Subchorionic Hematoma

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Groovar - November 26

My first pregnancy was complicated by a very large SCH from Day 10 of embryo transfer (4th IVF) until 26 weeks. The SCH was larger than the sac and there was a fear that when the blood escaped it could have taken the baby with it. Also because of the constant bleeding and gushing of blood every few days it compromised my cervix. I was admitted to hospital from 28 weeks expecting the worse but my daughter was born healthy by caesar at 38 weeks. I am now 11 weeks (2nd pregnancy - 8th IVF) and I have just been diagnosed again with a SCH after bleeding. It is quite small and have been told it should not pose any threat to the baby. Hopefully this is true. I do have hope but bed rest is not as easy this time having a 3 year old that doesn't like sitting still. I still don't know much about SCH, the first pregnancy I really didn't think I would have a baby at the end of it so I didn't ask questions and just took it day by day. I know now reading stories about SCH I realise how lucky I was in my first pregnancy and hope that I am just as lucky in this pregnancy. All the best to you all


lonesomeocean - December 14

Hello everyone. I have found the information here to be very helpful. Thanks to everyone who has shared their stories. I don't know if this is what I have or not...I haven't been diagnosed yet. I thought I was going to miscarry when I started having some spotting/light bleeding at 4w4d. I saw my OBGYN at 4w6d, who did an u/s but said it was too early to see anything. She thought I might be having implantation bleeding and scheduled another u/s for 12/17 (at 7 wks). She said we would be able to see a heartbeat then. Since then (for two weeks) I've had bleeding/spotting off and on, red to pink to brown. Some days nothing. I would panic every time I saw blood thinking I was having a m/c (I miscarried at 4 1/2 wks in August--this is 3rd pregnancy, 1st was 5 years ago and perfect). I've had only mild cramping (normal uterus stretching pain?), and no clots. I am waiting for answers and hope to find out what is going on when I go in for u/s in 3 days. I'm trying to find out what this could possibly be...I've been expecting the worst but still hoping for the best. It is an emotional roller coaster. I was devastated after the m/c and am hoping there is still a chance things can go well this time. Hearing positive stories helps hugely! :) I'll update when I have some answers in a few days.


shomaswamy - December 15

This is just the page I was looking for. Its my 2nd pregnancy (my first being a still born at 32 weeks due to rubella).At 6 weeks and 3 days during the first ultrasound was diagnosed with subchronic haemotama. Here is what the report says and hope everything will be ok. "Single live intrauterine pregnancy with subchronic haemotama with fibroid of the uterus". Size of subchronic haemotama is 1.70 * 0.90 * 2.29cm vol 1.84 ml. baby's heart beat is 140bpm. cervix -= closed. I have no bleeding,cramping or spotting. I am put on progestone 200mg twice a day and some kind of an injection to be taken once a week for 4 weeks. I am on bed rest for 2 weeks...what do u think will I make it in this pregnancy?


sunnybrite6 - January 4

I had a subchroinic hematoma measuring at 8.5 by 6 cm at 12 weeks that's when I had the big bleed after that I spotted brown and still going till this day. I often have severe cramps but the fetal medicine specialist said that was my body trying to rid the blood fortuanetly the baby so far is safe. I am now 16 weeks and my hematoma is now at 4 by 2 cm so thanks to bed rest I think I'm getting better.we will see!


Dewi - January 20

Hi, i´m Dewi. I´m new here and just diagnosed with hematoma in my 9.3 weeks pregnancy. no bleeding occured before and i had normal activity. Next week i´m scheduled to travel to other country which takes around two hours flight. Does anyone who diagnosed with hematoma is allowed to travel that far?


kristylane03 - January 31

Hi everyone. I am 8 weeks 4 days and was diagnosed with a subchorinic hemorrhage last week. On monday it was 1cm and then by Thursday it was 6cm. The doctor acted as if this was the biggest one he has ever seen. He wasn't very rea__suring. I have been bleeding for 1 week everyday all day. There is so much mixed info on the internet. My doctor acted as if I will have a miscarriage any day now because of the size. What was the size of your hemorrhage? I know there is still hope, but I am so scared. I appreciate any advice.


bpack - January 31

Hi Kristy, My SCH baby is almost 2 years old but I happened to see your post and wanted to respond. My case was very serious and I bled continuously from week 11 through week 30 when I gave birth. My SCH was as large as 10 cm at one point. I was hospitalized twice for a total of 3 weeks because the bleeding caused early contractions. My advice is to take it easy as much as possible and try to minimize your stress. Both of these things seemed to make things worse for me. You may also want to check out the SCH Group on Yahoo. It is very active and provided lots of support for me. You have a great chance of everything turning out OK!


mitzka - January 31

Hi all! I haven't posted on here for many months, as I have found another great support group I go on more often. I had a big gush at 11.5 weeks, and the ER doctor (idiot) told me my baby could be "holding on by his fingernails," even though we heard the heartbeat. The ER doctor before that, whom I saw after spotting at 6 weeks, sent me home with a box of pads and a printout on miscarriage. I will be 30 weeks tomorrow. I was told by a perinatologist at my 19 week anatomy scan that my SCH was gone, and the baby looked "perfect." There is hope. However, one interesting thing I came to learn in the course of all the stress and pain is that I have Factor V Leiden, a blood clotting disorder. I have been taking a baby aspirin a day at the advice of the peri since 19 weeks. I go back next week to the peri at 31 weeks to check for growth, and pray all is well. There is an amazing support group on for SCH's. I just thought I'd let you all know. All the best to all of you! Melissa


aqualejo - May 1

Hi all, 2 days ago, at 8.5 weeks pregnant, I had a gush of fresh blood while at work. As I had an early miscarriage(6.3 weeks) 7 months ago, I panicked and thought for sure that this was the same thing. I went straight to the hospital where they gave me an US and diagnosed a Hematoma. The baby was doing fine though.. heart beating away. I was so emotional and confused, but happy! The bleeding had started to ease off at this stage (2-3 hrs later)so the doc advised me to take 2 weeks off, stay and bed and rest. The confusing part though is that he said that if I started to bleed again to come back to the hospital.. I have been bleeding (only when I wipe) dark brown blood, not heavily but it´s there.. since 2 days ago. Isn´t this normal? From what I have read online it is but I´m still concerned. As regards going to the hospital, I´m afraid to move from my bed and don´t want to be moving around or stressing out unnecessarily. Any advise or ideas would be greatly appreciated...


aqualejo - May 1

Hi all, I was recently (2 days ago) diagnosed (by US) with subchorionic hematoma at 8 wks 4 days .. After quite a bit of blood, I went straight to A+E in a panic as I was convinced I was miscarrying. I had had an early miscarriage 7 months previously and so was very distressed. The baby is doing great though so I felt some relief in this diagnosis.. although naturally continued to worry. The bleeding had eased off by the time I got to discuss the results with the doc. He signed me off 2 weeks from work and advised me to stay in bed. The confusing part is that he said if I started to bleed again, to come back to hosp. But I thought.. of course I´m going to bleed a little more at least..? And yes, over the last couple of days at home I have had minor dark brown blood (only when I wipe) From what I have read online this doesn´t seem to be a major cause for concern.. but I´m confused! I don´t want to go back to the hosp for nothing.. ie, I´m practially scared to move from my bed and stress out unnecessarily.. any ideas? Also ladies.. does anyone know if spending a lot of time in front of laptop is harmful? I´ve been online a lot! Any opinions or advise would be greatly appreciated!


juliecarroll7 - May 4

i was taking to hospital at 12wks bleeding and abdominal pain found out i had a hematoma. I was in hospital every 1-2 wks since it just got bigger every time i got a scan it had grown more at 22wks+3 days i had a placentral abrobtion i bleed to death by time the abulance got me to hospital my heart had stopped as it had no blood to pump i was rushed to surgry the took the baby which was still born and gave me a major blood transfusion and eventually stopped my bleeding i was in a medically induciced coma for 2 days. i am thankful to still be alive i have 4 healthy children but to anyone out there that r having problems find your self a good dr and if you are worried about anything ask questions. i didnt ask questions and have since found out that if the dr kept a closer eye on my thing could of been different look after yourselves and your babies


sheren - May 7

I'm wondering what's the cause of Hematoma? Last March 23,2010 I took my son to the x-ray room to have a chest x-ray. It took 4 shots because the early shots were blurred. I wasn't aware then that at that time I'm already 4 weeks pregnant.So I'm so worried that radiation may affect my baby and may lead to miscarriage for early pregnancy but thanx God theres no spots. Last Tuesday at 9 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy I had a transV and I was diagnosed of hematoma amounting to 0.33cc. I'm just wondering, did the exposure to x-ray caused the hematoma? Is there any risk for birth defects or miscarriage? I'm so worried please help me.


Koontzfan1 - May 15

This really stinks! I have 3 firends who are all pregnant. They are all happy and giddy and go shopping for baby stuff. It's a different story for me. I am currently at the end of my 7th week and didn't even know I was pregnant until 6 weeks. I am 38 and this is my first pregnancy. The day after I found out I was pregnant I had an US. Everything looked great so I was told. Later that day I started spotting. The ER doc called it a threatened miscarriage. A few days later at 2nd US, a SCH was detected. Though she said it was small and quite a ways from the baby. Since then I have had on and ooff spotting with one night getting up and feeling a gush of brown blood comming out. I looked it up on this site and a few other so I know what to expect, but I don't know how to feel happy like my pregnant friends. Always afraid.


Pregprob - May 19

I was recovered in hospital with a subchorionic hematoma at 10 weeks. It measured a whopping 9cm. I'm now nearly 27 weeks and my pregnancy is smooth sailing. Please read about it on this blog, post your opinions and ordeals. ww. miraclebabyboy. blogspot. com


Pregprob - May 19

There are 3 Ws and no spaces in the url


krazykat - June 12

hi everyone. I hae finally been diagnosed with a hematoma at 21 weeks pregnant. I have been bleeding since 13 weeks and 5 days but have never been in a great deal of pain a few cramps. My hematoma is 4.4cmx1.3cmx3.3cm the fetal heartbeat is around 160 beats per minute and i feel o.k. The thing is i havent been given any information on what to do exept an appointment to return for a further scan on 23rd June? Has anyone actually got any advice on this condition?



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