Subchrorianic Bleed

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willsmom - March 19

I am new to this list and would very much appreciate some advice.Here's my story so far - I am turning 44 on Tuesday. After our second IVF treatment this past winter my DH and I were absolutely esctatic to find out that we are pregnant. We had a great ultrasound showing good development and a heartbeat at exactly 6 weeks. Later that same evening I experienced quite a bit of bleeding - red and some dark brown. I immediatley assumed the worst. We immediately went back to the fertility clinic in the morning - baby was fine but they did see a second empty sac and what looked to be a subchroniac (sp?) bleed around the sac. Over the next two weeks I have had some spotting and have been on limited activity, mostly bed rest. A week ago Sunday after having a very big bleed on Friday (red blood, small clots) I went in for another ultrasound and much to the sonographer's amazement - the second empty sac had a very vital heartbeat and showed appropriate growth for the time.My husband and I were absolutley in disbelief but very happy to say the least to be expecting twins. The fertility clinic just released me to my regular OB whom I saw last week and again this past Friday for a routine visit. I started to bleed on my way home and continued to bleed for another 6 hours. After the first few hours The Dr. had us come back in for an ultrasound. Of course, I thought the worst. But, the two babies were still there with good heartbeats and growth. I came home and bled (bright red, literally pouring out and clots big and small) until early evening. Finally started to taper off. early in the evening. Since then I have not even really leaked onto my pads but when I wipe do have dark red blood still (sorry for the graphics) and a some red blood when I initially start pee. I will talk to my Dr. tomorrow and see him for another ultrasound on Thursday. He has me on complete bedrest. I take 2cc of progesteone IM, 2 slow FE, estrace and a pre-natal vitamin each day. My husband and i are scared to death yet hopeful that we can get through this. We have a history of early mis-carriages (blighted ovums) and have suffered one triplody at 18 weeks where we had to deliver. We have a wonderful 3.5 year old son who is the light of our lives. I am doing my very best to stay positive and hopeful but with so much time on my hands with bedrest - I can't but help let the worry and concern of losing these babies overshadow my positiveness. Any advice, help from this group would be so welcome. I currently 8 weeks, 4 days. My edd is 10.25.06 but the Dr. assures me if we successfully keep going - we'll deliver earlier than that! Thanks in advance for any advice. Best, Liz aka Will's Mom



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