Spotting Question Help Please

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Abby - August 24

My husband and I have waited for 5 years to try to get preg because I was still in college. I finally finished and got a job so we tried and got preg right away. I am almost 7 weeks, and last week had some slight spotting or discharge. Then again this morning. It is very light and not accompanied by any pain. Should I be worried. My doctor won't see me for another couple of weeks. I called and they said take it easy, but if anything was going to happen, they couldn't do anything. I am so worried about this. Is it normal, or sign something is wrong. I want everything to go perfect because we waited for so long. Can anyone offer any advise or have any knowledge of what is going on? Please help.


amber - August 23

there is many reasons for spotting. As long as it's not accompanied with any pain i wouldnt worry too much. I too had spotting, you could be spotting from the implantation or perhaps you have a small infection that can/will get treated when you see your OB. Try to relax, when i was spotting, i was told to get plenty of rest, take it easy, no intercourse, and not to lift anything heavier than 5lbs. They are right, if you are going to have a miscarriage, there is nothing they can do but let it happen. Best thing you can do is take it easy and pray... as well as trying to relax, the baby can feel your stress.. Best of luck.


Abby - August 24

Thanks for your reply. I am trying not to stress, cause that just makes it worse. I'm going to take it easy till my appointment and see what happens, but question about the 5 pounds. They told you to limit it to that? I'm a teacher and sometimes that might not work for me. But I guess we'll have to wait and see. Thanks again.


amber - August 24

yes they told me that. If you have to lift heavier things, try to hold them close to you, and not to carry them for too long. All you can do is the best you can



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