Subchorionic Bleeding

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Lote - September 25

I agree with Tara B, try not to worry even thought he doctors don't help in not telling you anything. I had to fight to get the diagnosis of subchoronic bleed with my first pregnancy, they don't realise how difficult the stress is to cope with. I have a very healthy 2 year old now (see my post on here in 2007) and am now 34 weeks pregnant with my second child. I found this forum invaluable in helping to put my mind at rest where the doctors failed miserably. It is a particularly good sign dejisgirl that it is painless bleeding, and if the baby had a strong heartbeat after you had bled (and are still bleeding) then try to be positive, it sounds like everything is ok and bleeding throughout the whole preganancy still wouldn't mean it was a miscarriage. Hang in there, my thoughts are with you, try to be calm and not stressed and enjoy your pregnancy xxx


jerra - September 25

i just want to give a quick update. i had a sch at 13 weeks when i was preg with my identical twin girls. i was soooooo worried especially since two babies relied on one placenta. i did go on bedrest until the bleeding stopped and took it easy the rest of my pregnancy. i'm happy to report that two very healthy, happy 2 year olds occupy our house (and a 5 month old--no sch during that preg). take care and, listen to your bodies and yourselves. i wish you and your babies the best.


rbenson87 - April 20

I am going thru this myself. I started to spot last night n called my doctor this morning. I had a miscarriage back in November of '07 so they told me to come in right away. They did an ultrasound and I saw my baby n heard its heartbeat at 183bpm. I then talked to my doctor and he told me I had a subchoronic bleed. He told me no s_x, and no strenuous activity. I go back in two weeks for an other ultrasound. Right now I'm 10weeks and praying everything goes smoothly. I don't think I can handle losing an other especially since I've heard its heartbeat. I'm trying to keep positive but like the rest of you seeing the blood makes it hard to do. I will keep you posted as to what happens with my pregnancy. Keep your heads up. Your baby will need you to be strong.


sarah143 - May 14

Hi all! It seems as though all of the posts on here have had positive outcomes, so that makes me a bit more relaxed but I can't help that I'm nearly having a breakdown! I began bleeding at 10 weeks and have continued off and on for the past 2 weeks. The last 3 ultrasounds have shown a healthy baby with a strong heartbeat. This past u/s showed 40% of the amniotic sac separated at the top. The Dr has given the pregnancy 50/50 odds. I am now on bed rest with very limited activity. Either this will heal itself or miscarry. The part I'm having a really hard time with is that the baby is perfectly healthy but it's my body that is failing this pregnancy. I have other problems going on that has limited this pregnancy as my last possible one which is making this situation that much more difficult. If anyone has any positive stories or words with similar situations as mine, I would be forever grateful!


Layla86 - June 17

Hi Sarah1431, how are things since your last post? Progressing well I hope. I've been spotting on and off for a few weeks but had an absolute massive bleed (clots the size of a first etc) last week at 10+5 weeks. Had to spend two days in the hospital because of blood loss. The scan, miraculously, showed a healthy baby with strong heart beat but no answer to what caused the bleed until yesterday when they scanned again and found a large subchorianic haematoma. It's apparently not close to the placenta which I understood to be a good thing, but other than that I did not get more information. Very very anxious and scared to miscarry. Did your doctor say what size your bleed is? Is that important to keep track of? All the best xx Layla



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