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Leahp - February 3

HELLO! I was wondering if there's anyone out there that has had a stenotic cervix during pregnancy and if it can cause any complications?? I feel neglected during my visit to the docs yesterday and the nurse pract_tioner just said that I had a Stenotic cervix and she's surprised that I got pregnant so easily! Also, that I may have trouble dialating, but I've been doing research and I'm worried about what I have been reading, is there really an increased chance for miscarriage and fertility also, labor could be h__l!!! Please help


Leahp - February 4



sharon - February 5

what is a stenotic cervix?


Anne - February 5

Leahp, I'm sorry. I searched another forum that I visit with no success. I would call your doctor and ask for specific info or literature.


Tracy - February 7

Hi. I'm 39.5 weeks and not dialating due to a stenotic cervix. My midwife recommended taking 4 evening primrose oil caplets per day and puncturing two caplets and inserting them into my v____a near my cervix before bed to try to soften it so that I might dialate. Maybe this will help near the end of your pregnancy.


Leahp - February 8

Hi Tracy, just wondering what your reason was for a stenotic cervix, did you ever have a biopsy done, and did you have trouble concieveing? How does the primrose oil help?? That's great you have a midwife!! I wish I could find one, but in Missouri, they're scarce!!!


jshell26 - February 6

LeahP, I realize you posted this over a year ago, but was wondering if you might be able to email me and let me know how your labor and birth went? I recently discovered that I must have stenotic cervix, and am doing my research! Thanks Jaime , Mo.


PregMaureen - February 25

jshell26 - I have a stenotic cervix due to cervical surgery (i can't remember which one I got) that I had in order to remove precancerous cells on my cervix, sometime around 6 years ago. I am now four days overdue, with a fully effaced cervix, but undialated at all. I won't know until after the delivery how exactly this will be dealt with, but I believe the plan is for the doctor to "break" the scar tissue when I do finally go into labor. This is "uncomfortable" so they will attempt to do it once I am in true labor, and I am expecting to get an epidural prior to the manual manipulation of my cervix. I've done some research online, so if you're interested I could post the info or some links or emai l you directly...just let me know. Maureen


jshell26 - March 2

PregMaureen, have you had your baby yet? I was interested to find out how your labor/birth went with your stenotic cervix. Was your Ob/midwife able to break up the scar tissue? I would love to hear details when and if you can share them, and yes, I would also like any links and info you might have on the subject. I went to and found some stories that I could relate to but that is about it. Thanks so much for your time. And congrats on your new baby if he/she is already here! Jaime H.


justanauntthanks - March 18

Hi, I just found this forum while googling "stenotic cervix", I'm not pregnant myself, but wanted to pa__s on that of the various sites I read, there was a midwife one that was most informative. If you scroll down the page you'll find the Stenotic cervix section, and it sounds like something that lots of people have dealt with just fine. So hopefully it won't affect your progress! I've just heard my cervix is "Stenotic", with an extremely small opening, though I haven't had any surgical procedure that I can think of. The doc was not able to get a sample on attempted endometrial biopsy. Thinking back there have been a few times that a Pap smear didn't get a sufficient sample, but no one had ever mentioned the cervical os being too small before. So heaven knows how or why it happened. Apparently it's quite common after various procedures. Hope it's helpful and best wishes to you all!


melisajulia1 - January 2

I had a complication free pregnancy unti the very end. I have had a LLETZ & Laser Treatment. This resulted in a stenotic cervix. I was rushed into an emergency C-Section. My surgeon told me I was fully effaced, 9cm's dilated, thin, and my waters had broken, yet the scar tissue did not allow for my cervix to dilate externally. I was very disappointed. I about to have a second baby and have just gone through a VBAC plan. The doctor said it was going to be impossible to deliver normal, I argued the point with her and told her about stories I had read on the internet. My plan now is to see if my cervix softens at 39wks, if it has they will insert a balloon catherer, if my cervix dilates I may have a chance of VBAC, if after 6-8 hours my cervix hasn't changed then MY last resort will be C-Section. Note: I did have to push the issue with her as she wasn't even prepared to go down this path. Let me know how you got on.


dani3 - February 4

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with a stenotic cervix in Nov. after an attempted HSG. I had been ttc for a year before this. My Re said it was probably the result of a LEEP procedure I had 3 years earlier. Anyway, I underwent a laparoscopy and my Re dilated the cervix at that time, but nothing has happened yet. Did anyone else have difficulty conceiving with a stenotic cervix....even after treatment?


feebes - January 29

Hi. I had a stenotic cervix prior to conceiving my son and was therefore put under consultant care (I'm in the UK). Conversely, however, my waters broke at 35 weeks and I had a very quick birth (3 hours active labour). I a__sumed that the problem was resolved, therefore - if anything, I had the opposite problem as I dilated from 2cm to 9.5cm in about 20 minutes. I am finding it very difficult to conceive my second baby, though - am due a physical exam very soon, so maybe I've got it wrong and it is still an issue. I had abnormal cervical cells treated, too.



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