Subchorionic Hematoma

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Alicia - May 21

Anyone else been diagnosed with this?


Colleen - January 8

Yes, I have. At 12 1/2 weeks I had extreme bleeding that lasted about 4 hours. Now at 15 weeks I'm finally spotting again, but it appears to be old blood. You?


Colleen - January 26

Well, I'm now at 18 weeks. The spotting of old blood lasted almost 3 weeks. The dr. was a little surprised by this so he checked my cervix. It was still long/hard so everything is fine. He advised that I shouldn't see any more problems stem from this. As for staying in bed, no. I can resume normal activity including my aerobic cla__ses at the gym. I'm sure they'll tell you that after the bleeding subsides. Enjoy your resting!


Christina - January 30

I was diagnosed with a hematoma on Jan. 19th, at almost 14 weeks. I started bleeding and rushed to the doctor's office. It was a truly terrifying experience. A subsequent visit with a perinatologist on the 25th showed the hematoma is still there, and also I have a low-lying placenta, which can sometimes be the cause of a hematoma as the placenta doesn't attach as well to the lower uturus as it does to the upper uterus. It is now the 30th and I am still bleeding dark brown blood. The doctor says this is ok, but fresh red blood would be a bad sign. On top of all this, I'm scheduled for an amnio, and they'll have to go through the placenta to withdraw the fluid. I feel like a mess and am praying for the hemotoma to "scar down" so that I don't have to live in fear.


Loretta - January 31

Yes, I had a "large" one on the 18th. I haven't had any bleeding since then (2 weeks later). At an ultrasound a week later, I was told that the membranes still haven't reabsorbed so my chace of miscarriage was still high. After 2 weeks of bed rest my midwife told me that there was no data to show that bed rest really had any effect on whether the pregnancy continued or not. Bedrest was usually suggested so that, if I miscarried, I wouldn't feel as guilty. I'm now back at work but taking it easy.


Christina - January 31

Are any of you on Progesterone for this? My doctor prescribed 100mg suppositories twice a day. He said it relaxes the uterus and promotes placental growth, but I still wish I didn't have to take any type of medication or supplement..


Bridgett - February 7

I am 6 weeks along and they found a small clot. I haven't had any bleeding yet. But they also said the baby's heartbeat is a little slow. Is this as bad as it sounds?


tricua - February 15

yes i have been diagnosed with this condition. I am currently pregnant with my second child.


sonja - February 20

I have a large Subchorionic at 8 weeks. I was put on bedrest for 2 weeks, and I;m taking progesterone. (bleeding lasted only a few hours)


sonja - February 20

I have heard that this is very serious, and I've heard that this is no big deal. It appears there are a lot of causes of bleeding - so knowing the cause is important. My bleeding stoped the first night of bedrest - I'm wondering if the lack of bleeding means things are retracting and getting better? The progesterone is supposed to make the lining absorb the blood - any info?


Heather - February 25

I am 12 weeks pregnant and one night started gushing out with blood. I thought I had peed my pants but realized it was not urine. My husband and I immediately thought I was having a miscarriage, very scary. This is our first child and even though we may not be as at high risk as we think, I think we need to take it easy and stay in just never know..what if you are at work and someone bumps into you, etc? Its not worth the risk, therefore I am asking my Dr. for an extended bed rest notice. Family comes first and I wish all of you luck and am sending my prayers. Just remember, its all in gods will.


Sonja - February 25

I have been on bedrest 2 weeks! I have been told at last appt. that the baby needs to get bigger than the clot. heather, 12 weeks... is that unusual? Did you see the doctor? I have Ultrasounds each week now to monitor the baby's growth. My bleeding was at 8 weeks (heavy) but only one day. I am also taking Progesterone to help thicken the lining. (So I have been told) Rest up, no lifting and I wish you well.


Christina - February 25

I am 19 weeks now and have had no more bleeding episodes, just that first time and then the "old blood" for a couple of weeks after that. My amnio went well, but the fluid was dark brownish/red and not clear like it normally would be. This scared me, as I thought the bleeding was all outside the sac. I'm still on Progesterone, although I have been taking it once a day instead of twice, as was prescribed. The "pelvic rest" is a bummer, especially as this is my first pregnancy. Next week is my 20 week level 2 sonogram and I am looking forward to the update. That is the one upside to being high-risk: all the times you get to see your baby!


Burcu - March 1

Yes, bleeding started in my 13th week and lasted for a week or so and now I'm in my 18th week still resting at home with dark brown spots continuing. I'm worried it might not go away and this lasts for the whole pregnancy (if I'm lucky, 9 months ). Do you know any cases like this? What happens when the baby gets bigger and I still have the hematom? I have progesteron injections once a week. I believe meditation helps and I'm thinking of considering reiki soon.


Jeni - March 1

I have had spotting since my 6th week. I am now 9 weeks. At first it was just once a week for about two weeks. My doctor said it is pretty small but lately my bleeding is increasing going from dark red to bright red. I am very scared and was told to stay in bed and to be honest it seems the more I get up the more I spot. So needless to say I am staying in bed. I wouldnt want it on my conscience that I could have prevented it. I am bored as heck though I gotta admit. Good luck to all of you and I wish you the best.


Stacey - March 2

At 12 weeks preganant, I rolled onto my side in bed and felt a huge gush. After 6 hours in the emergency room with nurses telling us it didn't look good and it was okay to cry, we found that I had a subchorionic hematoma of 5.1 cm by 8.1 cm. (The baby is only 6 cm). Now, at 14 weeks, the baby is hanging in there. I've been spotting for 2 weeks. In the past 3 days, the flow has increased and I have a constant pain on the upper right of my uterus, where my doctor says is where my placenta tore away from my uterus. I'm on complete bedrest which is completely frustrating when my 1 1/2 year old son is tearing through the house and I'm scheduled to begin weekly ultrasounds this week. I had 6 ultrasounds previous to the incident, none of which showed any sign of a problem. I have premature ovarian failure, so my son and this new baby are the result of a donor egg and hundreds of shots / medications. After 3 years of infertility treatments and having this new baby in cryogenic storage for 2 years, you tend to realize how precious life is. Best of luck to all of you going through the same.


Vicki - March 7

I sufferred two episodes of heavy bleeding (lasting about 24 hours) due to two large subchorionic haematomas. These occurred at 11 weeks and 16 weeks. In all, I had 11 weeks of spotting that ended in about my 22nd week. I was advised to take it easy and had 1 week bed rest after each episode. Do not haematomas got bigger as the pregnancy progressed and I believe that one even reached about 20cm. I am now the proud mum of an 11 week old daughter. Just stay worked for me.



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