Subchorionic Hematoma

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Vicki - March 7

I sufferred two episodes of heavy bleeding (lasting about 24 hours) due to two large subchorionic haematomas. These occurred at 11 weeks and 16 weeks. In all, I had 11 weeks of spotting that ended in about my 22nd week. I was advised to take it easy and had 1 week bed rest after each episode. Do not haematomas got bigger as the pregnancy progressed and I believe that one even reached about 20cm. I am now the proud mum of an 11 week old daughter. Just stay worked for me.


Susan - March 7

I'm 9 weeks pregnant - and i was told i have subchronic bleeing what is that


Natacha - March 7

Thank you all,it has been very tough lately especially when you think you are the only person going through this.I am 19 weeks pregnant and it is my second pregnancy, my first child is 18 months. On the 1st of feb, my family and I went away on holiday to visit my parents and two days later I was admitted at the nearest hospital for light bleeding, everything seemed well, I was discharged two days later and given some antibiotics to prevent any infections and the baby was ok.A day after coming back home I had extreme bleeding for 3 days, I rushed to emergency and again cervix was fine, baby was fine ,nothing showed on the scan. However 2 days after ,while having my antenatal check and after constant complaint of my slight bleeding, they found a hematoma underneath the placenta.The baby doesnt seem to be affected by it but I hate living in constant fear.I am not bleeding much and it seems to be old brown blood.I hate it when the doctor says "there is no guarantees,if it is not meant to be then it is not meant to be", well it is true but some of us need hope.For the working mums out there you shouldn't feel guilty because with my first child I worked and after my first child was born,I became a stay at home mum.I am still on bed rest and have had alot of help from husband, friends and maid but still it hasn't really made much difference.So I have made peace with myself and decided to have a positive att_tude. Good luck to everyone and God bless.


Unna - March 8

I had heavy bleeding 5 days ago, spent Friday in the Emergancy Room and stayed in bed for the weekend (spotting has continued until today, on Friday and Staurday it was fresh red blood, but now it's getting browner). Today a subchorionic hematoma of 2,2 x 1,4 x 1,2 cm was found in the fundal region. I'm very grateful for all of you writing about your experiences, since so little accurate information about this is found in books.


Christina - March 12

Here is some good news, and some hope for all of you: After being on constant watch for the past 8 weeks, when I had a heavy bleeding episode, I had a level 2 sonogram and a Doppler scan to check blood flow from my uterus to the placenta, and through the umbilical cord, my doctor has removed me from the "high risk" category and my pregnancy is now considered back on track, with no added risk of preterm labor. When I rushed to the doctor with the bleeding, I was convinced I would miscarry. I had "old blood" spotting for a few weeks, and was prescribed Progesterone suppositories. Other than that, I just took it easy and prayed. Second trimester bleeding is truly terrifying, but your pregnancy can progress normally. It's a good idea to see a perinatologist and monitor your condition through sonograms. Good luck to all of you, I know it's very hard to live in fear, but there is always hope.


Maddy - March 15

Yes. I am now 14 wks but during my 10th wk is when I experienced my first terrifying episode. My blood clot was only less than a centimeter but is accompanied by a lot of sharp daily pains. Although, I was only seriously bleeding for that day it was enough. I continued bleeding old blood for the next wk and a half. I was placed on bed rest for 2 wks but the doctor also told me that it wouldn't make a difference. I went back for another ultrasound with a high risk DR and they found that the clot has enlarged from less than a cm to 4cm, while I was on bed rest, but that the baby is really active and the heart beat is strong. I am now back at work for the pa__s 2 wks but this pa__s wkend I started spotting old blood again. Although, the doctor told me that this would most likely happen again b/c during my last ultrasound they still found blood around the area, it is still scary to see any kind of blood while pregnant. I started taking my wkly progesterone shot last wk but I was told that there is no guarantee that it will help. The doctor also told me that he'll let me listen to the heart beat every wk which is great. This will give me at least a little a__surance till the next wk or next ultrasound. My next ultrasound is scheduled for 03/31 which I am hoping will show that the clot has decrease in size. Being as though this is my first pregnancy, I am constantly hoping and praying for the best.


Donna - March 16

I was diagnosed with this at 14wks they said it was 2cm and I would pa__s it or it would dissolve.I went back to the hospital for my detailed scan and now they say its grown to 8cm.I am 23wks now bot havent had any bleeding at all.


Kara - March 16

Thank you all for writing. I feel a little better after reading your responses. I started bleeding at 13 weeks and have continued spotting brown blood until today today (2 weeks later) when the last sonogram revealed a 5 cm hemoatoma. My doctor (who I trust and delivered my first baby), while concerned, remains positive and a__sures me that most women with this type of bleeding go on to deliver healthy babies. I'm doing my best to stay positive and you all helped. Has anyone found any articles on the web about whether progesterone really helps?


leslie - March 16

today i was diagnosed with subchorionic hemoatoma. can anyone explain what this is and how u get it?


Sonja - March 18

I Have an update. I wrote in when I was 8 weeks and was diagnosed with this. I took Progesterone until I reached 12 weeks, and I was on bedrest for 2 weeks . Today I am 13 weeks and last level 2 ultrasound showed the baby is great, much bigger than the clot (which is still there but old blood). As I understand it, as the baby gets bigger this is really not a threat. many people bleed through the pregnancy, it's only in the beggining that it's risky. Unless, the clot or tear is new where the baby is attached to you. In my case the clot was at the opposite side. This site was the most informative of any I have read. This was a very scary time for me and I thank all the Ladies who wrote in. Best wishes to all of you!


Tina - March 25

I am at my 12th week and started out with some brownish discharge 2 weeks ago. I was put on bed rest for 2 days then told to take it easy. Well last sunday I had a gush of dark blood. Was put on bed rest for another week. I had an ultra sound done and baby is moving great and heartbeat is great. The ultra sound tech said a small dark spot looked like a hematoma and bed rest would heal it. I go to my Dr. Monday...hopefully he'll give me all the info. I want. This is my first baby and I'm sooo worried.


Heather - March 27

I was diagnosed with a hematoma at 12 weeks. I was put on bedrest for 4 weeks. The Dr said it wasn't getting bigger which is good, but it's not shrinking neither which worries me. It's inside my uterus and I haven't bled now in about 2 weeks. I guess that is a good thing, but at the same time, if I am not bleeding, doesn't that mean the hematoma is just still sitting there? I am going back to work tomorrow and am very nervous about it. A part of me would feel more at ease on bedrest but the Dr. said things look okay. Has anyone ever heard of having a hematoma throughout the whole pregnancy? What if it never goes away? My fear is the baby is growing rapidly so won't that get in the way? Thanks and god bless everyone with the same problem :)


sonja - March 28

I have another update. I read these responses, and I know exactly how you all feel. I just got the all clear at 14 weeks. (you can see my previous entries) the hematoma will either shrink over time (be reabsorbed) or it might stay there. Mine was there as of 12 weeks and I had the same concern about taking up space that the baby needs. I guess that's not even a concern at all. At 14 weeks it has gotton tiny, and the baby is huge in comparisan. This is really common, I have no idea why there is not more info on it, a Subchorionic Hematoma is a very scary name, for bleeding in the uterus. Take care!


Jennifer - March 29

I have had this since 7 wks - I am 12 week and I have been bleeding everyday from soaking a pad within 2 hours to spotting... not sure how long this bleeding is supposed to last.


sonja - March 30

Jennifer, I would say as long as your baby is growing properly at each visit, and getting bigger this will become less of an issue. That is what my doctor told me. Try and stay off your feet if you can . A lot of people bleed throught their pregnancy, it's just important to have a good doctor and stay positive! Good luck.


Tracie - April 1

Yes, at 20 weeks. I bled and was admitted for 2 days then released as the clot had reducted in size by 50-75%. They never advised me the size of the clot. Three days later I was admitted for a high fever. Ultrasound revealed my water had broke and the only option was to deliver my baby at 21 weeks. He was born without a heartbeat; the infection had caused his death. He weighed 14 oz. and was 9 in. long. He was perfect. I don't mean to scare anyone, but I lost my baby within 5 days of being diagnosed with this condition. I too was told a subchorionic hematoma is not a serious condition and most of the time the body absorbs the clot. I think my case is rare, but please be aware of how serious it can be.



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