Still Birth And Dnc

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joslin - January 17

i am 9 months and they are saying the baby is not but at a 7 month size fetus and saying that the heartbeat is very weak and that the organs are not developing do they normally do dnc's this late?


annab - January 17

sorry to hear that. Don't know the answer to your question but maybe get a second opinion...there is still a heartbeat so are they sure it's a stillbirth ? Was you ultrasound normal when you were 20 weeks pregnant ? or is this something recent ?


joslin - January 17

well my whole pregnacy has been abnormal being i got pregnat after my tubes where tied for 10 years and although it's not a tubical preg they have been having to check and make sure the baby is getting everything though the cord as normal cause of the way i got pregnat they said that there is a heart beat but very very shallow and won't last long they said either a d and c or a d and e depending on size


annab - January 17

I would maybe get a second opinion...afterall there is a heart beat. Good luck and wish you the best.


FrancesM - January 17

Joslin, by no means am I a professional but being that you are this far along, I think you would have to deliver. Like I said, I am not a pro but I think the fetus would be too big for a dnc. My husbands aunt had to deliver at 6 months and a friend of mine had to deliver at 14 weeks. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I wish you lots of luck and send you lots of hugs...


cayingo - January 17

I neither am a professional, but delivering byc-section and seeing if there's something that can be done for the baby? I mean if his/her heart is still beating then it's still a viable pg and a live baby. My heart goes out to you. I hope you find the answers you're looking for. I would get a second opinion too.


CodyKatie5 - January 27

First of all, I am so sorry you are enduring this pain. My daughter was stillborn at full term due to a cord accident, so I know the pain of losing a baby. If your baby's heart is still beating, they can not call it a stillbirth. As long as your baby is alive, they shouldn't be talking about delivery options just yet. Unfortunately, I am almost positive you are too far along to do a D&C if your baby were to pa__s. How far along you are in the pregnancy determines whether medically you are cla__sified as a miscarriage or a stillbirth. I believe anything after 22 weeks is cla__sified as a stillbirth, and if you are like me, your reason for admittance into the hospital is "fetal demise." It's such a cold term. Keep in mind that IF your baby does pa__s in the womb, your body will usually get the gist and start labor within a week, although you may want to deliver earlier if you would like to hold your baby. I strongly recommending to do so because DH and I didn't want to see our daughter and I am so glad it did because it brough closure. My daughter wasn't gone more than 12 hours when I delivered, so she basically looked like a sleeping baby. However this turns out, I am so sorry you are going through this. Please feel free to talk to me. My name is Katie..


jitterz1002 - January 27

hi joslin i am sorry to hear your sistuation, but my youngest sister was told the same thing but they called it interuteran growth retardation. so my neice was full term but the size of a 6mth premie. but she now is almost 3 and doing well so i would defintly get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. but like i said she was told that she would not make it and/or be still born but if there is a heart beat then there is a chance



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