Subchorionic Bleeding

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malaprop - January 18

Jenny, thanks so much for coming back and posting that - it brings a lot of hope, as my spotting just seems to keep on coming! I REALLY hope it goes away soon! Congratulations on getting a great view of your baby - I have an u/s in 2 weeks (I'll be 10 weeks) and I can't wait to get the rea__surance that everything is ok! For now, I have to believe that the queasiness is serving its purpose and my baby is growing away in there!


malaprop - January 18

Whoops, I meant to say "Kelly", but I typed "Jenny" - SORRY! Really, I very much appreciated your happy news! :)


3timemama - January 18

B___terflymami, yes it did look like a second sac on the early u/s of it. And the ER doc described just as you did, as blood between the uterus and placenta, but my ob described it as my placenta was bleeding. Well, I had my appt at my reg. ob the 16th, so I asked him and he said that the blood clot is from where my placenta was bleeding. They are actually a little surprised that I haven't had any more bleeding. I just don't understand why I am still at high risk, if I haven't had any more bleeding.


Jellomold - January 23

Hello again. I'm checking in again now that I'm 35 weeks pregnant! I had 2 big bleeding episodes really early on and was told I was losing the baby, but nope...all is well and the boy is healthy and right on track for his birth in 4 wks or so! Just thought I'd share. Keep your chin up everyone!!


aliciamarie - January 23

i am starting week 15 and just got back from perinatologist for u/s after a week of bleeding. turns out i have subchorionic bleeding. anyone out there this far along to just now be finding this out? thanks for the support


malaprop - January 31

Hi, ladies. I wanted to let you know that I went in for an u/s yesterday at 10 weeks (I had a major red bleed at 7 weeks and have been spotting since 41/2 weeks), and my little one is doing perfectly. We got to see arms waving and legs kicking - it was AMAZING! I just wanted to share and give those of you who are scared some hope! I know I'm not out of the woods yet, but things are looking really good! Best wishes to all!


ShiningStar - February 18

I had an u/s done two days ago at 6w5d pregnant. We saw the HB and the baby was measuring two days ahead. The tech, however, noted that I had " insignificant pool of blood" outside of the sac. She didn't measure it and she didn't give it a name and she said it wasn;t necessary to have a follow-up u/s. After reading through this post I'm pretty confident that I have a SCH. I'm also pretty disappointed that my OB's office isn't more proactive. How long does it typically take a SCH to heal?


ShiningStar - February 18

One more question...what did your SCH look like on the u/s. Mine does not look like a sac at's a black colored arch that borders the gestational sac. Does that sound like a SCH?


lydia_b - February 18

Hi Shiningstar, it sounds like you may have a subchorionic bleed, but I suggest you speak with your doctor to confirm this. Mine was only small but it showed up like a small black coloured spot on the ultrasound. I was just on 6 weeks when I had my bleed but the subchorionic bleed wasn't picked up until the 11th week at the second ultrasound I had. Some good news for you all too, our little bub was born on the 6th of Feb after a 5 1/2 hour induced labour. Her name is Alana Kai and she weighed 7 pd 13 oz. So far all is well with her :-) thinking of you all :-)


avasmom - February 19

At week 14 I had a GUSH of bright red blood and thought for SURE I lost the baby. (no bleeding before this) I was rushed to the hospital and the ER doc told me I will probably lose the baby. I was told to go on pelvic rest and to take it easy. I spotted brown blood off and on for a few weeks, then had another gush of red episode. Again, I bled only brown. Then, at 19 weeks, I had no bleeding! Well, yesterday (20 weeks) I had more brown blood (not alot, just on my undies and when I wiped) and again today. I am worried still, although my OB doesn't seem too worried and everything has been ok with the baby thus far. Has ANYONE out there STILL had spotting past their 20th week? Thanks, April


Bonnie Morris - February 19

I had my first US on Thursday Feb 15, and they found bleeding inside my uterus. Baby was measured at 6w6d and had a 141bpm heartrate. I have had 5 miscarriages in the past 2 years, and my doctor told me I have a 30% chance of miscarriage again. I am off work, on complete bed and pelvic rest and saying lots of prayers. I want this little baby so bad, I just hope the bleeding either stops or reabsorbs. I return for my second us this thursday 2/22 and will keep you posted. Good luck to all. I am also on 200mg of prometrium 3 times a day v____ally to help maintain the pregnancy. Does anyone else have any suggestions?


Crystal_H - February 20

I initially started having light spotting when i was 6 wks but i was told after ultrasound that everything was fine. I am now almost 13wks pregnant and sunday morning i awoke to a ma__sive amount of blood and cramping. I was very upset because this is not the first time that I have been thru something like this. This is my 7th pregnancy. I have 2 living boys that were both born premies and my other 4 I lost at about 12wks except for the one I lost at a little over 20 weeks due to a placental abruption. I found out from the doctor at the ER that I have a large almost 2in subchorionic tear, but was told that the baby's heartbeat is a strong 164 and the baby is very active. I was told that they were listing me as a threatned miscarriage and this is not the first time. I feel completely lost because the spotting that I had seemed to almost have never happened because everything was going so good. This came outta nowhere. The children I lost before I justified by having a stressful job(military) but now I'm out and I have a desk job. I am only 25yrs old and can't seem to keep a child, and I feel like right now if I am going to miscarry I wish it would just happen already so I don't have to keep hoping and then be crushed.


snelson2065 - February 24

I am 16w3d last week I did not sleep well and got up in the morning to go to the bathroom, I looked down and noticed that I had a lot of blood in my urine. I went to the er convinced that I was going to loose the baby. They foung his heartbeat and did a u/s they said that he was very healthy had a good hb. Then they noticed the tear and said that it is 5cmX1.8cm-is that big? They said that is was a retro placenta clot- which I guess is like a Subchorionic Hemerage but is on the back side of the placenta. Does anyone else have this? I really think that everything will be ok, but it is still very scary to wake up one morning to blood. I also never really bled that much. I did not have to wear a pad or anything just one big gush and then brown spotting when I wipped the rest of that day. Please let me know if you have any insight on what is going on with me.


cannon baby 4 - February 26

Hello, Morgan i'm 10wks and i just got the same news today. I've gotten a little info about it on webmd and just by searching under the term subchorionic hematoma which is another term for it. I hope you find that helpful. Good luck and God's blessings to you and your baby.


masublanco - February 28

To all of you with subchorionic bleeding, I always promised to myself I would post after my pregnancy if my story had a happy ending... Well....I was diagnosed with subchorionic bleeding the same week I found out I was pregnant (7 or 8). I went to the Ob cos I thought I had lost the baby after a gush of bright blood like a menstruation. But the baby was still there. I had to stop working and bed rest. After that gush, it became spotting for a round a month, I also had light cramping and when I finally thought the nightmare was over, at 13 weeks another major bleeding episode, this time because of a low lying placenta.... another month of bed rest and much heavier bleeding then. Well, both conditions resolved well and although i never thought this would have had a happy ending, it did... a 8 pounds 14 inches healthy boy with a normal delivery at 40 weeks on Christmas eve. Could I ask for more? I was also able to enjoy part of my second and my complete third trimester like a normal pregnant woman!!! I also thought that was not going to be possible. But it was.. so dont give up your hopes. Belive me I know how difficult it is and I know how many times I looked in these pages for happy ending stories. I hope mine help some of you to keep that mood up. Good luck!!!!


lauraj - March 4

masublanco, Thanks so much for your post. I am in your same position as you. I am 9 weeks preg. and at 7 started gusing with blood. Called Mom crying saying all was lost with the baby. I then went for u/s and found out baby was fine. I hope this brown blood stops soon. It has been light for almost 3 weeks. The happy ending to your story gave me hope. I will pray for all the moms during this scarry time. Laura



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