Subchorionic Hematoma

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Tracie - April 1

Yes, at 20 weeks. I bled and was admitted for 2 days then released as the clot had reducted in size by 50-75%. They never advised me the size of the clot. Three days later I was admitted for a high fever. Ultrasound revealed my water had broke and the only option was to deliver my baby at 21 weeks. He was born without a heartbeat; the infection had caused his death. He weighed 14 oz. and was 9 in. long. He was perfect. I don't mean to scare anyone, but I lost my baby within 5 days of being diagnosed with this condition. I too was told a subchorionic hematoma is not a serious condition and most of the time the body absorbs the clot. I think my case is rare, but please be aware of how serious it can be.


San - April 3

I was diagnosed with Subchorionic Hematoma at the first check up around 7 weeks. I am now 9 weeks and have cycles of occasional spotting from red to pink to brown. It has become a routine to check for blood after each bathroom visit. My doctor has told me that as long as the baby grows at the normal rate and the blood pocket does not spread to the amnionic sac, miscarriage is not likey to take place. I still get nervous seeing blood every time but I am hanging in there and trying to be positive at the same time. It's very comforting having to discuss this condition with people who understand what I am going through. It will be nice to start seeing replies from those with Hematoma and made it to delivering healthy babies.


Diane - April 4

Unfortunately, I have a sad story regarding a run in with a subchorionic hematoma. I lost a baby at 9 weeks (2 weeks ago) to a subchorionic hematoma. I really think bedrest would have made a difference, as laying in bed I had no bleeding, but when I got up, it would get heavier. My doctor didn't tell me to rest in bed - it was my husband's good sense that told me to do it. I rested in bed the last two days before I lost the baby. I didn't have a lot of bleeding, but pa__sed a lot of clots. Unfortunately, even taking these good faith efforts, I had poor advice from a practice who had too little experience with this. I am afraid they are recurrent. Have any of you had these over several pregnancies? Good luck, ladies and stay in bed until that bleeding stops!


Melissa - April 5

Yes, I had a transv____al ultrasound today, and I was told I have a placental abruption and a subchorionic hematoma that was 6cm. I am 8wks pregnant, and really was given the impression there wasn't much hope, but was told to stay in bed. I'm not sure what the risks are to me, though and I's like to find out what my safest course of action is on continuing my pregnancy. I'm very alarmed at some of the things I've read.


Diane - April 5

Melissa - best of luck to you! I hope you continue on with a safe and healthy pregnancy. I would definately find out how much experience your doctor has with SCHs and if the practice hasn't had many cases, I would find someone who as. Some doctors will prescribe certain medications and they appear to be successful in bringing pregnancies with SCH to full term.


Bethanè - April 8

Thank you all for your responses. I am only 6 weeks pregnant (with my first child) and was diagnosed with a 4.2 cm subchorionic hematoma this week. My baby is only 4 mm! The size difference terrifies me. I spent time in the ER and have been talking to my doctors everyday but no one has suggested bed rest! This sounds VASTLY different from the advice that you received from your doctors. I have been at work since the day I went to the ER. I will now be calling my doctors with questions about both bed rest and progesterone! Thanks for all of your input! Best of luck to all of you and God bless!


Angie - April 11

Yes, I was diagnosed with subchorionic hematoma @ 12 1/2 weeks, ultrasound was not able a visible size because it was so small, yet I was put on partial bed rest for 1.5 week. I went to the doctor a week ago and heartbeat was at 158, baby sounded healthy and now I have returned to work, I am only spotting now brown-dark blood but hoping that by coming back to work it's not going to make it worse. My doctor said these are very common and go away by themselves so hopefully sometime soon!


JMurphy - April 13

I am 6 weeks, 3 days. I pa__sed a brownish clot last Thursday (5 weeks, 4 days) and I also had some light spotting when I wiped for 3 days afterwards. No more bleeding since and I am scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow. I did have some very bad cramping the day of the clot and the Saturday that followed. I was also advised to take it easy. First pregnancy and I am extremely worried. My midwife described the bleed as an implantation bleed. I do not know what to think. I never had red blood.


shannon - April 13

i have had the same thing, diagnosed with a subchorionic bleed at 7 weeks, in the ER, had slight spotting, but the SCH was so small they couldnt see it, told me not to worry, last friday, i stood up and a ma__sive bleed, with clots happened, had vag ultrasound and baby is ok, but its so scary, i am terrified. I really appreciate this website and all of you ladies..good luck to all of you!!


kaylee - April 14

I have had this with 3 pregnancies now, with my first 2 girls i bled alot but everything turned out fine. Now with this pregnancy I was diagnosed with a hematoma at 7 weeks but by 9 weeks it got reabsorbed, so I am hoping I don't bleed anymore... Good luck


ester - April 15

i was just diagnosed two weeks and it has been an emotional rollercoaster as well as a physical one i feel that my friends and family dont really feel this is a painfuul experience and that we really do need lots of help and support i am trying to do the best that i can staying off my feet but i find myself very detached from the pregnancy i cant bring myself to read magazines or books it has been really hard and i just want you all to know that if you are having a sad day thats ok we should stay positive but we have to embrace our emotions and be real i am in my 13th week and in the process of looking for a new dr. i wish you all health thanks for sharing God Bless


Kristy - April 16

I was diagnosed with a subchorionic bleed this week.I am six weeks pregnant with my third child. I never had any problems with my first two pregnancies, so this is emotional hell. I had an IUD that fell out, and we're not sure if that could have had anything to do with it. They saw the baby's heart beating on the ultrasound, and of course, saw the SCH.I had only had one incident of very slight spotting when I found this out.This morning I bled very heavily with large clots for a few hours, and I am scared to death. The doctor told me to monitor the bleeding over the weekend and they'll do a scan during the week. The bleeding has slowed down and is now very slight, but I can't stand not knowing what exactly is going on inside my body. I wish all of you the best of luck.


Justine - April 20

Yes - I was diagnosed with a 1 inch hematoma in the uterus at 8 weeks. I had bleeding at 6 weeks 4 days and then at 7 weeks 2 days - some red/pink for few hours then brown for few days. Apparently hematoma are not uncommon after IVF which is what I had but are rare normally. At the 9 week scan the clot had doubled to 2 inches and was all around the baby - I thought it was over. I then had heavy brown bleeding and at 10 weeks the clot was still 2 inches and had moved away from the baby. I have had a bit of brown bleeding since then and am due for my 12 week scan on Monday. They think it will stop bleeding/resolve around 12 weeks but I'll believe it when I see it. Its very scary but I've got resigned to it now and know there's nothing I can do other than avoid heavy lifting etc. When I was on bed rest my clot doubled so I've stopped that now - think it made matters worse as blood clotted rather than came out. How's everyone else doing?


JMurphy - April 20

I had ultrasound after previous posting at 6 weeks, 3 days and saw a healthy heartbeat! They said that my hematoma is now a "small possible bleed." The very next day I had a couple of drops of red blood and then brownish spots/stains for 2 days. I was told to relax and only worry if their were cramps and heavy bleeding. Since then the spotting has stopped. I was told by my midwife that hematomas are very common and may account for up to 20% of first trimester bleeding. I did not have IVF and this is my first pregnancy. Hopefully all will continue well, I am very happy to have seen the heartbeat. Good luck to all!


Chris - April 20

I was diagnosed with a hematoma at 6 weeks. My doc thinks that because of the hematoma I miscarried a twin. I am still pregnant with one baby, but each week I bleed. Today I stood up and soaked my pants because I bled so much and so suddenly. I had another unltrasound today and they say that the baby looks fine, but the hematoma is getting bigger. They think that if I can make it to 12 weeks, the baby will be fine. I am just taking one day at a time.


Stephanie - April 20

I am 13 weeks pregnant and started spotting at 12 weeks. It was very light the first time, and then a couple of days ago, I bled bright red blood very heavily. I filled a pad in 10 minutes. I thought for sure I was miscarrying. I went to the hospital, and the baby looked fine, but they saw a clot and saw a separate area of fluid about 1 1/2 inches. I was told to take it easy for a couple of days, and then I could go back to work. My bleeding has stopped after 3 days. Hopefully, that's the end of it.



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