Subchorionic Bleeding

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Jellomold - March 28

Adding another update: my baby was born 2/16 and is healthy and happy! He's quite the survivor! Not only did this pregnancy start with the subchorionic bleed, but he also was born with the cord around his neck three times and was delivered face up instead of face down! I was also curious what would happen with my blood clot. It never resorbed so I wondered if it would come out in delivery or after delivery, but it didn't. I guess it will slowly resorb. Anyway, just closing up my string of posts with the happy result. Best of luck to everyone else with this condition and stay positive!


SarahBeth - April 21

Hello I joined you all for a bit of peace of mind. I am currently 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I have two other children, 3 1/2 and 11 months. This pregnancy was a surprise. I have had a little bit of bleeding not like what the most of you have had, so that makes me worry if it is going to get worse. It all started about three weeks ago. I would get a bit of bleeding after s_x. It started out as a little smudge on the toilet paper. everytime after that point it would be a larger smudge. Until last weekend the whole wod of toilet paper turned a mucky red. I was a bit more worried than I was before. When I first called about the bleeding the nurse I think was a little p__sed because it wasn't nothing big to her. As I said before I have two other children and I had no bleeding or cramping, they were textbook pregnancies, so naturally I was concerned. After this bleeding over the past weekend, I called again and they brought me in for an ultrasound and found there is a subchorionic hematoma. She never mentioned how big the clot was, but from what I could see on the screen it looked ever bit as big as the baby. So now they wanted me to talk to my OB. He seemed not to be worried at all. He told me to try and take it easy(I am a stay at home mom, yeah right take it easy) and seeing how my bleeding was coming after s_x not to have s_x for two weeks. He told me that the bleeding could get heavy and red than taper off to a brownish color and that I may even pa__s the clot. I am just sure what to expect. I had a little bit of cramping, but no more bleeding(thats good). I guess I am just waiting a fearing this heavy bleeding and wondering if I should even worry about it or if that will be all the bleeding I will get. I don't go back to see him til May 21. So we will see what happens then and between now and then. I will keep you updated


TabC - April 29

I first started to bleed when I was 6 weeks. I was put on bed rest and the bleeding turned brown and became light, then went away after about a 2 1/2 weeks. I went to get an ultrasound at 10 weeks and they said that the clot was gone and I shouldn't have any troubles with it any more. At 12 weeks I started to bleed very heavy. I went to the ER and got an ultrasound. There was my baby floating around totally unaware of the fear that I was going through. I have continued to bleed lightly since then. In a crazy way it is comforting to communicate with someone who understands what I am going through. Everytime I go to the bathroom I am in fear of blood being present. I get an ultrasound on Wednesday, we'll see what's gong on then.


Elijahs mommy - May 5

I just found out I had this for my son who is 14 months old, the reason I found out now is we moved and my old doctor sent me my record. I never bleed at all. I read about people loosing babies and thank the good lord I never bleed or even lost him. I am really upset that I was never told. To make maters worse is that I was in the Navy at the time, and I was seeing a regular doctor not a military one. When I ended up with a csection it said I had an old blood clot in there. I am really upset that I was not even told.


tama anderson - May 7

I am 13 weeks along, and have bled for 3 weeks off and on. Each time is a huge gush with clots and bright red blood. Being a labor and delivery nurse, I am well aware of the risks of bleeding during pregnancy. I had 2 u/s which revealed a very large SC hemorrhage. It is surrounding the entire amniotic sac. It has not yet reached the placental edges, but if it does, the likelihood is that I will miscarry. It is good to read so many success stories here. I worry so much about this little person, and want so much for it to be okay. I have 2 boys, and am hoping this will be a girl. The baby is totally happy and healthy in there. I am on bedrest (difficult with 2 little boys) and drinking lots of water to keep from cramping up. I am hoping for the best, and hope the same for all of you. I know it can be very scary, but 95% of the time, it all works out just fine, especially if the bleed is not too big. Good luck, and take it easy!


kate21ryan - May 7

I am 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my 3rd child. At 5 weeks, I started spotting and at 6 weeks, pa__sed a blood clot and began bleeding very heavily. After going to the ER, the doctor said I have a subchorionic bleed. Amazingly, with an ultrasound, we were able to see our little miracle and hear the heartbeat as strong as ever. What a relief to know that I hadn't miscarried. I am still experiencing some light bleeding, which the doctor a__sures me is normal. My problem now is that nausiousness and dizziness are making me feel absolutely miserable. My saving grace is knowing that the more awful I feel, the stronger the baby must be getting, because it is still there, beating heart and all. My other two pregnancies were nothing like this. I was one of those lucky ones, who felt terrific throughout my pregnancies. Not so lucky this time. I have had many rea__surances from my doctor and nurses that this is all very normal and alot of women go on to have a successful pregnancy and healthy baby.


tuesdaylotus - May 9

Hi everyone. I found a group on yahoo. It is sch group. The women are so supportive and post daily. Not a lot of posts on this one recently. I found the yahoo group through the pregnancy info net thread called subchorionic hematoma. Good luck. My sch has healed. I bled for four or five weeks with some gushes. At my 19 week u/s the bleed is gone. It is so stressful I know but lots of success stories. xoxo


Kira_lynn - May 10

Oh im soo sorry ladies, theses scb's are horrible to have. I seem to be the only one who's had a bad outcome with one of these suckers. I was 5wks when i first bled, then 8wks, 10 wks, 11wks, 13wks. I had u/s every week and it wasnt until 13wks that they said the baby was sick and only had a heart and brain that were working. Seems that my placenta hadnt attatched properly and the scb was a sign but the odds were so low they thought nothing of it. I had to deliver at 19wks because the baby was so ill and i found out the day before that it had died. Im still waiting to find out if i have a blood disorder or if it was becasue i got pg too fast after my 1st m/c (1 cycle). Not to be the bringer of bad news, but i wish i had seen the bad side when i was going thru a scb, just so i could know all the ifo.


cr - May 18

Dear All I am new to this forum, and yes, it has been a rollercoaster since being diagnosed with SCH at 5w6d. It is small, but the brown spotting turned to heavier red spotting today. Next U/S is next Tuesday, so I need to wait ti out. I read several studies... and the outcomes here made me feel much more positive than they did! I have had 1 prev. MC and a blighted ovum about 3 1/2 months ago,so it is difficult to be positive..but I am trying :) Best wishes to everyone going through this. Just talked to a friend of mine and she had it happen too...right around my time period and she made it through ok :)


catchmaria - June 1

Question: Hi everyone, after reading the entries from all of you, I am relieved and alarmed. Releived that I do not feel so alone and alarmed that we are all feeling such anxiety and in some cases sorrow when this is supposed to be an exciting time in our lives. My husband (44 y/o) and I 34 (y/o) have tried to get pregnant for 2.5 years, we went through fertility meds and In Vitro with no success. In March we found out that we got pregnant, on our own! We were so excited. Then at about 11 weeks, a gush of bright red blood that did not let up for a while. Went to the ER and the OB on call did not even come to the ER probably because I was so early. We heard the heartbeat on doppler and went home. I had an US the following day, baby looked good, active and HR of 162. Bleeding let up over the next few days. Then, exactly one week later, another gush... this time, darker with clots. I had an US the following day and baby looked good again. I was scheduled for an TV /US this past Wed when I was told that I had a SCB. I was only put on pelvic rest. I was told that we had a 50/50 chance of a successful pregnancy. It almost felt like because I was only 11 weeks that it was not such a big deal. This is a big deal. I'm glad that I found this forum, it is the first one that I have ever responded to. It is really hard to feel so scared all of the time.


jen327 - June 2

catchmaria, First I want to say welcome. Secondly, I was diagnosed with a SCH (Subchroionic Hematoma - same as an SHB) at 11 weeks too. I bleed at 6 weeks 7 weeks 9 weeks and 11 weeks. At 11 weeks I insisted my OB send me to a Maternal fetal a__sociates office, a high risk specialist. She did only probalby out of legal reasons. She told me it was 50/50 I would carry my baby. My tear was 2 cm. The Perinatologist at the MFA put me on bed rest for 5 weeks. I was evaulated again at 16 weeks and had not bleed for the entire 5 weeks so I was alowed off bed rest. I kept seeing the MFA until 26 weeks. I am now 31 weeks with a healthy baby and my SCH has been reobsorbed into my body they think. I know it is scary but you have to fight for the care you want. My OB felt bed rest was a waste of time and if I was going to loose the baby I would loose the baby. I felt I wanted to do EVERYTHING to keep this baby as we too had tried for many years and been through many hurdles. I encourage you to insist that you get the care you want. I discussed what the OB had told me about 50/50 and how nothing would help me keep from losing my baby and he suggested I switch DR's if I was not happy. He recommended 3 and the one I choose has been wonderful. She has listened to me and helped me through the hurdles I have had to go through. Obviously she could not guarentee my baby would make it, but she said we would do EVERYTHING in our power to help. You can feel free to email me at jennifer at oriley (dot) net if you have questions or just need encouragement. It was because of this site and the women I met here that I did not go crazy and I was able to get through the hardest time in my life. Good luck to you,


markee - July 12

I was just trying to find some info. I was diagnosed with this yesterday. it's scary. I am 12 weeks and began to bleed heavily I was diagnosed with a pretty significant subchorionic bleed. I am praying that it resolves. On strict bedrest now. Happy to have found this and see so many happy endings and my heart goes out to does that suffered losses. If anyone has any good websites for info. Please post. Thanks


ROBYN - July 16

Hey girls well i am a 2nd time around SCHr i just got diagnosed again on Friday i am only 7 weeks mine started last week at 6 weeks with one gush no clots no cramping we did invitro so the RE said it was implantation related go home relax well it stoped and then 4 days later last thursday another gush huge clots i was absolutely positive it was a m/c called the IVF nurse they said rest we will see you in the morning and sure enough the RE said yep another hematoma you are on bedrest we will see you again on the 20th. So here i lie again with another one of these. We lost our 1st pregnancy with IVF in Feb at 14 1/2 weeks unrelated to the SCH that one showed at 7 weeks but we had lost the amniotic fluid a complete fluke and had to terminate the pregnancy. But my RE said once you get one of these you are very prone to getting them again i am living proof of that just hoping that it shrinks and can hopefully have a sucessful pregnancy. I wish you all luck


tama anderson - July 16

Hi, I posted at 13w after being diagnosed with a large SCH. I have bled ever since but am still carrying a healthy little girl at 23w. I ended up having an amniocentesis because they thought the baby had Downs, which can also be a__sociated with bleeding. But all was well, and the little fighter made it through the amnio. I still bleed/spot every 3-4 days like clockwork, but was told that would probably happen for the rest of the pregnancy. Apparently my bleed is coming from a tenuously attached lobe of the placenta. She is growing small due to the increased demand on a poorly attached placenta, but still following a growth curve, so all is well for now. Still having U/S every few weeks to track growth, but she is hanging on by her fingernails! This is the first and only girl after 2 boys, so we are praying all will be well until she is big enough to come out. Good luck to you all. Bleeding is scary, even to a labor and delivery nurse such as myself. God bless.


karno1 - July 29

I am glad to hear that this is somewhat common. We did IVF and had no problems until 6 weeks and huge blood gush, thought I miscarried and was instead told I have CHB. I am being followed by Maternal Fetal SPecialists and on pelvic rest-kinda hard with a 2 y/o at home. My Doc said most of these go away, but I am shocked what statistics some of the women posting on this topic are receiving by their MD. There really isn't any medical evidence of success rates in pregnancy. I am praying our twins will survive this (already had 3 miscarriages) and we can have some healthy babies!! Good luck to all of you....


sportsfreak - July 29

I am 11 weeks prenant and found out that I had a mild subchronic hemorrage with fluid in the cul-de-sac. It started with waking up one morning with a liquid all over my pants and i went to the hospital. That's were they told me the diagnosis. My OB told me to rest and call if I had bleeding. I am having the same discharge that I had before but its' no blood. Should I call just in case?



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