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Cynthia - December 23

i am 2 monts pregnant, and i am experiencing some brown spotting and a little discomfort in my stomich what should i do to prevent a misscarige.


delena - December 26

hello, did you go to the doctor? what did you find out? I am having the same symptoms started the 24th. please share, hope all is ok


Mimi - December 28

Did you have s_x the day before you started spotting? I'm 10 wks pregnant and started spotting on the 24th after having s_x with my b.friend. It's brown and pink when i wipe but i have no cramping. My aunt said she experienced spotting with both of her pregnancies and other woman have said they experienced it and had their babies but if you are having ab. pains and back pain then you should call and see your dr. I have been reading up on why this is happening to me and I am afraid it could be a "threatened" miscarriage but all you can do is stay on bedrest but definitely see your doc. if you have pain. I finally see my doc. this thursday and I'm anxious to see my baby's heartbeat again then I'll feel relieved. I am glad I am not the only one experiencing this.


Hope - January 24

I have experience light bleeding on my 7th week and 9th week of my pregnancy. Bleeding is very light when I wipe and only last for that one time I spot it. The first bleeding, I went to the ER and was told everything was ok. I had an ultrasound at 6th weeks because I was complaining of cramping and concerned of eptotic pregnancy. It turn out that it was not. However, why am I still bleeding? I am concerned. Please share.


Amber - January 25

Im a little over eight weeks pregnant.and i went in yesterday to the er,they thought it was a threatened miscarriage,b___the baby is growing fin eso far and it has aheart beat.but they dont know why im spotting.mine is in a dishcarge,and varies in color.and it isnt constant.they are having me on close watch and i go back into the doctors office in 2 days.good luck to you all.


snigdha - February 16

hi , i had a m/c in last june . and now i'm 6 weeks pregnant . today i find some spotting when i wipe and it last for only one time .. i called to my doc and she said that it is okey .. but last time the same thing happened with me and i got a m\c .. so i'm worried about that .. so anybody has experience this this type os problem ?


Kelly - February 17

I have had a normal pregnancy, miscariage and spotting with my last pregnancy and this one. There is nothing you can do to prevent a m/c at the early stages of pregnancy, usually it happens because there is something wrong with the feotus. I agree with one of the other ladies that if you have s_x you are more likely to spot. that is when i started spotting with this pregnany and my last. My last pregnancy I had 1 full week of constant brown or pink spotting 3 times before the 12 week period. I gave birth to a healthy boy (now 13mths). All I can sugest is not to stress too much. stress is a cause of m/c. just take it 1 day at a time. But allways see your doc if you have any spotting/bleeding or cramping. they can send you for blood tests and ultrasound to see how things are progressing. I hope all of that was of some help to you. And Hi from Australia


doloros - February 18

hi, i am 8 weeks prenent and i have experienced three time sporting on my 7 week .i got pain after sporting .doc took my ultrasound ;he says that my baby is only 5 weeks spous to be 7 weeks. any body know how long sporting will stay.


erika - March 2

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and experiencing pink spotting and bleeding with mucous discharge and mild back pain. what should I do?


Megan - March 3

Erika, I think you should go to the doctor, I read that if it is a pink and greyish mixture you should see your doctor. Also, the fact that it is accompanied by back pain concerns me. I hope that everything is okay. I am sure it will be, but better safe than sorry.


A.S. - March 3

My advice is to go to the doctor and have them do an ultrasound, or check your hormone levels. I had the same symptoms and just got off the phone with the doctor - it was indicative of a miscarriage. I pray all is well for you.


Renee - March 5

I had some spotting with my third child beginning at 12 weeks that lasted for two weeks. I went to the doc and they said don't worry about it but when it didn't stop, I went back and they did some further test and determined that I was GBS positive - after a round of antibiotics - spotting cleared up and never came back.


Jennifer - March 6

There really is no way to stop a miscarriage once it has started but here are some things you can do to help prevent one from starting. Get lots of rest eat healthy if you smoke stop, take prenatals no heavy lifting no s_x....basically if there is something wrong with the pregnancy your body will abort it for your own safety. But you can have a normal pregnancy with spotting and cramping


BW - April 20

I experienced bleeding during my 15th week of pregnancy with twins. The first day it was real red but then it subsided. I went to the doctor and everything looked okay and I saw the babies but now a week later I am still seeing some brownish blood when I wipe. Is this common and how long should I expect this to last?


[email protected] - May 20

i've been spotting from the 9th to the 18 i worry am i going to have a miscarige or am i still pregant? now i'm bleeding heavy is that normal


cyndi - June 17

i feel i could be pregnant my period was earlier than usual last month and now i am having light pink streaks of blood and brownish colored blood spotting


Tami to lanniew - June 17

Any bleeding during pregnancy is not good. I did spot during the first trimester, but heavy bleeding is especially bad. I am afraid you may be having a miscarriage. I would tlak to your doctor immediately! I hope everything turns out okay.



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