Stroke In Womb

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kds - January 15

I'm currently 37 weeks, due on Feb. 5th. I was told at my 32 week ultrasound that my baby had a severe stroke. She was fine at my 27th week ultrasound (just measuring small) She has so much fluid in her brain, that her brain has not grown to where it should be, and never will. The Dr. also said that I will go on to give birth, she will look normal...cry, eat, sleep. She won't be able to smile, roll over, and will not make it to see her first B-Day. My question is: Has anyone gone through this, or know anything about it? I've done some research, but nothing on severe strokes show up. If it was minor she could possibly just have Cerebral Palsy, but both of my high risk doctors have told me it is not minor. I'm at a loss, and really scared. I thank you for any help you can give me!


Lala - January 15

SO SORRY for your news!! Does you doc mean a "stroke" or an intra-cranial hemorrhage? That would make more sense to me. sounds like you need some more information from your doctor. TAKE CARE!!!!!!!


kds - January 15

Yes, he meant stroke. His words to me were, "I wish I could say she would be fine, but there is nothing we can do for her. Nothing can be done to help her" He said this is extremely rare about 1 in 500,000. So basically this is something that doctors don't study often?!?!. I've asked him several questions, asked my own doctor the same questions...only to have them answer the same...that she can live for 6 weeks all the way to 9 months but even 9 months is rare. I've been all over the internet looking for anything on this, but just find minor stroke articles. I'm at the point where I'm giving myself false hope, but I just have nothing to hold on to.


lunamoo - January 16

kds, I am so sorry to hear your story and I can image how scared and worried you must feel. Do you feel movement now and did you feel when the stroke happened...? Were there any other signs of abnormal things...? How small was she measuring? I ask so many questions as I want to hope it might be something else. As you said if it is so rare, one in a half a million, maybe the diagnosis is better than what they tell you...? Do you think that might be a possibility...?


sahmof3 - January 16

I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you and your baby! I don't know anything about it, so I have no advice, just know you are in my thoughts and prayers!


rl- - January 16

I am so sorry but look I don't want to give you false hope either but doctors don't know everything I would say wait and see if this is so rare and they don't know much then maybe just maybe it won't be as bad a they seem to think I mean you hear of stories like that all the time just pray with all you have that your dd will be ok mircles do happen maybe your dd will be one ( : good luck and I will pray for you and your lo!!


DownbutnotOUT - January 17

I am sorry for such troubling news and I pray things turn out for the best, I am a true believer in miracles. My mom was suppose to die of a mysterious illness when she was about 2 and she made it and is a healthy older lady now with only a few scars to remind her of how special she is. I come from a very religious family, mostly on my dads side, and go to yerex(dot)com that is my cousins family! It gives me hope and I hope you read it and it gives you hope, from what I was told the drs told my cousin her son was braindead and to pull the plug and she said "no". well the rest is news and some canadians might already know the story, it happened in calgary, alberta. take care


cindernar - January 19

Wow. You and your baby girl are in my prayers big time. I agree with rl-. Doctors aren't God, and they definitely have been wrong before. I know you're scared. My first baby was born without a brain, and I was incredibly scared when I heard the news. Please take care of yourself!



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