Subchorionic Bleed Bleeding Under The Placenta

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overtherainbow - October 1

So last week I had an ultrasound at 5 wks, 3days because I had some bleeding. The bleeding stopped and all seemed ok. Today I went back at 6 wks 3 days to look for a fetal pole (baby) because they couldn't see one last week. Well, they found one! The heart was beating too-120 beats per minute :) My question is this: they could still see the area of the bleed (which looked large to me on the screen). Should I hope that it's being reabsorbed? I don't know what to think about it!


andy - October 2

I had a subch hematoma at 6w5d that was like 3 times my baby at that moment... I had to be admited to the hospital for a week and then be a complete bed rest till week 13 ... I had to take 100 mg of progesterone every 4 hours since that was the cause for my subch bleeding .... Please rest a lot and pray that everything turns out fine and you can have a healthy baby soon ... This subch hematomas do absorb but very slowly , just have faith and rest a lot ... Good luck .. andrea


jen327 - October 2

Hi - I had an SCH. I bleed, well hemoraged 5 times and finally at 11 weeks they found the SCH, bigger then the fetus. I was on bed rest for 6 weeks until 17 weeks. I actually switched doctors to a more concervative doctor. My first dr was like well you have a 50/50 chance of keeping the baby. She thought bed rest was a waste of time. Well I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy on July 25th via c-section. They were worried the SCH would rupture. Anyway, let me know if you have any questions. I did TONS of research and learned so much about SCH's. They are actually more common then people realize. have you ever heard of people who did not know they were pregnant till 5 months because they had their period. Well most often it is an SCH, they just did not eralize the timing of the bleeding.


overtherainbow - October 3

Andy & Jen, Thanks so much for sharing your stories! I talked to my midwife and she said that the bleed is slightly bigger than it was a week ago, but that the baby is growing perfectly, so the placenta must have attached well in other places. I haven't actually bled for a week, but I'm scared it will start again. I wish there was something that I could do to make it re-absorb! Also, I'm usually very active, and it's hard for me not to go for walks, ride my exercise bike, etc. I'm only 7 weeks along and I already feel like I'm putting on weight! I would really do anything I could to help, so it's frustrating when the midwife says we just have to wait and see.



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