Subchorionic Bleeding

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Maria - June 4

WOW, it's absolutely amazing to see all of these expecting mothers going through the same thing. I too have a subchorionic bleed. My doctor diagnosed it at my Sonogram at 6 Weeks. I bleed for the first time at 8 weeks, (two weeks after my first sonogram) and it was brownish blood. My doctor was alarmed so I went in for an emergency Sonogram and they found that my subchorionic bleed had gotten smaller and they wanted to repeat the sono in 4 weeks to make sure everything was okay and that it had completely gone away. Well 4 weeks from that day would have been this upcoming Monday, June 6th, however, yesterday morning I had the scariest morning of my life. I got up to go the bathroom and upon going, I noticed a ton of bright red blood, including a clot like drop of it, in the toliet, I immediately screamed for my husband to come into the bathroom. He came in and he too was shocked at what we were seeing. So we immediately called my doctor who got me in for an emergency sonogram and I will tell you, the minute I saw my little one up there on that TV screen and it's heartbeat was beating 170 beats per minute, I was so relieved that words cannot express the emotions that overcame me at that moment. I am waiting for the official hard copy results of the sonogram, however the doctor called with the preliminary results on Friday afternoon and said that it appears that the bleed may still be there however it may almost be completely dissolved, so she put me on bed rest for two weeks and then in two weeks, we will repeat the sono again just to be sure that everything is okay. I have to say that I am now 12 weeks pregnant and I have been to 3 sonograms so far. If you are nervous about your bleeding, call your doctor and ask them to do a sonogram because it's very rea__suring to you to know that your baby is okay. Also, my doctor told me that this "type" of bleeding is not uncommon and she said that although it seemed like I lost a ton of blood in the toliet, she would have been more alarmed if it was enough blood to soak a pad every 10 minutes. My sister is a nurse and she said that moreoften that not, bleeding in a pregnancy DOES NOT mean a miscarriage, so try not to be like me and freak yourself out when you see blood, I know it's hard, but call your doctor and let them tell you what it is and what you should do. Yesterday morning I thought the worst and I made myself sick over it. Thank goodness for my husband to calm me down and keep me sane, because if not, I don't know what I would have done. God will bless all of us and keep us safe and healthy. May all of you mothers have a wonderful pregnancy and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you for a beautiful healthy baby!


beka - June 12

can you have subchronic bleeding at two weeks of pregnency?


Jenn - June 14

Beka, I too wonder if that is possible at two weeks after conception/4 weeks after last period. I went through six cycles of Clomid and 2 cycles of injections. After finding my husband has a low count, I had an insemination on May 16 (with the 2nd injection cycle). After the sperm washing, they deposited 3 million sperm on my side that had two egss and 1 million sperm on the side with 1 egg. On May 28, I was devastated when I bled. It lasted 4 days instead of the ususal 5, and was a little lighter than my normal period. It also had started about 5 days early. I began bleeding again on June 10 (while on vacation). I called my fertility doc, wondering why I would bleed only 13 days after my last period. They had me call on Monday, June 13, to let them know what was going on (turned out I spotted all weekend). Now that I think about it, we did have s_x Thursday night, and I woke up Friday morning with blood when I wiped. Anyway, Monday (yesterday) I went in for a pregnancy bloodtest. They called me a few hours later to tell me I'm pregnant! What?! Elation! Sheer joy! Fear! Tears! Why was I bleeding? I was told my hcg numbers looked good, and to pick up a script for progesterone suppositories (for day and night). I am to go in for more bloodwork tomorrow to see if my hcg levels are rising. Then they'll have me come in for an ultasound. I am still spotting and worried as can be! This is so scary! I am feeling some comfort from the messages I'm reading here though! Maybe this is a subchronic bleed? I thought maybe a miscarriage, or a miscarriage of a multiple (we do have a chance for twins or triplets). However, I haven't had any pain or cramping. Praying that I am 6 weeks pregnant with a thriving baby!


kris - June 14

like all of you, I have the bleed and also partial placenta previa, where the end of my placenta is over the cervix, so drains in the form of brown blood., I am now 17 weeks and have had off and on spotting since I was 8 weeks pregnant. I miscarried my previous pregnancy so needless to say I have been a nervous wreck this entire time., but baby is doing great. When I had the bright red bleed at 10 weeks I was sure I was miscarrying again, but here we are ready to go in on monday for next u/s to see if its a boy or girl! Everyone hang in there, this too shall pa__s.


Cecilia - June 15

I'm seven weeks pregnant and I started bleeding 3 weeks ago. I went to my doctor the following day and she immediately ordered an ultrasound. I had it the same day. Fortunately the ultrasound came up normal and the embryo has a heartbeat. The doctor doesn't know why I'm bleeding. She told to take it easy and keep my fingers crossed. I've been reading a lot about bleeding in the first trimester and it seems that bleeding in the first trimester is very common, however, it's not normal. Bleeding is not necessarily a sign of miscarriage unless it's heavy bleeding (you soak one pad in one hour or less) and very painful cramps. If there is an embryo witha beating heart in your ultrasound chances or miscarriage are very low. I wish you the best.


Cheryl - June 17

My husband & I have been doing fertility treatments for the past year and a half. We had just finished our second round of insemination & I started to bleed a bright red heavy flow for about 4 days just 1 1/2 weeks after insemination. I called the fertility clinic & told them I got my period. I was asked to come in to talk w/ the doctor about trying IVF. He explained that he was doing a study & if I participated IVF would only cost us $2400 vs. $11,000 Part of the study included having the HSG procedure (the dye & x-ray to check if tubes are clear) so we did that right then & there. When I came home & told my husband he was very upset that they didn't do a pregnancy test b4 giving me an x-ray. To ease his mind I took a home pregancy test, which immidiately came back positive. I called the office & went in the next day for a blood test, which showed I was pregnant & a blood test a week later the levels were normal. I went in for an ultrasound on Monday (5 weeks & 6 days pregnant) there was no heartbeat yet, but it did show a subchorionic bleed, which explains why I thought I had my period. So, the answer to your question, can you have this at 2 weeks... YES! And I recommend not having any procedures that could harm the embryo until you confirm this. I have since spoke w/ a high risk ob/gyn who said I have one strong embryo for making it thru the HSG procedure. We are now praying to hear a heartbeat this coming Monday. I wish everyone a happy & healthy outcome.


Maria - June 17

Well, here's an update on what has happened to me. For those of you out there with subchorionic bleeds, hang in there, because in due time, they will turn out okay. As noted in my previous post, I was diagnosed with my bleed in my 6th week. I am now 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant and my bleed has gone away. I had a sonogram today to confirm that the bleed is gone. HOWEVER, now the bad news, my subchorionic bleed is gone, however they found that I have a low lying placenta and my doctor thinks that if it doesn't grow in the upwards wall of the uterus, it'll turn into placenta previa, so my bedrest continues. My doctor is worried that maybe that's what caused my bleeding a few weeks ago and not the subchorionic bleed. I guess, I am confused because everything I read in all of my books says that when you are this early on in your pregnancy, your placenta is pretty much low-lying. Can anyone else tell me if they too had this issue and if after in due time as your uterus grew, it corrected itself. I am really starting to think that my doctor is making me nervous over this issue when really it's too early to tell. At any rate, I will be on bed rest for another few weeks until we can repeat another sonogram to see where I am at in terms of my placenta at that time. Any thoughts on low lying placenta (or Placenta Previa) from anyone?


Bugs - June 19

Hi, I'm 6wks 4days and have had spotting only when I wipe or a few small spots of pink on pants, practically from when I conceived. Recently I've had 3 episodes of bleeding with very small clots like period clots. Just when I wipe but defo blood not pink or brown. Has US all is well and baby's heartbeat strong. No pockets of liquid in there. Though my symptoms are similar to most on this string, not sure its this, any thoughts?



I am pregnant, and I also bleed during a bowel I am scared!!!!!


kris - July 1

I previously wrote on 14 June, now here we are just a couple weeks later and the placenta previa is resolved. It moved up as predicted, so now no bleeding (2 weeks now!) for the first time in this pregnancy I am 20 weeks, my u/s showed 10 fingers and 10 toes, and a shy baby so we still dont know s_x. I am finally starting to believe this will end with a healthy baby.


Jo - July 7

it's amazing 2 see all these peeps going thru this...i had bleeding in my last pregnancy with alot of pain and was told it was completely normal and 2 rest...which i was a high risk pregnancy and scared i was gonna lose it....but the bleeding and pain stopped and healed up and went onto to have a healthy baby boy...i'm expecting again and had bleeding at about 8wks into pregnancy which started like a period and then stopped and then a real heavy flow i phoned keydoc and was told to rest and that i was likely to miscarry but to make an appointment 2 se my doctor and arrange an ultrasound....this showed baby to b healthy and to continue rest doctor felt that bleed should stop the day later i bled heavily again..which freaked me out....i was told to rest as much as possible no heavy lifting and no s_x...had light brownish spotting since ...been 4 dating scan since and shows baby is fine but the bleed is still there.....told to go to fhu if bleeding starts again...but it should start being absorbed into the system...the only reason i knew it was a chorionic bleed was bcos of my notes from scan....little info given and no rea__surance...feel better for finding this site and rreading all of your repies...will keep you posted on progress....unlike u guys i'm not having regular scans and not due 4 another one until end of august....praying in between times that i can get enuff rest and everything will settle down.....


sissy - July 26

Does anyone know if you had subchorionic bleed in your previous pregnancy, does it mean you are at higher risk in your next? I had it at 10 wks pregnant with my twins. Mine was severe and I ended up in the ER. I had heavy bleeding and pa__sing large clots for 6 hours. I had cramping and all signs of miscarriage but I did not have a miscarriage. I never got an explanation as to what happened to me. Or why. I am pregnant again and worried it will happen again. I am 11 wks. Does anyone know if orgasm is OK? I would understand no s_x with penetration. That is how I started bleeding. We were approved to start having s_x and when we did, I bled a little bit. I was on bedrest for the weekend. And it stopped. But then it happened again the next week. Then my doc told me I should be exercising. I did the treadmill on a low speed and thought I was doing a good thing. Well that night is the heavy bleeding!! and the ER visit. I am just wondering the two things: (1) if it is likely to happen in a subsequent pregnancy, and (2) if orgasm is OK


amber - August 4

I had sbc bleed during by last pregnancy. I started bleeding at about 6 1/2 weeks. My doctor performed an ultrasound and found it, but at that time the heartbeat was strong. I went in for a routine checkup at 10 weeks and they couldn't find the heartbeat. After an ultrasound, we found that the baby had died at 7 1/2 weeks. I am now pregnant again and just found out I have another subchorionic bleed. Hopefully this pregnancy will go to full term. No bleeding yet...


Emunah - August 16

I have sub chorionic bleed as well, for the last 4 weeks, off and on. The longest the bleeding/spotting stopped has been for 4 days. Each time I see the blood, I freak out and get depressed. I have had 4 ultrasounds and all show the baby developing well and a strong heartbeat. The first day it happened I went to the ER and had an idiot doc tell me that it was a threatened miscarriage and to schedule a d&c with my doctor. When I saw my doctor that monday, he was shicked. The Er had done an ultrasound and saw a strong heartbeat AND a well developed fetus, but would not tell us that, due to liability. It was very scary. Anyway, my doc says this is a normal condition, not a cause of miscarriage, and he is happy to see me whenever I need to be rea__sured. I am now 12.5 weeks along and hoping this will stop itself as I enter the 2nd trimester.


melissa - August 18

my sister has the same thing and she woke up in the middle of the night and thought she peed on herself... turns out that what happened is that she tore her chorionic sack..(i think thats what it's called) and she thought she was loosing her baby.... this doesn't effect your baby ... it only makes you at a slightly higher risk of a miscarrage.... but it wasn't pee its the fluid in the sack around the sack around the baby that lost it's fluid... the fulid will comeback you just need to drink more fluid to replenish that of which you have lost.... if you wish to contact me you can at [email protected] and t_tle it preg message board


Ann - August 29

I have been bleeding since 6 week on and off, and quite heavy bleeding (soak more than 2 pads in 10 min) once in a week basis. Now I am 12 weeks, have been placed on bedrest. My doctor says that I have subchorionic bleeding, but she does not see 'blood clots' at all in u/s. (I had six so far). Now doctor tells me to 'ignore bleeding as the baby is growing' but I am still on bed rest. I wonder how many ladies here are on bed rest with this condition - are you on complete bed rest, or 'house rest'? My doctor wants me to be on complete bed rest and I have been which forced me to file for short term disability. It's been really tough even though I know the baby is growing.



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