Subchorionic Bleeding

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Morgan - October 7

I am 8 weeks pregnant and started to bleed a week ago. At first it was brown and pretty heavy, but quickly (4 days later) it tapered off. Yesterday, I started to bleed again. But this time was very heavy and red, like I just got my period. I have been to the doctor twice since the initial episode and she thinks it is a subchorionic bleed? We're waiting to go for an ultrasound next week for a definitive diagnosis. I've tried to look this up, but wasn't successful in finding much information on it. Has anyone had this or know anything about it?? Thanks.


carolee - October 22

I have it myself, they did a transv____al ultrasound {internal} b/c I was spotting my doctor told me that there is alot going on inside of our bodies during pregnancy, he explained it like this to me,it's like when a construction crew hits a water or gas line it erupts, just like the physical changes are going on inside of us the tissue is being poked at or hit like a water line and it causes us to bleed, the best thing to do is to rest, no s_x, no heavy lifting no excercise and so on, I the bleeding is heavy I would contact the doctor asap, there is no way to stop it unless it stops itself, my doctor told me that it is common and not to worry and to call if the bleeding is heavy.


Jax - October 24

Sounds like what may be happening to me. I am 9 weeks and I have bled 5 times in the last 3 weeks. I only bleed once and then its done with until a few days later. 3 times have been bright red and 2 have been light pink. I had a u/s and heard the babies heartbeat, everything seems fine, but its still scary. Its getting to the point where Im scared to go to the bathroom in fear of seeing more blood. I dont have any cramping or other symptoms. I have another u/s on Tuesday, so we'll see!


Mandi - October 25

I myself had a subchorionic bleed. The first time I bled was at 11 weeks and then again 12 and again at 13. I am now at 23 weeks and my baby girl is doing great in there. Durring my last ultra-sound at 19 weeks they could still see where the bleed occured because the placenta never attached in that spot. I bug my doctors all the time when I have a question or concern. If you feel something isnt right call or just go in.


christine - November 1

i have one also although i am 16 weeks pregnant and have not had any bleeding. They saw mine on a sonogram, and I guess since I asked what it was the guy told me but they all said it was nothing to worry about


Melanie - November 5

I had a subchorionic bleed at 7 weeks. My doctor explained that when the placenta is developing, sometimes the roots in one area are not very strong and do not grow into the uterus as deeply as they are supposed to and this can cause the subchorionic bleed. In my case I bled for about a week but was able to see the heartbeat on the ultrasound. I am now 24 weeks with a healthy baby girl. My OB has advised that they will need to keep a close eye on the placenta later to ensure that it continues growing and that no intrauterine growth retardation occurs, but so far so good. The baby is the size she should be so the doctor said not to worry. And yes, just like you, my bleeding was bright red and heavy.


ANON - February 8

I went to the following website and found it very helpful.Just copy the rest of this message and paste it into the address bar.


kristina - February 13

I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and have been spotting since the end of january and even had some the end of december, so i thought i was on my period....guess i was wrong.. to this day i still have spotting mostly every day, and its alot less when i sleep and when i i took off time for work and from excercising..i had 2 u/s already and my ob-gyn said everything was fine and we heard a heartbeat..they said its nothing to worry about....


Sandy - February 25

At week 7, my obgyn did a internal ultrasound in his office to check the baby's heartbeat and saw blood around the outside of my placenta in the ultrasound. He said that it is quite normal in some pregnancies to have subchorionic bleed or hematoma. He explained there is so much blood flowing to the placenta sometimes its just depositing and ac_mmulating blood on the outside and/or sometimes it could have happened from having s_x from a s_xual position that has deep penetration but not likely. I did not have discomfort other than light cramping which I did not have with my first pregnancy. The baby's heartbeat is strong and my progesterone levels indicate a healthy pregnancy. I have had no bleeding just a heavy yellow/green discharge and light cramping. He recommended I rest, no exercise, absolutely no v____al intercourse and no heavy lifting. He will do another internal ultrasound for week 9. He also said that after week 8 the chances of miscarriage is 10%. I would still like to know for certain why it happened. So good luck to all of us.


RHM - March 1

I also have been "diagnosed" with this type of bleeding. Upon further investigation and questioning, I found out that while 95% of cases clear up by themselves as the blood is reabsorbed into the system, however, I feel it's only fair that I point out that in a few cases the pooling blood can remain and compromise the lining of the foetal sac, causing it to break down. Obviously the baby cannot live under these circ_mstances. BUT ALL IS NOT LOST - I emphasise that you MUST relax, rest...and all the other things mentioned in everyone else's replies. Other than that, it's up to your body! Good luck!


beckyrogers - March 3

at 5wks i found out that i had a subchorionic bleed and at 8wks i found out i still had it through u/s they described it as being small and hadnt gotten bigger at all it was the same size i havent bled the whole preg. im know 9 1/2 wks preg.


Hillary - March 6

I am 6 weeks pregnant and I've thought that I had a blighted ovum now for 2 weeks, and when I started bleeding dark, almost black, blood this morning I thought I was flushing out the tissue, but it turns out that I have a subchorionic bleed. I was also told that it's normal, but I have to be on complete bedrest b/c it is about 1 1/2" long. We saw the baby and the heartbeat and everything seems to be fine. I wouldn't worry too much if I were you, but you should always see your doctor when this kind of stuff happens.


stacie b - March 7

I just started bleeding on Saturday. It really scared me and I am still bleeding even today. I went to the ER and they did a transv____al u/s but didn't see anything. I know I am very early, but still sad because I just had a m/c 5 months ago. I have another appointment tomorrow. I am hoping for good news but prepared for bad.


Tara - March 17

Mar 17 -05 I am 6 weeks and 6 days and had my first bleed this past Monday when I was 6 wks/3 days. It was a gush of bright red blood and the bleeding lasted about 60 minutes. I had a pelvic & u/s & bloodwork- all which came back normal & fine. I spotted brownish blood for the next few days until and another gush came again. No severe cramps, just pressure and some discomfort. I am extremely paranoid and worried that I have not been put on bedrest yet.


Amy - March 21

I am now 10.5 weeks with my second pregnancy.. I had a subchorionic bleed with my first pregnancy and unfortunately it ended at 8 weeks.. my body did not absorb the blood like it should have.. This time around at 5 weeks they found a subchorionic bleed again and other then slight cramping everything is going good. We have had 5 or 6 U/S and we have a fetus who is growing very fast and a heartbeat of 164. Over the course of 6 weeks we have watched the bleed go from 2 times the size of the gest. sac to just barley there. We go in for another u/s on tuesday. Keeping our fingers crossed and praying!!


Crystal - April 9

My doctor found the bleed on a tv u/s at 8 weeks, 3 days. My husband and I had our first son die at 1 day old. Our second son was born after 2 1/2 months of bedrest (healthy, thank God!), and now we are scared to death! I want to know how often I should be going to my ob/gyn to check the progression of this condition. I was only told the same things that all of you were...get rest, no lifting, no standing for long periods of time, and call if bleeding occurs. My u/s was so clouded that you could not even see the baby inside the sac during the u/s. I was sent to the radiologist, and she found the baby and the heartbeat was 174bpm. I am hungry for information. Please help! God bless you all and good luck!


Kelly - April 12

I am 7 weeks pregnant and have been spotting for the past week. Mostly brownish in color until yesterday and it was bright pink. It was first thing in the a.m. & then nothing for the rest of the day. I had a tv u/s which showed a 1cm subchorionic bleed. My doctor told me the same as everyone elses. She did rea__sure me and told me that she has seen bleeds up to 5cm which is like 2inches and they have healed without having harmed the baby. I was told otherwise that the u/s was normal and saw the baby and heard the heartbeat-122bpm. It's my first pregnancy so I'm concerned because my husband and I want it so badly. I go back for another u/s in 2 weeks. Wish me luck!



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