Subchorionic Bleeding

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sportsfreak - July 29

I am 11 weeks prenant and found out that I had a mild subchronic hemorrage with fluid in the cul-de-sac. It started with waking up one morning with a liquid all over my pants and i went to the hospital. That's were they told me the diagnosis. My OB told me to rest and call if I had bleeding. I am having the same discharge that I had before but its' no blood. Should I call just in case?


Shereejoy - July 29

I agree bedrest, bedrest, bedrest girls. That is what I did and I am sure this helped see my baby boy through. Gee he is 14mths old now, wow how time flies. I wish you all luck.


puppylover - July 30

What a wonderful forum! Thanks to all of you who've shared so much feedback! Has anyone suffered a SCH as early as 3.6 weeks? I just had a rush of fluid, then blood clots (5) the size of quarters, more bright blood, then subsided all in about an hour's time..... but my cramping hasn't subsided. I went on immediate bed rest when this all occurred, but still have AF-type cramping (I'd say moderate levels) all day. 16 hours going strong. Anyone have this long of cramping after pa__sing lots of blood clots and blood then it stopping?


KatjaStian - August 1

I'm 7 weeks pregnant (with twins) and experienced bleeding (red) and clotting last week. at the 6 week mark (lasted about 10 minutes with two meduim sized clots). I went in immediately for an ultrasound and was told I had subchorionic bleeding around both sacs. It's caused by a partial separation of the gestational sac from the uterine wall which leaves blood around the sac. I was basically put on bedrest for the weekend, and have been instructed to lay low until the sacs have a chance to reattach themselves naturally (which they should). This means no exercise or excessive activity of any sort., including s_x. If the baby's implantation is high enough in the uterus, usually you won't experience (or won't actually see) the bleeding as it is often reabsorbed into the uterus without exiting the body. In my case (and apparently yours too), the gestational sacs are located low in the uterus and the blood doesn't have a chance to reabsorb before exiting. I don't know how long it takes for the sacs to reattach fully, but my ultrasound tech has never seen a miscarriage result of such subchorionic bleeding. So don't fear, and rest, rest, rest until that ultrasound! Good luck and congratulations on your baby!!


ROBYN - August 1

Hey girls well i am living proof that the SCH can actually dissolve, It didnt it my last pregnancy that unfortunately we had to terminate in Feb at 14 1/2 weeks i lost the amniotic fluid completely unrelated but we just did our 2nd IVF in mid June and i am currently a little over 9 weeks and got 2 bleeds one at 5 weeks and one at 6 weeks i was put on bed rest and on the 6 week bleed had huge clots i thought for sure this is it its a definite m/c went to my RE he said more bedrest see you in a week went back at 7 weeks the whole thing bascially dissolved i had a tiny tiny sch left and now for the past 2 1/2 weeks just have old old spotting so most of these will disolve so alot quicker than others but it can happen my activities are still limited no s_x, no walking for long periods just taking it easy but i have had several u/s since and everything looks great. Good luck to all of you.


jamielynnb - August 8

i was 5 weeks when i was told about the large subchorionic bleed i had.i started bleeding bright red blood with huge clots and i was went to the hospital for them to tell me i was probably going to have a miscarriage or i was in the process of having one.I FREAKED..since then i have been bleeding brownish coloured blood i went back to the hospital yesterday and had an ultrasound they told me the baby looks good the bleed is getting smaller.i saw the little heartbeat flickering and the baby was moving.i was surprised to see that since im only 8 weeks.i didnt think there was much hope but ive been proven wrong...STAY POSITIVE


Bluemoon - August 9

I was told I had a subchorionic hematoma when I started to bleed at 14 weeks. I was told it was fairly large and my OB put me on strict bedrest. The reddish (fresh) blood bleeding went on for about a week then I started to bleed brownish blood which I was told to expect because the blood had clotted. That lasted for about 2 weeks and then stopped. Now I am 23 weeks and the clot has almost disappeared. My OB still has me on modified activity as a precaution but my little girl is doing great and growing perfectly. Pray and keep a positive att_tude. This seems to be fairly common but still very scary nonetheless.


Lote - August 14

Hi I had a bleed at 11 weeks, went for a scan and baby was ok - then I bled again a few weeks later for a few days and again a week after that - they couldn't tell me what the problem was at the scan so when I bled again it was scary. My midwife said i was too early into the pregnancy to have another scan then so i contacted my GP and told him that the stress was killing me and that I need to have another scan to find out whats happening. He was very dismissive but did book me in for another scan and the scan showed that I had a subchorionic hematoma on the womb wall - this is basically bruising of the womb wall and the placenta and baby were fine so it wasn't deemed to be a problem. The scan nurse said that it is normal for hematomas to drain off or be re-absorbed into the body and that bleeding (especially dark brown and not fresh red blood) is a good sign and will stop after several weeks. This was a relief to me, the bleeding did stop and didn't come back after about 15 weeks and I am now 39 weeks and awaiting the arrival of my little one with baited breath! hang-in there, try not to worry and demand that your GP gets you in for another scan if the bleeds continue. Good luck!


nikkim2x - August 31

I recently had a hematoma last wednesday and it saturated my underwear and my shorts. I went to the emergency room where they said that I didn't have a hematoma (exterior Ultrasound) but my ob the next day said I did with an internal ultrasound. I have since been back this past wednesday and they said that the baby was still growing normally and that I was still at risk for a threatened miscarriage. I am now not having pains in my pelvic area anymore but I am still having brown blood and I am getting really worn out from stress. I don't know why I can't stop having the brown bloody discharge. My doctor said he has a patient that is still bleeding at 17 weeks. Will it ever end? or will my pregnancy end first.


cherish_28 - December 10

At 12 weeks pregnant I bleed heavily, more then a pad full on blood & a size of a 50c coin clot. I waited at the hospital for 2 hours before a doc saw me; she had told me that it was more then likely I had miscarried my baby. I was very devastated, & couldn’t stop crying… she couldn’t do an internal examination (because she couldn’t find my cerxic) But then the doctor decided to referrer me to get a scan. When I got the scan done, there was a tiny little baby, arms & legs waving around with a strong heart. I was over the moon & ever so grateful I was told to go home and to have plenty of bed rest. Everything after that seemed to be going fine until I reached 4 & a half months, I started bleeding again, this time it felt as if I was going into labour, I had very bad cramps in my stomach. My husband took me to the hospital, they put be on the IV & received medicine to stop contractions. I had a scan, baby was ok, but they could see that my placenta was low-lying & it had torn away from the wall of the uterus & told me hopefully I wouldn’t go into labour. The pain subsided. After a few of hours of being in hospital. I had to stay in hospital for a few days until my bleeding had turned to brown (old blood) I was in and out of hospital on numerous times for bleeding, so much in fact that the hospital became more like a 2nd home (not that I enjoyed staying there). I was put on steroids every other time I ended up in hospital to help my baby’s lungs develop quicker. I was also advised from doctors to abort my child & told me there could be a very big chance of baby being handicap or with some brain damage. My husband & I thought about the possibilities …but my will was to keep on going with this pregnancy. We had come this far…if it was meant to be, so be it. My waters broke early at 33 weeks pregnant. I went straight to the birthing suite & was put on the heat beat monitor for a few hours, baby was fine and there were no labour pains. Later that night I was taken to the ward….I didn’t go into labour till 3 days later. I gave birth to my daughter 3 pounds & 1oz. She was taken to intensive care, put into an incubator for 1 night then into a cot the very next day. She didn’t need any help breathing…she was doing well on her own. My daughter came home at (37 weeks gestation) 1 month old. She is now 9 years old and is just like any other kid. You wouldn’t think she was born premature.


tama anderson - December 10

I initially wrote on this forum at 13 weeks when I started bleeding heavily. My bleeding continued for the entire pregnancy. There really was no explanation for it. They thought it was the placenta, then the cord, then the cervix, then that the baby had Downs. I was on and off of bedrest. The only odd thing was that the baby was very tiny. Finally she stopped growing altogether and an emergency C-section was done a month ago. Baby was beautiful and healthy, and still is! Who knows why we have to endure the emotional traumas that can happen during pregnancy, but I wanted to share my happy outcome to give the rest of you some hope. This forum helped me a lot during the pregnancy.


zzbubbleszz - December 19

hey all hubby & i found out last week that were expecting another baby & couldnt be happyer we all ready have a 18month old all was good untill last night i started bleeding a little more so just pa__sed brownish mucus i went to hospital they did test & told me to go back 2day for a ultra sound. we went there 2day & hd the ultra sound done it showed nothing so they did a internal ultra sound witch reveld twins 2 sacs this is what they wrote up for my normal doctor Teigan pretstened to our department with pv bleeding she is 5/40weeks pregnant on exam her cervics (OS) was closed with a mucus plug there was no bleeding in the v____a. her beta-HCG LEVLES IS 36000, SHE HAD A ULTRA SOUND 2DAY WITCH SHOWED 2 SACS & MAYBE A BLOODCLOT IN UTERO. WE ARE UNSURE WHAT THIS MEANS WE HAVE BEEN ADVISED TO REPET HER hcg LEVLES IN 3DAYS. I no why they have to do the hcg levles to see if they drop or rise (they didnt dectect heart beats but i am only 5weeks so it is to soon to see that anyway)but in the mean time i have been giving no answer as to if i have lost 1 or both or niether. & is it dangrouse to have a blood clot in there with the babys? what are the chance of carrying both babys till full term. if anyone has been through thi or somthing simerler it would be great to hear from you. as the not knowing part is killing us thankyou heaps


taunya - December 19

I am 13 weeks and was actually in the hospital when my bleed happened. (thankfully) I was admitted 1 week prior for hyperemesis with a 20 pound weight loss. The vomiting is unreal and now the dry heaves are even worse. I have had every known treatment now with no success. Morgan, if it helps you any, my doctor said if after the bleeding episode, the heartbeat is detected strong and regular, the chance of miscarriage is only 5 percent higher than if you had no bleed at all. Hope that helps, or at least aybe someone else can give me some advice here on either one of my ailments!!


sherri f - December 26

Hello-- I am on Clomid therapy and not due to start my AF until this weekend (day 24 today)--on Friday evening (day 20 ) I had a scant amount of dk brown when I wiped and then again on saturday and sunday--though not too much. On monday I worked and the flow increased a little, had s_x monday night and then today (Tuesday) I have had flow all day though not like my normal period--did not even fill one pad and mostly was red during wiping. My period NEVER comes early---I had my tubal reversed on Oct 30 and my OB/GYN suggested clomid therapy to speed up my "getting pregnant" process as I am 40. I have been teary all day thinking I am having my period but now after reading your notes am wondering if anyone has experienced anythign similar? Should I take a pg test as tomorrow I was going to restart my clomid since that would be day 3 if my cycyle is indeed here--any advice? If I had gotten pregnant would it still be too soon for a test to tell me? Please advise ?


taunya - December 30

If anyone reads this and is going through this, could you tell me if you had spotting after the bleed that varied in color and amount? I went from almost nothing to very dark blood that is filling a panty liner. And my activity doesn't seem to affect it. HELP!!


lauraj - December 30

Hey Morgan, Hang in there. I know this is a hard thing to go through. I was for sure i lost my baby. If its a small tear it will usually heal its self. I was told its better this happened early on because the baby is not so big, giving the placenta time to heal. Mine did and i went on to have what i call my miracle child. Keep us posted. You will be in my prayers. Laura



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