Strep B Question For Anyone

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Liz - June 13

9 weeks along, tested postive for strep b and from what I have been reading, the baby can come into contact with it when your water breaks up to 18 hours before delivery. So my question is, when the time comes, how early should I get to the hospital? Have any women out there with strep b carried their baby to term, or have you had him or her early? I know they give antibiotics during labor and not to worry too much, but first timer here, am worring already. thanks.


Patty - June 14

Hi Liz, I have tested positive for both of my pregnancies. I am now on my third, and most likely will be postive again. There really is nothing to worry about though. For me, I always had to have my water broken in the hospital, where I was always hooked up prior to an IV with antibiotics. So I would guess if your water does break call your Dr. right away. I only have had experience with labor starting first.You should be just fine though! Definately talk to your OB with your concerns... Good luck!


Liz - June 14

to Patty: since you are on your third, I have another question, do you know if this infection can be pa__sed along to my husband? Was just wondering if we can pa__s it back and forth to eachother, or do guys even get it? I would imagine they could. Also, is there any risk that you know of, of the baby getting this while still in the womb or is it more of a risk as he/she is being born? Sorry for all the questions and thanks.


Katharine - June 17

I was GBS positive in my first pregnancy and will be automatically treated in my second pregnancy. Last time, I was only able to receive one of the doses of antibiotics before my baby was born. She had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours to be observed, but was fine. She was born just over 40 weeks and my water didn't break until just before delivery. As for your questions-the risk is the baby pa__sing through the infected birth ca___l. They give you the antibiotics when you go into labor. If they gave it any earlier, the bacteria could grow back before the birth. I don't know if your husband can contract it? It is not a s_xually transmitted condition and is present in most women at some time or another. It is just a problem when there is a lot of the bacteria near birth.


lynlea - June 24

i had step B with my second pregnancy but wasnt tested for it so i didnt know, i carried my daughter to 42wks, she picked up the infection and was treated in intensive care on antibiotics for 7 days, im also pregnant again and am scared to death of the same thing happening again, i have also been told about the antibiotics during labour, but it dosent put my mind to rest.


Katharine - June 26

Just noticed that you were only weeks when tested. Whyh on earth did they test you so early? My dr tests at 35 weeks. If you're not positive before birth, I don't think it is a problem. Just wondering.


Amanda - July 2

My dr. told me i tested positive for strep b when i was 8 weeks. They had found it in my urine. Although they would have done a test at 35 weeks they saw an infection in my urine and tested me for it right away. He said it was no big deal I would just be given antibiotics while I was in labor. I still worry about it constantly but try to rea__sure myself that everything will be just fine


miranda - July 2

Katharine, they don't specifically test for it that early, but some of us have it in our urine that early and they catch it. We don't get tested later, they just give us the antibiotics during labor.



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