Subchorionic Hematoma

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Amy - May 9

I recently found out I was pregnant, (am 5wks) and my last pregnancy was a roller-coaster. I had my first bleed at 5wks, for about 48 hours, started out strong, but got lighter as time pa__sed, I was very scared, this was my 2nd pregnancy and my first had been textbook-perfect. The bleed began about 1/2 hour after my husband and I had s_x, and I had had an orgasm, I was convinced that the orgasm had triggered the bleed, since your uterus contracts when you have one. My doctor said to lay on my left side, feet elevated, but this was more to make me feel like I was doing something than for any effect it would have on the pregnancy. I went to my doctor and she monitored my HCG levels to see if they would go up, and at 6-1/2 weeks, I had my first ultrasound (v____al) which showed an empty sac.I was crushed, but my doctor called later that day and said my blood HCG from the day before showed that my HCG was continuing to rise, and she did not believe the u/s technicians diagnosis. She wanted me to go for another HCG and u/s in 3 more days. I went back for another HCG blood level and u/s and it showed a rising HCG and the u/s showed a baby in the sac with a strong heartbeat, but no definition for the bleed. My doctor told me to relax, take it easy and no s_x, and let things continue and that was all that could be done, if I was going to have a miscarriage, there was nothing they could do about it. At 9wks, I pa__sed a large blood clot, but no bleeding. I went for another ultrasound, and everything looked fine, the u/s tech could see where the bleed came from, she could see some old blood behind the placenta, and this is when I was diagnosed with subchorionic hematoma. I was told to take it easy, and I would have another u/s at end of 1st trimester (4 more weeks) Then, on Dec. 30th, 2003, I was getting ready to go for my 1st pregnancy appt with my ob/gyn (Up until now, I was "threatened abortion" a noxious term) I was stepping out of the shower and a drop of blood fell to the floor, then another. I rushed over to the toilet (not sure why) and as I sat down, sorry this is graphic, I "pa__sed" large and small blood clots, tissue, lots of bright red blood, it just kept falling out of me, I felt woozy from the blood loss, it was an amazing amount of blood. I can't even describe my emotional state of mind. I called my doctor, and she said to save what I could from what I had pa__sed, and bring it to her office ASAP. Can you imagine. I had to put on gloves and put everything into a sterile container, I thought I was pulling my child out of the toilet, it was horrific, devastating, I can't even tell you. I have never seen so much blood. My husband came home and we drove to the doctors office, where thankfully we were taken directly to a room. The doctor went to examine what we had brought in, but then she came in and said there was no fetal matter,just blood clot material and maternal tissue and blood. She tried the fetal doppler to see if we could hear anything, and there was a heartbeat, strong and steady. I can't begin to tell you the disbelief I felt! It was awe-inspiring, that all of that blood, etc. could be lost and my baby still be alive. I could tell my doctor was still concerned. She sent me for an u/s right then, and it showed the hematoma, and that it had burst, the u/s tech said later she had NEVER seen one that large result in a viable pregnancy. My doctor put me on bedrest to give the hematoma the best chance to heal and reserve as much nutrients, energy and oxygen to pa__s to the baby as it could. After 8 weeks of bedrest, my 19wk u/s showed a healthy baby, correct size etc. for dates and the hematoma had healed. I had stayed on bedrest religiously only getting up to go to the bathroom. My husband works from home, so that was a big help. I was able to come off bedrest and resume light activity, still no s_x. The only medicine I took was prenatal vitamins, extra iron (ferrous sulfate) and stool softeners, so as not to strain. My hemorrage at 11 weeks slowed and stopped after about 3 weeks, it tapered off to brownish spotting at the end. For Christmas, my husband had bought me my own fetal doppler, and around 13wks, I was able to hear the baby's heartbeat at home, and could listen whenever I wanted. (It was a huge relief, it kept anxiety at bay during those long days and nights "strapped" to the couch in my living room.) At 28 wks, I woke up in the middle of the night and the bed was soaked, I knew my water had broken, I felt another gush as I got out of bed, and we called my ob and went into the hospital, where she met us after I was admitted. My water had broken, but no contractions, so I was hooked up to moniters, and IV started, antibiotics administered and steroids given. They did an U/S and everything looked fine, the fetal monitors were continuous and showed the baby's heartbeat and any uterine activity. I was scared, but glad that I was at 28 weeks, I knew what the statistics were, and I hoped that everything would be as good as could be. Somehow, I did not go into labor, even though I periodically gushed water. I was constantly monitored and kept on bedrest in the hospital for 3 weeks, with u/s every 5-6 days. I was on antibiotics for the first 1 week, and checked every 4 hours for temp and blood pressure. I had a white cell count every morning. I never showed any signs of infection, so my doctor was just "sitting" on me, the baby had non-stress tests 2-3 times a day, and I had my fetal doppler with me and counted movements every hour. I kept to that bedrest, I only got up to have a bm. (I had a catheter, so I didn't have to get up to pee, my own request.) It was the safest, cleanest enviroment you could imagine, the staff was VERY strict about everything, I didn't mind, every day I was in the hospital meant less time for this baby in the NICU. At 31-1/2 weeks, I went into labor on my own at 11:45pm. I had the baby via v____al birth at 5:55am on May 18th, 2004. I had had an epidural, but it only worked on half my body, and I spiked a fever during labor and the baby's heartrate started to decel occasionally. I was on oxygen, and the doctor and a huge staff was in the labor room with me. At one point the baby was coming face first, and no matter how I pushed, there was no movement down the birth ca___l. Somehow the doctor was able to guide the head into the right position. She told me I had one chance to push this baby out, it was getting to risky for her and she was going to put me to sleep and do a stat C-section if this baby wasn't born like RIGHT NOW. I was able to have him, (Noah Alexander, our beautiful second son) and he seemed so amazing. I only saw him for a second, but I heard him and I just kept crying and saying "I can hear him, I can hear him" over and over. After everything, all this long pregnancy, to hear his little voice was the closest to God I have ever been in my life. He was 9 weeks early, 3lbs 9.5oz and 16 inches long. He was taken more or less right to the NICU, and they worked on him for a few hours. My husband and I were on such a high, but again it came crashing down, he was far from stable, the doctor was going to arrange for a life flight via helicopter to a level 4 NICU, at Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA. His NICU stay is another long story, but he came home at the end of July (His original due date) and although he had chronic lung disease (BPD, a common subsequence of babies on ventilators for long periods of time) and came home on medicines, a heart monitor and supplemental oxygen for 7 months, he did come home. Right now he is taking his afternoon nap, and I am working on the final details for his birthday party that we are having this weekend, for family, friends, our ob, the NICU staff and his neonatologist, who got him (and us!) through this last year. I feel blessed, and althrough the dark days I had through late 2003 and into 2004, (and I did have many) are in my mind as I contemplate this new pregnancy, I will just have to put those aside as best I can, and hope for the best outcome. I hope to report good news, and hear all of you do the same. Sorry so long, if you got through this epic, but it was also cathartic to put it down, and share it with others who are going through the same. I felt so alone during my pregnancy, I didn't really know anyone who had had problems, I didn't have a computer at the time, so no internet community or research, and only my doctor and husband to share and talk with.


Jen - May 10

This is my first posting on here, but reading all the other entries seem to help. I am 13 wks in my 2nd pregnancy, I lost my first at 4 1/2 weeks.So this is the farthest I have been. I was told at 6wks that I had a subchorionic hematoma. At 8 weeks I started bleeding and pa__sing clots the size of golfb___s. The u/s showed a healthy baby with a strong heartbeat. I was put off work for 3 days then told that the hematoma had shrunk and could no longer be seen. So I went back to work and by week 9 all bleeding had stopped. We thought that I had made it through the worst part and that everything from then on would be normal. Then this past Sunday morning Mother's Day off all the days i started to bleed again pa__sing a large clot again. So off to the ER we went again. They heard a heartbeat of 170 beats in the ER but I was bleeding so much bright red blood they admitted me to the OB for observation. They tried 3 times once we got to the OB to find a heartbeat and could not find one. They thought that maybe the sounds that they heard in the ER might not have been the babys it might have been mine. So they sent me for an u/s and it showed a healthy baby with a strong heartbeat that didn't like to be pushed on by the u/s it kick it arms and legs every time they pushed down on my stomach. It was a great sight to see. But the u/s showed that the hematoma was back and much larger then the last one 4cm. My doctor told me that we were at a 50/50 chance that the baby would get enough blood supply to live. So for right now I am on moderate bed rest till the bleeding stops. My doctor told me that as long as I am bleeding I will not work so here I sit. I have been bleeding for 3 days now. I am just so worried about the baby, my husband and I want this child more than anything. I just wish that we had a way of knowing that it will all be okay. Well I have another doctors appt on may11 and she is going to do another u/s so let just all say our prayers


Amy - May 10

To Jen - you need to be on complete bedrest to give the hematoma the absolute best chance to heal, and for as much nutrients and blood supply to go to your baby as possible. Eat the absolute best diet that you can, take your prenatal vitamins, take ferrous sulfate (an extra iron supplement, to enrich your blood supply, since you have lost blood, most women are anemic anyway) and stool softeners since this and prenatals can cause consitpation, and you don't want to strain or put any pressure on your abdominal area. Lay on your left side with your feet elevated as best you can and STAY THERE. Most doctors will tell you that bedrest doesn't do anything in pregnancy except make the mom "feel" like she's doing something, but in this case it does!!! It allows the hematoma to heal and reabsorb, and the more time you give it the better off you'll be. Even if after an u/s all looks fine, restrict your activity as much as you can, because the part of your placenta affected with the hematoma will never work, it's like scar tissue, and the surface area of the working part of the placenta is diminished, remember, the placenta is literally the baby's lifeline, pa__sing everything along to the baby that it needs from the mother's body. Sometimes the placenta will grow bigger to compensate for the loss of that area, but your best bet is to put as little strain on your body as you can so you can heal, and give everything you can to the baby. Good nutrition is vital as well. Read "What to eat when you are expecting", or research nutrition for pregnancy on-line. I had a very difficult pregnancy and a large hematoma, (see previous post) and I really feel that the measures I took, on my doctor's advice, helped me have my precious son.


Sonja - May 10

I come back and read every so often because I personally found this site so helpful. I wrot ein at 8 weeks with a Bad bleed. I'm now 5 months pregnant with a healthy baby girl! No problems since. My hematoma was the largest my doctor had ever seen, I was given a 50/50 chance at 8 weeks. With each pa__sing week it was a miles stone. I attibute bedrest and progesterone to my sucess. I remember how it felt not knowing what was going to happen, but here I am 100% perfect with a baby due in september.


Justine - May 11

Hi Hope - Please try not to worry, it sounds like you will be fine, you're just having lots of scary moments like me. I've bled 9 times so far from week 6 to the end of week 14 and I am 14 weeks now. I tend to bleed once a week or so sometimes some red then brown, sometimes all brown (the clot). The trouble with having a clot is you can't tell when you are really bleeding - for example my clot doubled in size between week 8 and 9 but I didn't have any bleeding. I've been told women can just bleed once (esp if implementation), others bleed in the first trimester and others can bleed throughout the whole thing. They keep telling me I'll stop bleeding soon then I bleed again so I suspect I'm going bleed throughout the whole pregnancy - I hope not though. The most common type of bleeding through the whole pregnancy is period type bleeding e.g week 8, week 12, week 16 etc. I think I may have this as I had hyperstimulation from the IVF and have lots of follicles/cysts in my ovaries and sometimes I can hear blood going round my ovaries before I start bleeding. In England we are only allowed to implant 2 embryos by law if you're under 40 so I don't know about the third one. As long as the bleeding is from you and not the baby I wouldn't worry too much. Baby blood is more watery than normal blood and called pink. Even if you have bleeding from the baby you can still have a normal pregnancy. Hope everything works out for you. I was told once you get to 12 weeks you're extremely unlikely to miscarry from a clot. Good luck.


Jen - May 12

Well I had a doctors appt yesterday to follow-up with my last bleeding out burst. They still found a heart beat it was in the 150s. But the doctor still did not have much to say about the hematoma. She just told me that she was not going to lie to me my hematoma is one of the biggest that she has seen at 4cm. So they decided that they are going to send me to this specialized u/s place to do a more high tech ultrasound so they can see what the exact measurements of the hematoma. She said that they would be able to tell more if I will beable to carry the baby to term or not. I see them on Monday morning so lets keep our fingers crossed for good news.


Kimm - May 13

Justine - thanks for the write back. I will check the other board for sure. I am home again, surprise, bleeding. They didn't even bother to ask me to come in, lol, figured I knew the drill and the BABY IS FINE. Wish I knew what was wrong with *me*. IT's frustrating and nerve wracking at some moments but I keep telling myself it's temporary at least through the pregnancy.


Katie - May 13

What is a subchronic blood clot or hematoma?


Katie - May 13

Yes - I was diagnosed today. I lost my first baby 2 months ago and I found out I am pregnant again. Had an ultrasound today and the doctor told me I have a "subchronic blood clot" He said it really is nothing to worry about and not to get too worked up about it. He also said I am supposed to take it easy for the next 3 days. I have an appointment with him next week, so will ask for more details about it then.


jess - May 15

im 21wks pregnant and still have a haematoma.It's 200mls full.I have had this problem troughout this whole pregnancy and the largest it got to was 290mls full. I an concerned as to whether my baby will be born ok and if I will survive the labour,im very scared can anyone help me?


Justine - May 16

Jess - You should be fine - I'd just make sure you tell the doctors doing the delivery you have a large blood clot though. You are at higher risk of preterm delivery if you've had a blood clot but still the majority of women with blood clots go on to deliver normal babies at full term. In England they offer you a scan at 21 to 24 weeks to measure the length of the cervix and this can tell you if you are at risk of delivering before 34 weeks. After 34 weeks the baby should be fine, even before then I think most babies are OK but obviously the more premature the higher the risk. I'd get one of these scans done - if you are OK on that you've got less than 1% chance of being severly premature. If not you need to be scanned more regularly.


Melissa - May 16

I don't have a hematoma, she called it a subchorionic hemorhage, but I too have been put on two weeks of "home rest" with a two and a half year old I don't think I will get much rest. I am five weeks along and my husband ruched to the er. I too pray for the best.does it go away?


Makitha - May 17

yes.thats how i found out i was pregnant.I bled for about 10 days straight. I eventually lost my little girl at 14 weeks pregnant.I miss her so much,but God knows best.That was my first pregnancy.Ihad a very hard time.I would just start blleding all of a sudden and they finally figured out what was wrong with me.I went to the dr. on march 3 with a fever of 103.8 but my baby had a heart beat and on march5 she fell out in the toilet while i was at home.


kerri - May 17

yes i have. i am 12 weeks pregnant and started bleeding and went to the er and they found a subchorionic hematoma. i was put on bed rest till further notice. i bled heavily for about 6 hours. and since then it has been old blood. this is the scariest thing i've gone thru in 4 pregnancies. especially when the er doctor really doesnt give you any details. but i go to my ob this thursday. hopefully the doctor will give me better more detailed news. but when i spoke with him over the phone he seemed very non-chalant about it all which really upset me. i think not knowing is more stressfull than all the bleeding.


melissa - May 19

Kari, I feel the same way. I don't know what to think about it but I pa__sed a huge clot today, I see my doctor again on monday. I hope she can tell me more than "it will resolve on its own" I can't find very clear info on this anywhere. I wish doctors weren't so lax with this topic, it is very scary and I wish they were more compationate about it


kerri - May 20

melissa, (update) i met with my doctor yesterday and they did another ultrasound. the said it all looked good and i am now 13 wks preg. and we found out its a boy, but there is still a huge sac of blood right outside the placenta. i have however stopped bleeding and they said that is a good sign. but im still at risk to im still on bed rest. i asked the doc why there are no answers anywhere and what and what and all that.he said cause science has no answer they dont know why this happens and how to prevent it or heal it. its just time and rest and up to god. which didnt make me feel any better of course. so now i go back in 2 wks for another scan and they want to do an amniocentisis. which is scary also cause there are great risk involved with that. i think the best thing we can do is rest, stay positive, get lots of help and support from our loved ones and pray. and know that god has a plan for everything weather we agree with it or not well thats another story. i hope you visit goes well for you monday and that your baby will be fine. best of luck



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