Subchorionic Bleeding

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lauraj - March 4

masublanco, Thanks so much for your post. I am in your same position as you. I am 9 weeks preg. and at 7 started gusing with blood. Called Mom crying saying all was lost with the baby. I then went for u/s and found out baby was fine. I hope this brown blood stops soon. It has been light for almost 3 weeks. The happy ending to your story gave me hope. I will pray for all the moms during this scarry time. Laura


b__terflymami - March 15

I just wanted to update also. I had a subchorionic bleed at 6 weeks along and I just gave birth to a healthy little girl! She was born at 38w5d and weighed in at 7lbs even. I know it can be scary but there are lots of good endings on this thread!


erinmcq01 - March 17

I have spent the better part of my day reading this thread. It is SO comforting to see that other people have had bleeding and their babies have survived. This is my 4th pregnancy, I have a 5 yo and a 2 1/2 yo and had a miscarriage between them, so bleeding really freaks me out. I should be 6 weeks...I woke up on Wednesday am with brownish-red staining and instantly freaked out. I called my OB right away and they ordered me to go to get my hcg level checked. I went and then the waiting game began. As the day progressed the bleeding seemed to get worse and went to red, but was only noticed when I went to the bathroom. Then it slowed and has been more like stained discharge eversince - I'm not wearing a pad anymore! When I called to find out my HCG I was floored to learn it was only 57. Seems VERY low and does have me concerned. They are speculating that my dates may be off. I had a retest yesterday and am sitting, crying and stressing until Monday when I can get those results. Did this happen to anyone else - it seems like so many got to go and get and u/s - I'm a mess! Please help!!!


lvgirl - March 18

For Erinmgq01 - I am 7 weeks and went to the DR last week w/ bleeding. Had an u/s and didn't even say that I had a "SCH." Said that it was a "blood bubble behind the placenta." I just happend to fall upon this thread and figured it out myself. Everyone's comments have been so helpful. I am in the same boat as you in terms of the waiting game. The Dr. told me that it is a coin toss as to whether I will keep this pregnancy and that we won't know until I see him in 2 wks whether the blood sac is getting bigger or is reabsorbing itself into the uterus. I have a 13 month old and it's hard to rest. Hang in there though and know that there are others out there scared too. I wish you luck and will continue to read the threads.


erinmcq01 - March 18

lvgirl - Thanks for the reply. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person that is going through this (although this thread has been my link to sanity!). I have to call the dr and get the results of Fridays blood work. My dh and I have decided to push for the u/s, this isn't about them, it's about us! Thank you so much for your reply, please keep in touch, it seems like we have a lot in common and both could use that extra shoulder to lean on right now. Best of luck to you!! Erin


KDF - March 18

Hey Ivgirl & erinmcq01 can I join you guys?!?! I too am playing the waiting game. Last monday I started spotting blood and I went to the dr on Wednesday he tested hg and go back again this Wednesday for another test and on the 29th for the results. I hate the waiting!!! I don't know what to think. I didn't have any cramping and only had light red bleeding for one day. I now have a heavy brown discharge so I know things aren't looking too good for me. <HUGS>


erinmcq01 - March 19

lvgirl and KDF - I want to wish you both the best of luck. I know the waiting game is aweful. Mine is over, I got word this morning that my hcg level had dropped and the I most likey miscarried. My emotions are all over the place, I;m sad, I'm hurt, but most of all right now I am mad. I go in for an office visit this afternoon, I guess so they can tell me face to face that I lost the baby. BEST WISHES TO YOU BOTH!! YOU ARE BOTH IN MY PRAYERS! ~Erin


lauraj - March 19

Congrats b___terflymami, i am so happy to hear of your happy birth. I am still in a critical part of my preg. I am 11 weeks, bleeding has stopped but i have lost 2 betweet week 12 and 14 so i need to contiinue praying all goes well and have faith! Last u/s baby was well with a good heart beat 175! By the way were you on Progejeterone? Erin hang in there. I am very sorry about your lost and will keep you in my prayers.


doll - March 19

hi everybody, I had problem logging on, this mail is long due I had to thank everybody for their prayers and support, my bunddle of joy came on 10th I had a Csection, she was 7 lb 14OU and is doing fine now, I pray everyone here does fine, take lots of rest and think positive.


KDF - March 19

Erin, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Hang in there! <HUGS>


lvgirl - March 19

Erin - I'm sorry to hear about your levels. My thoughts are w/ you through this difficult time.


jerra - March 21

I am a 34 year old at 14.6 weeks pregnant with identical twins (mine share the same placenta but have their own amniotic sacs). This is our first pregnancy (long awaited). At 9.3 weeks I had some brown discharge and went in for a u/s that detected nothing wrong. Then at 13.3 weeks I experienced a gush of red blood and went to the ER where they discovered a small sch (dimensions unknown). The babies were doing well with strong hr (158/164). I was put on bedrest. I then had brown d/c for 3 days then nothing. Then today brown d/c at 14.6 weeks. I'm insisting on a repeat u/s to determine if the sch is healing and my bedrest is doing the trick since I was already considered high risk b/c of twins. I am experiencing cramping which freaks me out a bit. Hope this becomes a success story too.


b__terflymami - March 21

Jerra, I also had the cramping after my bleed and it scared me a lot. The day after I had my bright red gush it was pretty bad and everything turned out OK!! I would definately push for a repeat u/s though. I did and thankfully my Dr. was all for putting my mind at ease and did one on the spot. I really hope the best for all you ladies having to go through this. It truly is scary!!!!


tuesdaylotus - March 21

I started having some pink staining at 8 wks 2 days. The doctor thought it might be from having s_x, and told me to abstain. Then after a couple more days had the pink staining again. I went in for an ultrasound, sure that I was starting to miscarry. The ultrasound showed the baby, very active, with a heart beat of 171. I felt a lot better. Then about a week later, during the middle of the night, I had a stream of red blood gush into the toilet. When I wiped there was lots of blood on the paper too. I figured that was it. I called the doctor as soon as the office opened, this was last Friday and he had me into the office. We heard the heart beat on the doppler, still very strong. I was again so relieved. On Saturday night, I had a little red blood when I wiped and by the morning I started gushing red blood into the toilet. This happened 3 or 4 times within 3 hours. The next night I had a little more red blood. I called my doctor yesterday afternoon and he got me right into the hospital for an ultrasound. I found out yesterday that I have a small (3/8 inch) subchorionic bleed. The baby is fine so far and still very active with a heart rate of 167, still normal. I saw him/her scratch their head. I got a picture. It was so cute. My doctor put me on rest. I am not supposed to have s_x, or lift anything over 10 pounds. I also should not get stressed out at all. He also restricted me from doing any ma__sage therapy work as he thinks it will put too much pressure on my abdomen. I am restricted for 2 weeks now and just resting as much as possible. I have been reading this thread since yesterday on and off and I find it very comforting. Thanks to all who write in and I send you all my prayers and wishes. Will update more later. I have another ultrasound in 2 weeks. Wish me luck.


DeeD - March 22

Hi guys-can I join you? I have been trying to get pg for a year now. I m/c in october. I am 6w 5d and have been cramping, pretty bad for the last 5 days. They did an ultra sound taody and baby is fine but they found the subchorionic hemmorage. i have to go back in 2 weeks for a follow up ultra sound. I am worried as I am sure you all are to. Good luck to all you ladies.


Jellomold - March 28

Adding another update: my baby was born 2/16 and is healthy and happy! He's quite the survivor! Not only did this pregnancy start with the subchorionic bleed, but he also was born with the cord around his neck three times and was delivered face up instead of face down! I was also curious what would happen with my blood clot. It never resorbed so I wondered if it would come out in delivery or after delivery, but it didn't. I guess it will slowly resorb. Anyway, just closing up my string of posts with the happy result. Best of luck to everyone else with this condition and stay positive!



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