Subchorionic Hematoma

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palki - September 13

Tara: Thank you so much for the response. Did you bleed heavily during the first pregnancy or now ? Or was it intermittent bleeding followed by spotting ? Its the latter my wife is suffering from. best wishes and congratulations!


Tara B - September 14

Palki: Last pregnancy not so much just brown spotting. This pregnancy i thought i was having a misscarriage. I started bleeding very heavy and cramping severly. I went to my docs immediatley and thats when they diagnost me. My stomach was super sensitive for two days. Now its here and there really starting to slow down. Just bad the first week with bright red. When is her next appt?


palki - September 14

Tara: Her next appt is on the 22nd. Time flows so slowly when you are anxious!


belovey - September 16

Hello, I'm brand new here, and today I was diagnosed with a s/h. I had what I THOUGHT was a miscarriage on August 14th, 2009. I had severe bleeding and cramping, but only bled for 2 days. My doctor said to try and have a natural miscarriage, and to see him if I had any other problems. So, a month later, I saw him about some "post-miscarriage" symptoms I had been having, and come to find out, I never miscarried and still had the baby! This was two days ago. I had another ultrasound today and they said I had a large blood clot in my uterus. I had been spotting every other day since Sept. 1st, and everyday since this past Sunday. Sometimes its just brown, but other times its more pinkish/red. They said I'm 17 weeks along, and told me to be very careful. They want to do another u/s two weeks from now, so they can tell if it's growing or shrinking. But since I've been spotting continuously for more than two weeks, they said it's kinda scarey. What's really scarey to me is thinking about all I've been doing the past month that has probably worsened this condition. I didn't know I was still pregnant! I'm so worried. They say the baby is fine, which I'm so grateful for. And we also found it that it's a boy! We have two little girls, 2 yrs and 8 mos. I'm just looking for answers and some relief from my stress until I can see my doctor again in two weeks! I'm just really scared.


Tara B - September 20

Belovey-OMG how scary for you! So you thought you misscarried the day's you bleeding heavily and cramping or during the month you didn't see you DR? Did you pa__s tissue? I'm surprized your DR didn't want to see you earlier. I thought you could infections from letting the fetus stay in you if you didn't pa__s it through or maybe I didn't understand correctly. Im sorry you had to go through all of that :(. This is my second pregnancy and 2nd time having SCH. First time was painless and just spotting for the most part. Of course I freaked out and had to see my DR all the time and probably had 5 ultrasounds by the time I was 13 weeks pregnant. I bled from 6-12wks first time. This time I seriously thought I was going to have a misscarriage and die it hurt so bad. I bled heavily for 2-3 days with severe cramping on the first day. This was 8/21/2009. I begged my Dr to let me come in and check it out. She seriously tried making me wait through the weekend till MOnday, but Im not good at the waiting game. They gave me an ultra sound and told me that everything was fine for NOW and told me I had SCH. Im 11 weeks today and still spotting brown. My next appt is on the 30th of Sept and I cant wait. What kind of things did you do that you are concerned about? I was a chronic pot smoker until I found I was pregnant (9/18/2009). I stopped, but then when I thought I was misscarrying I smoked a little on the 21st before I knew my dr would see me. I've had two other ultra sounds since then and things seem to be fine so far. Have you had s_x or anything? Im going crazy and so is my boyfriend. We went from 3-4 times a week to nothing since 8/17 or 8/18 i think is the last time. I'm going to turn into the BJ queen I swear! Well Belovey I hope everything is good. Love to hear from you! How is everyone else doing?


Tara B - September 20

I meant chronic pot smoker until 8/18/2009 sorry. Haven't smoked since the 21st of august when I thought I was going to lose the baby. ALso, sorry for the grammatical errors and typos, lol.


mitzka - September 26

Hello. This is my first time here. I am pregnant for the third time, no real complications with the other two. They are now 10 and 6 years old. I am now almost 34, and maybe my body isn't what it was when pregnant at 24 and 28. Well, anyway, I am 12 weeks along in a few days, diagnosed with a second SC bleed yesterday. At 8 weeks I was diagnosed with the first small one, and I was told yesterday (3 1/2 weeks later) it looked old and clotted. I found out I had another because two nights ago I woke up through the night to pee and had a gush of blood. I have spotted weekly only when I wipe from 6-12 weeks (which was usually after s_x or straining for a BM), but that gush of blood freaked me out. I thought for sure I was going to miscarry. After an u/s, baby looked just fine, moving around constantly, good heartbeat. But, they found another small bleed near the cervix (the other one was more towards the top of the uterus). I feel the pain of all who write here. I just want to enjoy being pregnant, and I fear if I don't relax, that the stress will cause a miscarriage anyway. I fear going to the bathroom, waiting for another gush incident. I know I shouldn't think this way, but it is hard. I have a few questions for anyone who has some kind of explanation. I was under the impression that SCH come from improper attachment of placenta or when the egg implanted in the uterus it didn't do so quite right. If that's the case, why would a second SCH begin at 12 weeks? Does age have anything to do with this? Also, on a different point, my baby's placenta is located in the lower right side of my uterus. I read placenta attachment higher up in the uterus is better, lower more risky. My doctor never told me that, but I read way too much I suppose :) Seems with pregnancy, all is possible, and there are a thousand exceptions to the rules. God's blessings to all who are praying to make it nine months like I am...


Tara B - September 26

You know Mitzka, thats a good question about how can you be diagnosed twice within the same pregnancy. I was reading up above, maybe someone in 2005/2006 had it twice in the same pregnancy as well. I do know that it has something to do with everything attatching itself to each other, but SCH is a bruise. Maybe when the uterus or your organs are getting pushed around it may have cause another bruising. I am not a doctor nor even close Im 28 working in property management. I will be 29 when I deliver, so I am definitley guessing here. Not sure if age has anything to do with it. I was 25 when I got pregnant with my fist and had SCH. So you've had s_x? My doctor this time around told me no s_x, but my first doctor told me not to limit any activity because if its a strong healthy baby it will stick around in there. Im 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow and have been spotting for several weeks now, so I know what you mean when you are afraid to go to the bathroom. I was especially like that with my first, its scary. I have my next appt on the 30th so i will keep u posted about how mine is. Good Luck and talk to you soon!!


mitzka - September 26

Hi Tara, Nice to know I'm not alone. I did have s_x a few times in the last month, before my huge gush a few days ago. I don't plan on having it again for quite awhile. At that point I had only spotted, never even on a pad, so my doctor had said s_x was ok if I went an entire week without spotting. Well, things have certainly changed now. I was due to go in on the 30th as well, but now my dr wants to see me Monday morning to go over the u/s she didn't review yet. I am currently spotting with stringy brown or red discharge (sorry if tmi), so I'm hoping I hold out until Monday. Thanks for your stories. They help a lot. Keep me posted.


Tara B - September 28

Let me know everything went today! We ended up having s_x. I stopped spotting for almost a week and about 2-3 hours afterwards I started spotting again. Still brown.


nzsc - October 3

Hi - New Here - I have SCH and I am terrified of m/c. I had two previous m/c. I am preg. now, 39, from ivf. I started bleeding a lot of Wed. evening, after DH went to work. I thought for sure it was m/c number three. But it was not. I had an u/s scheduled the next day (Thurs) and found out it was SCH and that baby is okay for now. There was so so so much blood I freaked out. The bleeding slowed down, but much more then just spotting. I am on bedrest, going a little crazy. I am really concerned about this b/c of my age. If this results in a m/c, I am so not going to TTC again. It is all too much stress for me. I am 6w currently.


Tara B - October 3

Hey nzsc- Hopefully everything will be ok. When is your next appointment? Im now 13 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with SCH with both pregnancies, so try not to freak out I know its hard not to. Im 28 now and was 25 when I was pregnant the first time. Ive had 4 ultrasounds and baby is still in there. My bleeding has pretty much stopped for the last week and a 1/2. My doctor told us we can have s_x now, but to take it easy. Kepp us updated!


nzsc - October 4

Hi Tara B - My next appt. is this week Thurs. Thanks for the encouragement. It is just so scary to see all that blood right now. I will keep you posted.


cjmegli - October 23

I thought this forum was super helpful when I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma at 5.5 weeks pregnant--not that I am near 14 weeks I thought I would let some people who are wondering how things turn out. Same story as many of you-- I started spotting and was told that it was probably just due to an irritated cervix. Then about a week later I felt a gush of blood- we saw a midwife the next day who told us that we had a hematoma in my uterus, and she gave the pregnancy a 50-50 chance--telling us to expect the worst and we could be pleasantly surprised. After that any time I saw blood I was sure it was the start of a miscarriage. We were seen again at 7.5 weeks and were told that things were looking great- we saw a heartbeat and the pregnancy would likely continue. I had another bleeding episode with a clot pa__sed at 9 weeks- I didn't even want to go to the doctors because they all said that we just had to let nature take its course, but they insisted. Everything turned out fine- and the doctor told us that at this point miscarriage would be rather rare. She even went and researched more information on it-finally telling us that what the actual diagnosis was as a subchorionic hematoma. Being an MD student I did a bunch of research on my own--and here is the short of what they know: Those diagnosed with a SCH have a 10% risk of miscarriage (this is higher if diagnosed earlier--but I am still pregnant after the initial diagnosis should have been at 5 weeks). Appearance of a fetal heartbeat still decreases your risk. If you do miscarry, it is not due to the bleeding making your cervix open--but still thought to be from genetic abnormalities of the embryo. This is a new diagnosis from the development of better ultrasounds and we'll hopefully have more information about it soon. In the end- I have stopped bleeding, and spotting- my last ultrasound showed that there was no more blood and that the placenta and the baby are developing beautifully (it was also exciting because the baby looks like a baby unlike the last 4 ultrasounds the baby looked like a blob or a gummy bear but not a person) For most of us---we will have healthy pregnancies and babies-despite this scare. I don't know if that is rea__suring or not. Best of luck and thanks to all of you.


cjmegli - November 19

A sad update- after being told by three doctors the subchorionic hemmorrage had resolved. We have just lost our son at 16 weeks. Our hearts are broken. We still have no explanation and it may not be related at all, but I wanted to be honest with what happened. I hope for all of you that everything resolves and you have wonderful pregnancies.


Groovar - November 26

My first pregnancy was complicated by a very large SCH from Day 10 of embryo transfer (4th IVF) until 26 weeks. The SCH was larger than the sac and there was a fear that when the blood escaped it could have taken the baby with it. Also because of the constant bleeding and gushing of blood every few days it compromised my cervix. I was admitted to hospital from 28 weeks expecting the worse but my daughter was born healthy by caesar at 38 weeks. I am now 11 weeks (2nd pregnancy - 8th IVF) and I have just been diagnosed again with a SCH after bleeding. It is quite small and have been told it should not pose any threat to the baby. Hopefully this is true. I do have hope but bed rest is not as easy this time having a 3 year old that doesn't like sitting still. I still don't know much about SCH, the first pregnancy I really didn't think I would have a baby at the end of it so I didn't ask questions and just took it day by day. I know now reading stories about SCH I realise how lucky I was in my first pregnancy and hope that I am just as lucky in this pregnancy. All the best to you all



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