Subchorionic Bleeding

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Ann - August 29

I have been bleeding since 6 week on and off, and quite heavy bleeding (soak more than 2 pads in 10 min) once in a week basis. Now I am 12 weeks, have been placed on bedrest. My doctor says that I have subchorionic bleeding, but she does not see 'blood clots' at all in u/s. (I had six so far). Now doctor tells me to 'ignore bleeding as the baby is growing' but I am still on bed rest. I wonder how many ladies here are on bed rest with this condition - are you on complete bed rest, or 'house rest'? My doctor wants me to be on complete bed rest and I have been which forced me to file for short term disability. It's been really tough even though I know the baby is growing.


Mindy - August 29

I was told to just do light activities and put my feet up if I was bleeding. My doctor did not bother to tell me that my hematoma was growing. My bleed was very little starting from wk6 and it got worse. I decided at wk ten to go on bedrest even though I asked my doctor and they told me "just put your feet up if you start bleeding." I had weekly u/s to check on the baby. The baby was growing ahead with a strong heartbeat. I was told that 90% of these cases heal up and that everything would be okay. Well, I went in Aug22 for my u/s and ob appt. and found out that my whole pregnancy was wiped out. It was such a shock to me because I never had any cramps or pain. My doctor saw me after the U/S and the first thing she said was "you knew your baby had attachment problems" which I had no idea since I had three healthy pregnancies and never dealt with a subchorionic hematoma. I asked my doctor what was the measurement of the hematoma and she said 7wks 2x3cm and 9wks 4x5cm so this thing was much bigger when it detached the baby. I was just in shock and crying so much that I could not ask anymore questions. I feel like I was robbed, and I am so angry with how those doctors handled my case. So the best advice I will tell you is to make sure you have a good specialist and go on bed rest as soon as possible. My heart is so broken and I will never forget my little baby. I'm not sure I will ever get over this!!


Kathy - August 29

I was diagnosed with this today. I can see if in the u/s pics but it is very small in comparison to the baby and the rest of the attached sac. I was told to be on light duty, no lifting and no s_x but to continue on my normal things. I had one heavy bleeding that scared me. I went through three different bathroom visits with just waterfalls almost as if I was urinating with clots. I am now being monitored regularly with u/s and am at 10w 1d. My OB has a__sured me things will be fine but I have a feeling it might be hereditary...


Jessica - August 29

I am sooo happy to know that I am not alone in this....I will be 12 weeks tomorrow (just thought I was getting out of the danger zone!) Last Tuesday I woke up with heavy bleeding like AF was here -red blood pa__sed two small clots....Of course I was hysterical as I went through IVF to get here and really don't want to go through a m/c after all we have done to get here....I went to the emergency room and they confirmed it looked to be stopping and my cervix had closed.... They then did ultrasound and I saw that baby was just fine....few what a relief....I only spotted after that until Friday or Saturday then it was gone...Only see faint pink here and there but I am so happy not to be alone...I was on bedrest till yesterday


chrisy - August 31

well i have bad news.i lost the baby last really upset,i dont know what to do with myself.everything was going great.the baby just didnt have a heartbeat.the doctor does not know why it happened.i guess the only thing i can do is try again.and pray this next one makes its


jennifer - August 31

I am glad to see that I am not alone.I found out that I had a subchorionic bleed at 6 wks. I have had no bleeding, but I have had severe cramps and been to the er 4 times.I went to the er yesterday b/c I suddenly got sick and I had severe cramping. I was told that the bleed is increasing in size, but the u/s showed a live baby with the heart beat of 170. The er doc said that even though the u/s looked good that it could change. I feel like they know something and are trying to protect me by not telling me. She reran my quant. hormone levels and they were 67,000. She said this was a good level. When I was 8 wks this level was 123,456. Remember b/c I thought it was odd 123456. When i told her that she called and got the results from my pcp that had initially done them, and I was right. She explained to me that they were different labs and thats why they could be so different.but even so this number is supposed to double every two days so it should be way higher. i am now 10 wks and i still haven't had any bleeding. i just have really bad cramping in my back and stomach. i was told bed rest and i would have to wait and let nature take it's course. Easier said than done.


sa__sy - August 31

I am 10 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I stepped out the car, and a gush came out of me. Blood everywhere, down my legs, and of course it's difficult not to panic. My husband rushed me to the hospital, as we recently lost our second child 3 months ago to miscarriage. So we thought, oh no not again!!! I pa__sed three clots at the hospital (clots not fetal tissue) and they used a doppler and we saw the baby was fine, and the heart beat was strong. The doctor told us it was a subchronic bleed, and that after 10 weeks you have a 90% chance of carrying to term, provided no heavy lifting, no s_x, no STRESS!!! which for me is like telling me not to breathe. I am scared whenever I go to the bathroom. But I rested last night, and the bleeding has slowed down. I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning to check the baby, and they did blood tests to make sure my HG levels are rising. I know it's scary. It's downright even cruel sometimes, as this is supposed to be the most wonderful experience ever, and it's hard not to feel you are doing something wrong, or letting your spouse or other children all happy about the pregnancy down, as the bleed continues on and off, as it has for so many of us. Many people say it's up to your body. I believe in God, and there are reasons things happen. HOwever saying a simple prayer doesn't hurt. I pray and talk to my baby all the time, telling her to hang in there, be strong, fight. I hope she listens... Good luck to everyone, and my own prayers are with you all. Love and godbless...


sharonF - August 31

I have been following this site now for a week and a 1/2. Some of your stories have been very rea__suring. I was diagnosed on Aug. 22nd with a subchorionic hematoma. Unlike many of you, I have not had any bleeding. I am an American currently in South Korea on business. My husband and I have a big magic and illusion show that we travel with. We did not plan this pregnancy while here, but we were extremely happy when we found out. The Doctor's here in Korea seem to be pretty well educated. They did my 1st ultrasound when I was only 4 weeks. I went back for a routine checkup on the 22nd when I was 7 + 4 weeks, thats when they found the hematoma. The Dr. said that it was only a blood clot and not to worry, however when I told her that I wanted to fly home in the next couple of weeks, she told me that she did not advise it. I called my ob at home and she told me to fax all of my paperwork home to her in the states. She advised the same thing and told me that I should get a RhoGam shot because I have A - blood and my husband is O+. I went back to the Dr. here in Korea on Thurs. the 25th, they did another ultrasound and said the the hematoma grew. They gave me the RhoGam and a shot a Progesterone. The Dr. said that I should go on full bed rest and that I had a 50/50 chance of continuing the pregnancy. I still have had no bleeding and I am going crazy in wishing that I was home with the support of family. My husband and I really want this child, it is our 1st. He is being very supportive but it is hard considering he still has to continue performing. Does anyone think that since I have not bleed yet that it is a good sign? I go back on Sept. 5th for another ultrasound and they hope that it will reabsorb. I really want to tell my parents that I am pregnant, however they will freak out because they will be so worried. I don't want to worry them, so I have opted not to tell them. Sorry this is so long, but I am homesick and scared. I really want to get home to the states but I have to wait it out.


jennifer - August 31

this is for sharonF i too do not have any bleeding and can find little info on this subject. aug 30 i was told that my hemorrhage was increasing in size. i am having alot of pain but no bleeding. i also have 50-50 chance. this is my fourth pregnancy.all the other were normal healthy pregnancies so i am as shocked and frieghtened as you are. hang in there and try not to stress. i now it is hard but the more your body is in stress the harder it is for the body to heal itself. this is not something you have done wrong it is just a random act so don't blame yourself or wonder what you could of done differently. your hcg levels should double every 2 days so if it makes you feel better i would ask the doc to do this often so you can sleep at night. by the way i am a nursing student and not even my instuctor who has 30 yrs experience has heard of this bleed. just remember if something does happen it was ment to. your body tries to get rid of the fetus if it is not viable. hang in there and stay in bed. keep me posted.


sharonF - August 31

Jennifer, Thanks for your support. Your situation sounds alot like mine. I have also had severe cramps. I woke p in the middle of the night twice with really bad cramps. It felt like someone was squeezing my uterus like a sponge. I did not go to the hospital because I did not have blood. I can't wait to Monday to for my ultrasound. I will also ask them to check my HCG levels. My prayers go out to all of you going throgh this.


sa__sy - September 2

UPDATE: Okay I am very frustrated. I had an ultrasound yesterday to follow up what happened a few days ago. We saw the baby (good news!!!) saw the little bum kick and wave it's arms around. I am 11 weeks now. The baby had a heartrate of 150 bpm which I was told is normal. The doctor later came to explain the results. His answer, there was no hematoma, no subchronic bleed. But they have no clue why I am STILL bleeding!!! I tried asking several questions but got the brush off by the doctor, and have a scheduled appointment with my own OB next Tuesday. The secretary for my doctor said I shouldn't worry. But both my husband and I are concerned with the bleeding. I wake up at night with cramps, feeling miserable, can't sleep. You know I have one little boy who is six, and lost one three months ago, this pregnancy wasn't planned, like the last one, but when we found out we too were also very happy. However it's hard not to worry when your body is doing something it's not supposed to. Family and friends want to go baby shopping, and talk about the baby, and the way I feel right now, I just want to pretend I'm not even pregnant, despite my growing belly. I cry all the time, wondering if today is going to be the day it happens, where the baby becomes lost. I am trying to remain positive, for the health of the baby, but it's hard, when all signs point to the baby growing, but I go to the bathroom and see bright red blood, and small clots. It is helpful to read others are going through the same thing, but at the same time, difficult to put your mind at ease that things will work out alright. I hope everyone hangs in there, as I will try to do. I guess it's not really up to us much, but up to our bodies. I just wish mine would cooperate!!!


Jessica - September 2

My intention is not to preach so please don't think that....It is somewhat up to our bodies but it is really up to God....Take a leap of faith and put it in his hands....It really does take some stress off!


Norma - September 2

To Jessica, I really liked your comment! you are 100% right on that one.


sharonF - September 2

I would like to consider myself a faithful person who practices her religion, and I do agree that God does what he feels is right for us and our children. Having faith is one of the only things that has kept me sane since finding out that I am high risk, however, sometimes our emotions can get the best of us. I feel that it is good to talk about it with other people and that also relieves stress.


Jessica - September 3

SHaron I completely Agree!


SharonF - September 5

Hello everyone. Hope that you are all doing ok. I went for a follow- up ultrasound today and got to see the baby. The baby is fine and has a strong heartbeat. The blood clot has stayed the same though. It is still bigger than the baby, but has not increased. It is on the edge of the placenta, so my dr. wants me to stay in bed for 2 more weeks. the Dr. seemed optomistic that I should be able to fly home to the states in early Oct. I hope that that is the case. I really want to be home and safe



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