultrasound showed that the sac and yolk were normal gestational size, but the baby was very small, about 6 weeks in size instead of 7. She said it was still too small to see a heart beat, but she had me lie very still and she detect "fluttering" which (to me) was very encouraging. The ER doctor diagnosed me with "threatened miscarriage" and advised me to follow up with my doctor this week. In the meatime, since the visit yesterday, I haven't had a similiar bleeding episode, but I do notice a slight pinkish tint, or brownish tint, after urinating. I'm not having any unusal cramps. Has anyone had a similar situation? Is this an impending miscarriage, or can my baby survive? Am i supposed to be on bed-rest, or can I go out for 4th of July activities? Of course, I would take it easy, but should I be confined to the bed? Or is a miscarriage going to happen anyway? Please email me with more insight! [email protected]



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